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                                 Magazine Reviews
Journalism as it stands to day, is a very competitive
race of information and current events of the scene.
Its great to see the release of the Top disk magazines
to occur on a regular basis.
Namely The Pulse, Vandalism, Relax, Propaganda and
This issue however we only test one magazine,
because of the age of previously released magazines.
Reviewed this issue;
* Relax Magazine issue #14, December by Phuture.
Winning the magazine award in this issue due to
activeness. The Relax magazine is a very informative
board and mail orientated publication.
Firstly we will take a look at the people responsible
for the making of the magazine..
Intro sequence;
Coding by Fuben/Oxyron
Music by Arne/Alphaflight
Graphics by Rrr/Oxyron
Main Outfit;
Coding by Fuben/Oxyron
Graphics by Rrr/Oxyron
Music by Angee/Therapy
Char set by Skidrow/ex-Alphaflight
Additional coding by Ignorance/Alphaflight
The Editorial Staff;
Main Editor - Marc/Alphaflight
Main Editor - Rrr/Oxyron
Main Editor - Max/Alphaflight
Co-Editor - Pri/Tia/Oxyron
Co-Editor - Fuben/Oxyron
A production from Phuture!
General description;
'The Intro'
Upon loading, appears a logo in the lower portion of
the screen depicting a city at night time.
In the upper portion of the screen appears a logo
with some text giving the magazine name.
In the center of this above logo is a picture of a clock,
which suits the sfx of a clock ticking.
The ticking continues then after a while the bell
strikes and some explosions as back ground graphics
appear in the center of the screen.
Above these effects is displayed some text which
introduces the magazine and gives greetings.
Pressing commodore key takes you out of the intro.
'The Outfit'
Getting to the actual main outfit, featured in the upper
portion of the screen is a Relax logo.
In the three colors of white,grey and dark grey over
a black background and painted by Rrr/Oxyron.
Below this logo is the name of the magazine in
proportional font and also underlined.
Further below this is the actual chapter menu itself,
which displays the 9 chapters available.
Two arrows highlight the chapter name, which when
chosen irq loads the text into memory.
Whilst the chapter loads and the music plays, a small
'loading' symbol arcs from left to right over the Relax
The menu and graphics disappear once the text is
loaded to reveal a proportional fonted upscroller,
which takes up the majority of the screen.
The text is in a dark grey color with a black
'The Text'
The text itself is quite well written, Rrr has a good
understanding of english and it is rare for a
spelling mistake to be found.
The Relax magazine covers the board related and
mail scenes over the nine chapters available.
These are:
Editorial - Introduction,credits,debates.
Global Report - International groups news from the
Internet boards and mail in group catergory, and
single news.
Release Charts - The first release list edited by Marc.
Board Charts - Votes taken from the bbs scene,
compiled into a chart from the point of view of the
bbs scene.
Mail Charts - Votes from 5 chosen mags, then combined
Relax Awards - The Yearly awards given to sceners,
groups,productions for special achievements.
Party Report   - Report on the Denmark Party V, and
invitation to the Symposium '96 Party in Germany.
Interview  - Conducted by Rrr and with Cba/Trc*Scs.
Advertisments  - Scene addresses and other articles.
The magazine doesn't contain as much text as last
issue, but the main elements that make this magazine
a success are all still there.
Overall Rating;
The magazine is a very informative and regular
released piece of journalism.
Some more chapters would be nice, but not something
that would be necessary to give this magazine
continued favour and pupularity.
A well deserved 88/100.
Next issue we will hopefully be examining quite a few
New issues of Immortal Flash, Sanforized, Nitro,
Skyhigh, Propaganda and The Pulse are due.
Until next time..
                                                                        Sincere Regards;
                                                                                     Jazzcat Of
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