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                             *  News and Rumours  *
Welcome back once again my friends to one of the
most important chapters a magazine contains.
Here you will find the best coverage of international
scene happenings from every field.
Party details and news and Usa Scene news can be
found in their own appropriate chapters.
The very latest news is gathered from boards
world-wide and from the Internet, very close to the
final preperation of this magazine.
In order to gain any of the latest happening to inform
the scene in an uptodate manner.
To help keep 'news and rumours' in perfect form, we
need your groups status, news and other informations
A spokesmen from all major groups would be great,
if you feel up to this small job, contact is immediately.
General Editor.
Acrise & Excess (Ger,Pol,Hol,)                                         [%]
Wonders never cease in the scene, but the news of
the two german lables Acrise & Excess hit the boards.
The two groups merged into cooperation officially on
Obvious reaction to this merger was of a negative
response. Many people believed it was useless as
The coop would contain mainly old Excess members
and not to many additional talents.
So we decided to speak with Sentinel about the matter..
''First we guys in Acrise saw that we had too less
swappers and Excess could create too many releases.
At that point we seriously started thinking about a
In late October, H-Bloxx asked me if i ask the other
Acrise members, what they think about a coop. The
answer was that it could only help us.
In early November we started to give the coders
graphics for some intros.
Red Rock re-opened his former private Excess bbs
into a small public bbs.''
The coop has so far been functioning fine with the
support of a German bbs.
One could now easily see this combined team as the
right ingredient to contain both speed and activeness.
Former Excess member Outlaw quitted the scene and
also old scener Truss quitted too.
Now that the cooperation was in effect, some cutback
on members had to take place.
First to go was Scratch, a graphician from Excess.
Pulse/Acrise was second to go, even though he was
still only on trial period.
Artlace went inactive to the point where he was
removed from the member list.
Gaining some new members was now the key, as the
excitement of a new project would most certainly
lure some useful talents.
Hornet/Agony joined in as a graphician, and was
soon followed by Mhd/Motiv8 (according to Sentinel)
who joined as a musician, trader and painter.
Their publication Sanforized should be out sometime
quite soon, being ofcourse released under the coop
Same with very popular publication Nitro, which will
also be out very soon.
The normal happenings of these groups will still occur,
as i see mail cracks, graphics & music coll.,magazines
and even the odd demo. More news next issue..
Official Status:
Alien Prophet,Authentic,Artex,Beat Up,Bordeaux,Cat,
Decoy,Fli,Gash,Hornet,H-Bloxx,Master S,Mhd,Nasty Boy
Red Rock,Riddler,Rhx,Sentinel,Spermbird  and  Twynn.
          CoverAge: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Acr + Exc Ehq
Alphaflight (Ger,Usa,Uk,Pol,Hol)
The German based groups has been performing quite
well of late with quite a few releases over the
Christmas period.
They reinforced their already huge ntsc fixing
divion, with the enrolement of Mercenary/Empire.
Who has been known in the past to have made some
nice tools also, activity maybe a problem though.
Megaswapper Spider left the crew and teamed up
with Danish Motiv8.
A cloud of confusion settles over Germany with
several busts of various people abusing pbx's.
Address books and other information was gathered
by the police, who now have a knowledge on quite a
large percentage of the German C64 scene.
Xenox knowing his address was found, put his bbs,
Escapade offline till the 20.12.95 after the heat had
cooled down. But unfortunatly now the bbs has been
blacklisted over long distance empire, at&t.
On a brighter note, Californian bbs, Holiday Inn
Cambodia, goes back online again at it's old number.
This time running on an older version of c*base, to
the discomfort of some.
Someone that really doesn't know what group their
in would be Blaze.
Who supposably was to be an Afl, Chromance or
Success * Trc member, it turned out to be the latter.
Things seem to be still going quite well for the flight
who appear still on the Usa boards.
Official Status:
Ancient Mariner,Calypso,Chotaire,Cryonic,Ignorance,
Marc,Max,Mercenary,Pol Pot,Ream,Shuze,Skinhead,
Styx,Xenox and Zapotek.
                The Evil Island XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Afl UsHq
            Holiday Inn Cambodia XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Afl Whq
                  Escapade XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Afl Ehq
Avantgarde (Ger,Usa,Uk,Pol,Den)
Its really been a quite past couple of months for the
cracking sensation. But we've managed to report
some happening since last issue.
Firstly to enforce the legal side, Metal/Vibrants/Cml
joined as 3rd group, ofcourse as musician.
Organizer Deff/Avantgarde seems to be very busy
with work at Bmg/Ariola, whether this will effect the
group long term is still unclear.
But his presence on the Usa boards as dimished
rapidly, surely effecting the organization.
Suicide, their main fixer, became less active.
Due to his ntsc c64 not functioning any longer, a new
one is already on the way.
According to other magazines and the current
rumours, Suicide is apparently a member of the
strange 'Question Mark' group, under alias.
Having also released a small demo at the first ever
Avantgarde meeting, a larger production may also
be planned soon.
Official Status:
D'ram,Druid,Eliminator,Freestyle,Intruder,Jack Alien,
Jack Daniels,Metal,Rage,Renegade,Skywolf and Suicide.
             Dream Park XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Avt+F4cg Whq
Chromance (Hun,Ger,Usa,Can,Pol)                                   <C>
Activity has picked up dramatically of late in this
Hungarian based crew.
After a slump earlier this year with the organization
part of the group in army service, things looked dim.
But as it appears now, things are returning back to
normal and even expanding in certain areas.
They gained a new Texas scener known as Zeyex
who joined as original supplier and modem trader.
He is already on most Usa boards on a regular basis.
Their Canadian board, Final Genocide changed number
and Fusion joined to help sysop the bbs with Deviant.
In similar fashion Xxl joined to help monitor their Polish
hq, County Jail.
Sage rejoined the scene and teamed up as a Polish
On a lighterside, their promising megaswapper Scatman
was kicked from the team. But of recent they managed
to refill his position with Lotus/Ex-Skylight, who joined
as a graphcian and swapper. (Ed: also the brother of
Sage) With Techno/Ex-G*P joining into as supplier.
Their old bbs 'Edge of Midnight' is still down, sysop
Rugrat is apparently changing mod to Omni 128.
If this is true the process is indeed taking a long time.
Rugrat can be spotted occassionally on the Internet.
Activity has returned to normal and may heighten over
the coming months with the likes of Wozio and Mr Wax
back to their normal activities.
Official Status:
Alias Medron,Amc,Bolee,Deviant,Fusion,Griff,Immortal,
Janee,Jaydee,Jazzy D,Lion,Lotus,Mc Byte,Motion,
Mr Wax,Pete,Sage,Skud,Skull,Spermbird,Syco,Techno,
Vector,Wozio,Xxl,Zar and Zeyex.
              Edge of Midnight XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
                  Final Genocide XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Chq
                    County Jail XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ehq
                      Overdose XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX phq
F4cg (Bel,Swe,Usa,Ger,Ita,Aus)
Fantastic four cracking group, have certainly been
busy, although a very quite Christmas period for them.
Since last issue they have been involved with a few
joint releases with Avantgarde.
Members have also been involved with the production
of magazines such as Propaganda and The Pulse.
Ntsc fixing became a problem for them, so Stablizer
of Demonix joined on trial as a fixer.
He was later removed due to being incapable at the
tasks he was provided with, and since then has left
the scene for the Ibm.
A small clean up took place with inactive members were
put under the microscope.
Both The King and Idol were removed and several days
later they also announced that both Goz and Australian
member Cerebus had left the scene.
American member, Moloch confused some when he
posted that he joined demo group '9th hell' but is also
still in F4cg, and merely joined the legal group as 2nd.
Walker, their long time mail distributor since the days
of Genesis*Project joined the Swedish army on
January 1st. Fellow member $ixx will take over all of
his contacts.
To help fill the gap in mail spreading, they signed on
Polish megaswapper Chash who joined on trial only.
Official Status:
Mr Alpha,Moloch,Neotec,Newscopy,Playboy,$ixx,
Smasher,Sneaper,Solar,Therion,Total Chaos,Walker
and Worm.
            DreamPark XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX F4cg & Avt whq
                   FTP: Interpark: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Hardcore (Ger)
Nothing much has really happened since their
seperation with Onslaught.
The scene is still in confusion on who is actually
organizing this once promising group.
Ramirez has shown obvious disgust with the
re-release of Fred's Back 4, which was released
earlier by Alphaflight and later by Onslaught.
To make matters worse they lost their whq 'The galaxy'
With sysop Galactus: ''As far as i'm concerned
Hardcore doesn't exist anymore''
No telling what the future will bring, but it doesn't
look promising.
Official Status:
and Zore.
Hitmen (Ger,Swe,Pol)
This rebuilt crew have remained on a stable basis
since last issue with an ever growing amount of fixes
and first releases.
Main cracker, Dodger, showed apparent interest in
a rebuild of Dytec.
Where he would still do some organizing within that
group even though not being an official member.
But it seems this will no longer happen, and Dodger is
quite happy in Hitmen and has no intention of leaving.
Hitmen follow many other groups with recruitments
of sceners from the ever expanding Polish scene.
They gained Moby, who joined as an original supplier.
Their bbs in the states, The Dungeon, still remains
down, due to an unpaid phone bill (again). It is rumoured
to go back online within a few weeks, but read more
about it in the Usa scene chapter.
To give Swedish members more support they now
share popular Fairlight Hq, Wares Aquarium.
Which allows more correspondance with The Ministry.
Has posted on the boards, it is even rumoured that
they might be working on a small demo.
The programmer behind this was to be Groepaz, this
should be confirmed by next issue though.
Official Status:
Lawnmower Man,Marcus,Moby,Peacemaker,Raze,
Sabotage,Traz,Tyron and Vortex.
                 The Dungeon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
              The Mystical Paradise XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                     Wares Aquarium XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Motiv8 (Den,Usa,Ger)
Danish based crew Motiv8 have shown a steady flow
of releases and good activity the last months.
Firstly they gained some new members such as
Larry/Pandora/Talent who left Pandora and joined,
but still remains in Talent Productions as 2nd group.
Tmg/Fatum joined in as a graphician and musician,
sadly Thor/Glory confirms that Motiv8 member, Natas,
has indeed officially left the scene.
Expanding on the mail market, they gained Alphaflight
megaswapper Spider.
Their main swapper The Fresh Prince, has been
rumoured to return to activities and the memberstatus
as soon as he establishes his contacts once again.
Unfortunatly the Army Service pays it's dues on
another scener, this time being Larry.
He starts his service on Jan.2nd. and will obviously
slow down his current activities.
Mhd/Feniks a talented musician and graphician joined,
only later to leave for the new Acrise & Excess coop.
The return of magazine Earthquake should be quite
soon after some delays and may even come out under
the Motiv8 lable.
Official Status:
Tg Acme and Tmg.
                       In Living Color XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                     Mount Olympus XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                     FTP: Interpark: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Onslaught (Aust,Hun,Ger,Den,Usa)                                  [O]
The group has settled down after months of
organization on an international scale.
They seem to be having some media problems with
certain people, which is strange considering
everything has been going very well for this still
young group.
Grafee joined to help supply originals, along with
German Kinley/Ex-Pdx.
One of their three Turkish recruitments left the
scene, that being Sharp.
On the magazine front, their production Vandalism
News has recieved quite a few awards lately in other
magazines. Being one of the most active releases
of theirs besides their usual first release and mail
Of recent they signed on The Unholy/Demonix who
joined but will remain in Dmx also as 2nd group.
Official Status:
Bizarre,Code 18,Donar,Digahole,Deekay,Gop,Grafee,
Jolz,Kinley,Meff,Morrisey,Mr Brain,Morbid,Rap,Shades
Tmm,Trouble,Vengeance and Witty.
                    Down By Law XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [O] Whq
                      DeadZone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [O]Ushq
                      Westpoint XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [O] Ehq
Success & Trc (Hol,Ger,Usa,Pol)                                      [<]
The ruling cooperation won also an Award this issue
in Domination for most popular group of 1995.
However the Christmas period was an inactive time for
Lots of happenings since last issue.
Firstly, they gained some new members, Stake from
Hungary as supplier and fixer. Who will also soon
set up their second ftp site, which will be based in
CountZero joined in as cracker and fixer, and one
would think just a name, but he has proven quite
active with several releases by him already.
They began a Czech. section by signing on both
Bacillus and Allitaice from Citadel, its still uncertain
what Necromantic is doing these days.
Tristan/Empire left them and joined the coop, it is
still unclear what purpose he will serve in the group.
Their world head quarter, The Dungeon, is still offline
due to an unpaid phone bill. Read a report in 'Usa Scene'
covering this in detail.
Over the Christmas period, they decided to give a
clean out of the memberstatus and these were the
ones removed..
Mistri and Sailor.
This huge removal would give a sense of some new
blood soon to join the coop.
However, former inactive member Spectator returned
to activity on the mail front.
The uncertain scener Blaze was found to be an
official Scs * Trc member, after rumours of him
being in Chromance and Alphaflight.
Neither matters no longer as he decided to quit the
Official Status:
CountZero,Credo,Coolhand,H-Bloxx,Lord Crucifier,
Splatterhead,Titanic,Trax and Tristan.
                   The Dungeon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
                 FTP: Digital Dungeon:
* Conan of Trsi quitted the scene for SNES.
* Jer/Panic joined Laxity as 2nd group,
   Vague/Laxity joined 'Question Mark' as 2nd group.
   Calamity/Cream joined Laxity as graphician.
   Violator/Ascraeus joined Laxity, but also remains in
   Ascraeus as 2nd group.
   Laxity: Angel Dust,Calamity,Didi,Dr Dre,Jer,Manik,
                 Vague and Violator.
* Eight members of Bronx left because of inactivity
   and made their own group.
* Technoir/Ex-Incursion may soon be returning to
   the scene.
* A new version of Novaterm is soon coming out on
    cartridge, and will be called Novarom.
* Atlantis Status:
    Avalance,Dr Science,Dr Zoom,Robocop,Aegis,Ba,
    Chaotic,Dano,Darkness,Dave,Dr Doom,Dr Who,Freddie
    Gangstar,Hi-Top,Kirby,Lala,Mr Giga,Neotec,Racer,
    Rebel,Smd,Snap,Thirt,Troop,Tuc and X-Poser
* Plush Status:
  Caprice Design,Seba,Techno,Dow Jones,Mip,Cosowi,
    Gangstar,Brix,Echo,Honk,Brisco and Map
* The new Megastyle demo should be out in Spring '96.
    Members are busy with work and school.
* Reflex formed a Pc section called 'Reflex 64' members
   are: Quiss,Guru,Pvt,Kb,Pvcf,Odysseus and Dr Kaos.
* Pat/Agony quit the scene (again).
* Unifier rejoined his former group Flash Inc, it is
    hoped that the new Hotshot magazine will be released
    soon, with rumoured coding by Hcl/Ex-Censor.
* Nightrain rejoined the scene and joined Australian
    group 'Ruffnex' as a cracker.
* Didi/Laxity/Atl left his second group Atlantis.
* Bren left Mayhem and built his own group.
* Caledonian, a Uk scener joined Ambush as swapper.
and that is all for this issue, i hope you have enjoyed
the latest scene happenings.
For more news read 'Party Time' and 'Usa Scene'
for details in specific fields.
                                                                              General Editor
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