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News & Rumours 2

Welcome back to the news section, I had to divide the chapter into two different segments because of the sheer volume since issue three. Starting with some single news before getting back into group information...

Single News:

  • Chucky/Dragon has left the scene for a short time.
  • With the forming of Onslaught most members of Shazam left to join them and thus Shazam died.
  • A new Australian legal group is born called Darkside.
  • Tribute 1995 seems to be underway with over 300 invitations making there way over the internet.
  • Rock'n'Role should soon come out from the crew Role.
  • Divine Intervention became Accept WHQ 1-403/XXX-XXXX.
  • A new group was formed by the core of Entropy. It is called Angry and members are: Nastiness Inc, Mistress, Otaku, Logan, Steiger, Wile Coyote and Danny Boy. Danny Boy soon left both Angry and the scene. The magazine Tribune became an Angry production.
  • Magness will soon be released for the final time before being merged into the Tribune magazine.
  • TAT is rebuilt, they're working on Airdance V.
  • Foxy/Ex-Byterapers returned to the scene and joined Active.
  • Amnesia and Silicon Ltd split up, Amnesia status: Calypso-Seal-Prophecy-Mac2-Riggs-R!b-Artix and Marlon.
  • Therapy status: Hadory-Nargoth-Csetso-Angee-Rambo-Regent-Xakk-Chronos-Starlight-Thornchild-Parrot-Micky-Vergo-Bakter-RoBika-Da Blondie-Nice-Kidkap-Trapandax-Szikers and Szlobi.

Group News:

Megastyle Productions (Nor,Aust,Ger)

This established demo group makes a comeback with a small one file release and their recent one sided recent demo. Scroll seems to be the core of the group at the moment but Cycleburner is rumoured to also return to an active status. Vengeance/[O+H] joined them as second group and will function as a trader and BBS connection. Shok'ray/Active joined them as graphician and trader. Some more demos are planned and also maybe a few coop releases with 'Onslaught Design'.

Memberstatus: Scroll-Space Roy-Rage-Brooze-Vengeance-Sparkler-Cycleburner and Shok'Ray.

Motiv8 (Den,USA,Ger)

The Danish based group is once again fully active. Daniel was removed from the memberlist because of inactivity. They gained Mizar/Ex-Empire/Ex-G*P who joined with his BBS 'Intertrade', which became M8 WHQ. He serves with originals, his board and also to help members call out more regular. Unfortunately he got busted for phreaking and will lay low for a while, his BBS is consequently down. Stone/Dytec joined them as a swapper & internet courier. Psychopath/Ex-Bronx returned to the scene and joined in as a cracker and modem trader. Binjinx/Ex-Eagle Soft Inc joined in as H/P, cracker, internet courier and wares-runner. In the future he will open a board in the states. Iceball/FLT rejoined them after only leaving two weeks before, his recent works can be seen with the Ice-Writer 4.9 and other utilities. Mason & Iceball will soon be seen on the boards. Natas/M8/Aristocracy was rumoured to have left the scene but it's still unconfirmed. Eddie will open a BBS in Germany for the Motiv8 PC section with C64 divisions.

Also Motiv8 will soon start two FTP sites with C64 warez on the internet, one in Europe and one in the USA. Grego is again getting back to activeness.

In Living Color 1-713/XXX-XXXX M8 WHQ
Mount Olympus +45/XXX-XXXXX M8 + Domination EHQ
InterTrade 1-419/XXX-XXXX M8 HQ

Memberstatus: Crossfire-Mason-Iceball-Bird-Psychopath-Stone-Eddie-Grego-Mizar-Binjinx-Natas-Ibanez-Tg Acme-Merlin and Clive.

Onslaught & Hardcore (Aust,Swe,Den,Ger,USA,Hun)

The birth of a new group into the scene! Jazzcat/Legend, Vengeance/Success*TRC and Majesty/Talent formed this group. Shades and Morbid from Shazam joined in. Arthur/Fun Factory changed handle to Balance and joined in as a Hungarian swapper, but later was kicked for inactivity. Heavyhead/Camelot joined in and pushed CML back to his second group. His Danish board, West Point became [O+H] Scandinavian HQ and later on Vandalism News EHQ. Bizarre/Trance joined and returned to mega swapping, he also will co-edit for Vandalism and do articles for this magazine. Chrysagon and The Ignorance left Dytec and joined in as crackers, The Ignorance later left for Alpha Flight and then rejoined [O], cracking for both AFL'70 and [O]. He later left again when arguments broke out, in leaving he hopes that the disagreements will cease. Smd/ATL joined in as second group as a graphician. Deekay/Crest did the same. Morrisey/Talent joined in and 'Down By Law' became the group's WHQ. Chotaire, Homeboy, Stake and Sphere left Chromance and joined. Chotaire's BBS 'The Pirate Island' became [O+H] EHQ. Homeboy remains in Chromance as 2nd crew. Sphere also runs under the handle Insomniak and his BBS 'Liquid Palace' is online again, running with cool graphics and C*Base term. Insane/Shazam left and joined as graphician. The Ministry and LA*Style from the dead G*p joined in as crackers. KBS/Ex-Regina joined as Danish mega swapper. Deathlok/Padua joined in as graphician but later left for F4CG. (ED: we'll miss ya Butch!) Witty/Accuracy joined [O] as 1st group but stayed in Accuracy as 2nd. Lately Xerez/Shazam changed handle to Upbeat and joined. But for the time being is inactive. Two members of the H/P group "Phreedom" joined in, namely Xentor and Protheus. They later left to remain in Phreedom only and will still support [O+H] with occasional codes. Eliminator/DOD joined in as H/P but decided to remain in Avantgarde only, but still supports the cooperation. Jolz/Darkside joined as coder but is on the inactive list for a short while. Gop/Darkside joined as mail-trader and will work for Vandalism. The Hegg/Bad Karma from New Zealand joined but some time later left to remain in BK only. Nomad co-sysop of "Fortress of Doom" joined as wares runner and supplier. But two months later left the scene. Grize/Darkside joined in as coder and graphician. The Twins a Dutch gfx duo from Holland joined. Baze/Ex-Illusion, Jason & Doom joined. Recently Dodger/Dytec joined as modem trader and cracker.

Let's take a look at the Hardcore section..

Firstly The Raver was booted. Rage left Fairlight for them as cracker, coder and orrie supplier. Volunteer also of FLT, left to join as supplier and trader. Human/Atlantis joined as coder and supplier. Recently both Hi-Lite and Raze were removed from the memberlist for inactivity, but are NOT kicked. Still underway from them is the magazine coded by Rap and edited by B-Wyze called "Zensored" which should be out soon. Combined news: Onslaught & Hardcore went into "cracking" coop. Countzero/FLT Snes is fixing for them and support is also from Midfit/TRSI and Massive Onslaught/Style in the NTSC fixing department. [O+H] will export and NTSC fix all future TRSI wares. The demo section of Onslaught was formed, funnily named, Onslaught Design. Joint demos with Megastyle Productions are planned. The magazine Vandalism News became a [OD] product. The magazine from Jazzcat called Domination is still an independent production.

Down By Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX [O+H] WHQ
The Pirate Island +49/XXX-XXXXX [O+H] WHQ
Westpoint +45/XXXXXXXX [O+H] & Camelot SHQ

Onslaught memberstatus: Jazzcat-Vengeance-Majesty-Homeboy-Shades-Smd-Morbid-Bizarre-HeavyHead-Chrysagon-Dodger-Kbs-Deekay-Morrisey-Chotaire-Ministry-Sphere-Stake-LA*Style-Grize-TheTwins-Doom and Witty.

Hardcore memberstatus: Ramirez-Bwyze-Rage-Human-Shocker-Zore-Rap-Blockbuster-Volunteer and Communist.

Oxyron (Ger)

They have slowed down slightly but still maintain a respected position. TTS and Axis quit coding on C64 but Axis later returned to it and TTS may even do something from time to time. Bizkid left them for Camelot taking his magazine Skyhigh with him. Both RRR/Oxyron and him had several arguments and BK fired RRR from the Skyhigh staff. RRR was NOT booted as some magazines say. Oxyron gained Fuben from Chromance as coder. A fake Comalight was released and is no demo by them. They still release quite strongly with Graham being the main programming work now.

Memberstatus: Asmodis-Axis-Fuben-Graham-PRI-RRR-Scrapper and TTS.

Success & The Ruling Company (Hol,UK,USA,Ger)

This successful co-operation holds steady and is still quite active since last issue. Vengeance & Morbid left them for the new Onslaught. 'The Dungeon' suffered some serious set-backs after a tremendous run. Firstly it was formatted once and then formatted a second time by an unknown. The toll free 1800 number routed to this board also went down after duration of nine months. This did some damage to caller volume, but as it stands today, 'The Dungeon' is still a top USA board. Rumour has it that Lord Crucifier will soon start fixing. They also did a successful C64 party in Holland with Focus which rewarded the scene with many new productions. Splatterhead & Vengeance will do a paper edition for of Vandalism News. Unknown what label it will be under. Titanic left his legal group Agony to remain solo in SCS*TRC.

The Dungeon 1-214/XXX-XXXX SCS*TRC & DMX WHQ
State of The Art +49/XXX-XXXXXX SCS*TRC EHQ
The Lost Empire +31/XXXX-XXXXX SCS*TRC HQ

Memberstatus: Action Jackson-Alchemist-Burglar-Cavron-Coolhand-CBA-Credo-Dannie-Defbeat-Jity-Jrc-Lord Crucifier-Micron-Moren-Mystery-Nightshade-Replay-Sailor-Skarabee-Sliver-Spectator-Splatterhead-Titanic and Trax.

They have proven themselves good in both the mail and board scene. Also a good internet site is presented too.

Triad (Swe,Hol)

This established group still proves to be an active force in today's scene. The two Australian members Roadrunna and Slice were removed from the memberlist due to inactivity. One of their Swedish boards, 'Illusion of Reality' went down when Midnight Mover left the scene due to personal problems. He has been spotted calling out again recently so hopes are high. Their magazine Gamers Guide finally died after issue #25. No sign of Refugee, the sequel of Red Storm yet. Enjoy Dane/Triad's Domination logo this issue! They will soon release Arise again.

The Studio +46/XXXXXXXX Triad WHQ

Memberstatus: Jerry-TDM-Wingo-Sailor-Kingfisher-MrAmmo-Cash-Dane-Tango-Twoflower-Rave- Tao and Iopop.

Tristar & Red Sector Inc (Ger)

Much stuff happened with this group but not to many releases yet to be an "active" group. They booted OB and Grey Eminence for plain arrogance and wish that any releases by these two people have nothing to do with TRSI. Conan/Ex-Strike Force/Ex-Elite returned to the scene and joined them, his comeback was the TRSI first release of Pacball. TRSI will have all their future releases exported & fixed by Onslaught & Hardcore. A noticeable effort from Midfit/TRSI who did fixing for the Shout Magazine by EQX+FLT. Of recent Stan/EQX+FLT joined them as swapper and modem trader.

Memberstatus: Irata-Midfit-Conan-MWS-Crisp-Danzig-Stan-Uyanik and The Breaker.

That's it for this issue's news section, any contributions maybe left in email, VMB mail or snail mail in the address section. If any memberstatus is incorrect we apologize and wish you to know how hard it is with the continuing shift in the C64 scene, please notify us and the status will be rectified in the next issue. Enjoy the rest of the magazine.


Jazzcat/[O+H] and Splatterhead/SCS*TRC.

"The only thing dangerous about knowing the truth is telling it..."

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