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      H O W  T O  S U P P O R T
      H O W  T O  S U P P O R T
    DT  D I G I T A L  T A L K ?
    DT  D I G I T A L  T A L K ?
Articles    are,  of  course,  the  most
important    thing  in  every  discmag.
Check  out  the different sections in DT
to  get  an  overview  about  different
interesting  topics.  We're  especially
looking  for  c64 scene related articles
but also topics outside the world of the
64 are welcome!
English  language  is  prefered, smaller
articles  can  also  be handed in german
language for translating.
Hannibal  left  A-Team  to  join B-Team?
Superman/Heroes  actually  is Spiderman/
Insects?  Your  group  is  working  on a
new  discmag  with  build  in  Internet
Explorer?  Let the public know about the
latest  happenings  in scene!
Support  DT with all the latest News you
can  get  by simply putting them on your
votesheet  or  sending them in directly.
This task is quite simple: If you get
one of our votesheet, FILL IT! Send it
back to your spreader or directly to the
You  surely  saw  the  different  Hires
Piccies    build    into  the  different
chapters.  So  why  not  sending in your
own?  Drawings  are  as  well welcome as
HIRES-Logos  for  the different chapters
("News",  "Interview",  "Charts", etc.).
Help DT to get more attractive, also in
its outward appearance and layout!
_ MUSICS ($1000-2000)
Exclusive  musics  in every style are of
course  always  welcome!  So  if  you've
still  got  an  unreleased  tune in your
diskbox  or  wanna  do  a  new one, then
DT  is your man..ahm..discmag of course!
      H O W  T O  S U P P O R T
      H O W  T O  S U P P O R T
    DT  D I G I T A L  T A L K ?
    DT  D I G I T A L  T A L K ?

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