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Party Time

Welcome to the party report and update chapter. This time we have a report on the X-95 C64/PC party held in Holland. Freestyle/AVT was going to do this chapter, but unfortunately the little "green" men attacked him hard at this party and he went into a state of amnesia and lost memory of all happenings at the party. But Spectator from the ruling co-op will fill in for this issue. Some brief news floated in concerning some emails on internet of the Tribute 1995 party, which is again being organised. We will keep you updated and hope to soon publish in the next issue the official invitation. Over to Pieter...

X-95 party report by Spectator/SCS*TRC.

After lots of advertisement done by internet spankers like CBA, mail freaks like Splatterhead and myself and the usual bunch calling the boards, it was officially announced X-95 a party organised by Success (PC) SCS+TRC (C64) and Focus (C64) would be held from the 22nd and 23rd of April. Saturday morning, the 23rd, I left for my train and caught up with some dudes from Xenon. We travelled along to Utrecht where we already spotted some computer freaks at the central station, no known faces, but you could tell 8) In the bus I had the pleasure to see Styx and whatever his name is. Finally arriving at 1'o clock in the afternoon at the party place, it was still empty. But that would soon indeed dramatically change!

After having some chats with fools like Burglar (who was funny enough to introduce himself as Vortex - But after too many conferences I could tell this was Enno speaking 8) CBA and Mr "I'm fucked up" himself Nightshade, me and some friends checked out the C64 and PC rooms. Of course this was a well known place as the Utrecht meetings and Silicon parties have been held at the exact same place. But for those who only know rge Utrecht meetings they opened some more rooms for computers.

Time was passing and at the end of the afternoon it was pretty filled up with guys coming from Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. By seeing more joints get lighted the atmosphere rose. At this time already an amount of 300 people were either inside, or outside enjoying the great weather.

As for the facilities... Inside you were able to get some warm burgers and a cold beer. Outside there was a dude with a car selling ice and fruits and whatever else you wanted. As the evening came along more and more guys boozed and smoked. Some too much, like Intruder/AVT, who puked into a garbage can 8) I was getting totally nuts at all the foreigners coming up to me and asking where they could find the Coffee shop while Splatterhead and I were selling dope for fair prices 8) Passed midnight, CBA, Burglar, myself and some other coolies decided to go out in Utrecht which ended up to be a night walk through the city as we finally decided not to go. It was even a total disaster for me as I bumped into a car because I was totally stoned.

Coming back to the party one-eyed, I checked out the sleeping hall which was, by the way, really a good one. Inside you did not hear any noise from downstairs, another plus point! Anyway, as I was not able to give my eye the rest it needed I went down stairs again catching up with some old friends of mine like Neccy/Extacy and HeathCliff/Focus which resulted in more THC. When I was about to enjoy another joint my god's (CBA + Rest) were shouting at me that I should join them at the gods table, I decided to do so. At this so called GODS TABLE you could find guys like Tranziee, Newscopy, Solar, Mistry, Jordie and the usual bunch. Even I, with one eye left, could notice that CBA had again drunk a beer (or was it a cola?) too much and that NightShade 't niet meer trok.

Oh well, I guess that went on the whole night like this, to be honest I can hardly remember. In the morning after seeing some ugly photos from Solar of guys like Hain and all those weird looking Americans 8) the c64 demo competition started. Groups like Reflex, F4CG, BCD, Cosine and Slash competed. (Due to sad circumstances, RRR was unable to make it to the party with the Oxyron demo.) First of course was Reflex, second was F4CG with a well designed demo. (ED: all reviewed this issue) To the disappointment of some sceners, there were no graphic or music competitions. After the results had been announced, both winning demos on PC and C64 were shown again. By now some guys prepared themselves for a long journey back and decided to leave in the afternoon. The rest were recovering from their hangovers and took it easy. At 3PM we decided to clean the place and most people were goners.

Things you should be aware of:

- Jeroen Tel did not give a performance, as he was asking a ridiculous amount of money for it.

- About 320 guys and 3 girls showed up.

- Newscopy/F4CG was kind enough to give "I can't remember" a blow job and let "I can't remember him too" take a photo 8)

- Nightshade and CBA's reaction about the Alpha Flight crew: "Well, Max, Curlin and the rest were in fact cool guys, but when they asked us what we really thought of Alpha Flight..." 8)

- A dude from Poland even was at the party, Morris/F4CG/Agony.

- That the chance of an "X-96" is in fact pretty big, fans like Deff/AVT already begged us for it, and I quote: "man, x-95 was really a kewl party, if not one of the best!"

Let's see what groups I can remember that were there: Xenon - Atantis - AFL- BCD- Chromance - Avantgarde - Role - Hardcore - F4CG - Equinoxe - Angry - WOW - Plush - Arcoss - Reflex - Amnesia - Genlog - Excess - Triad - Trl - Sensor Designs - Slash - Extacy - Electric Brains - Cosine and probably more. Of course FOCUS was present along with SCS*TRC: Burglar, Moren, Mistri, CBA, Jordie, Nightshade, Lord Crucifier, Splatterhead, myself and maybe some more?! I really don't remember.

Okay, see you all in the next year!


Spectator of Success+TRC

May you live to see a joint!

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