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   DT adress section
   DT adress section          
> SNAILMAIL              
> SNAILMAIL             
> E-MAIL              
> E-MAIL            
> ADVERTS          
> ADVERTS          
Welcome   to  the  Digital  Talk  Adress
Section,    a  magpart  that  is  mainly
interesting  for  all  you  swappers and
Netsurfers out there.

As  I already told you in the editorial,
there  were  no  votesheets  spread  for
this  first  issue  (in  contrast to the
following  ones of course!!!), so that's
why    there    are  no  email  adresses
published here this time.

For  the  SNAILMAIL Part of this issue I
took    over   some  adresses  from  the
Digital  Talk-German  Edition,  just  in
order  to fill this part at least a bit.

If you want to have your snailmail- and/
or  your  email adress published here in
the  next  issue,  simply  fill  out the
registration  formular  on  your DIGITAL
TALK    VOTESHEET  (or  simply  use  the
backside  for  more  space)  and send it
to  your  spreader  or  directly  to the

The  Snailmail-  and the E-Mail adresses
will  be published in two seperate parts

in order to have a better overlook, from
issue #2 on.

Wanna    see    your    advertisment  in
Digital  Talk? Then just  pust it on the
sheet,  as  there  will  of course be an
extra adverts part here as well!

Have phun!

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