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corruption 12                 march 1992
             * EDITORIAL *              
from my mother's sleep i fell into the  
and i hunched in its belly till my wet  
fur froze.                              
six miles from earth,loosed from its    
dream of life,                          
i woke to black flak and the nightmare  
when i died they washed me out of the   
turret with a hose.                     
randall jarrell                         
DEAR READERS !                          
you just entered the first chapter of   
corruption's issue 12,which was ofcourse
delayed again.well,the main reasons for 
the delay were my attempts to get the   
magazine NTSC-fixed.lots of americanos  
tried it,but failed.this menue seems to 
be unfixable,mainly because of the three
screen logo movement.                   
in issue 13,we will have a new outfit,  
which will be done by the ex-ATG guys,so
you can await a menue like in the good  
old atg times...                        
twelve issues of a magazine usually mean
the first BIRTHDAY of it,but with       
corruption it's different...ofcourse.   
this month corruption has celebrated    
its third doesn't take me
wonder that,for instance mamba,was put  
out 25 times in just about two and a    
half years,while we just put eleven     
editions out in 3 years...              
we've had SIX different main-menues in  
this time and the eleven issue were     
given out under four different group    
lables...this should explain most of it 
at least.                               
but i guess you already got used to it, 
didn't you ? hehe...                    
well,from now on we will try to release 
corruption every month...               
(do i have to emphasize the word "try"?)
i'd like to welcome the new co-editors  
for this mag and want to thank them for 
their support.                          
moreover i decided that it is the best  
for the magazine,when we have two main- 
authors again and so DEFF/DOM has joined
the corruption staff and will take over 
the job,3dk did in former times,and will
help me producing your favourite        
this month was quite hard for us,as     
three of our group-fellows got busted   
for different reasons,but read an other 
sub for more information about it...    
 please do us a favour and enhance your 
 support to us and send us news,votes,  
your birth-dates or any kind of articles
  to the wellknown corruption address.  
if you are the (proud) owner of a modem 
then feel free to leave me something on 
     one of the following boards :      
           "TUNNEL OF WARES"            
              "DREAM PARK"              
corruption credits :                    
 this issue is dedicated to JR.PREDATOR 
                     jack daniels & deff

News 'n' rumours

corruption 12                 march 1992
          * NEWS AND RUMOURS *          
             * dominators *             
- only a short time after the release   
  of corruption 11,macronit was kicked  
  out and started over on the pc.       
- deff of ENIGMA joined.he will take    
  over some of my contacts,as i got rid 
  of trading with over 230 guys.i will  
  only continue swapping with my best   
- duke and dogfriend got visited by the 
  cops,mainly because of fraud.dogfriend
  had good luck,as the cops couldn't    
  prove him a single shit.duke wasn't   
  that lucky...for more about this,read 
- hulkster got busted for selling movies
- so the actual DOM member-status looks 
  like this...                          
  animal,dogfriend,cosmo,jack daniels,  
  no more,no less.                      
              * illusion *              
- ils was rebuilt ! members are :       
  pudwerx (who was kicked out of talent,
           because he didn't care that  
           much for the group...)       
  prodigy (who returned and put his bbs 
           terminal obsession back up)  
  richie  (who left talent already some 
           time ago)                    
- their hq's are "the forum" and        
  "terminal obsession".                 
               * enigma *               
- mamba 25,released on the 19th of      
  february,will be the last issue ever..
- chrysagon,ignorance,trigger,jatagan   
  and elegance of X-RAY joined.x-ray is 
  declared to be dead.                  
- weasel is out of enigma.              
- joe cool is still in.                 
          * genesis project *           
- sting and maniac of ELITE joined,but  
  one day later,maniac was kicked out   
  again,as they just wanted sting.      
  the trouble between tyger and sting   
  (sting ripped tyger's IFFL routine,   
   some time ago) is cleared up as sting
  confessed it finally and apologized to
  sting said that he ripped the routine 
  because he was under pressure,when he 
  was in TALENT...all other i+t members 
  had their own iffl routine and he did 
  not want to unmask himself.           
- the goblin finally returned from his  
  bath-room to the scene.               
- rockstar has returned from the army.  
- veto,the artist who made the game     
  graphics for e.g. ROLLING RONNY and   
  SECOND WORLD joined.                  
- roadkill has never been a member of gp
- steamhammer was kicked.               
- blue thunder of X LARGE renamed to la 
  style (wow!) and joined gp as a modem-
  trader and original-supplier.         
- deek and bizzmo left the scene after  
  releasing their demo "paradize 91".   
- janec got caught for phreaking.       
- fgth left the scene.                  
             * fairlight *              
- sodapop,ex-FLASH INC. joined.         
  so the board "paradize" is now a flt  
- tronic,who used to be in GP and lives 
  in japan in the moment,joined as well.
- they are NOT in coop with TRIAD !     
               * crest *                
- tiger and maduplec of NATO joined.    
  maduplec will keep up the BUDS lable, 
  but will do some parts for the further
  crest demos as well.                  
- pat left.                             
- the next crest demo will soon come out
  only the intro is missing,but as they 
  want to do a very special one,it will 
  take some more weeks.                 
- o'neill renamed to msk.               
               * bonzai *               
- bz is dead,as nearly all member joined
  starion,except the two guys who joined
  visual reality (walt and ricky)       
              * success *               
- arrogance had to join the army.       
- rap,who used to be in X RAY joined.   
- the cool musician steel joined scs,too
  but he will remain in PADUA as well.  
- darklord and ist quitted.             
- tyree has a hell of a trouble with his
  parents,because of school and several 
  other reasons,they even confiscated   
  tyree's he takes a break  
  in the moment.                        
- the yank of ETERNAL joined as a       
  swapper and supplier.                 
- EXTREME is dead as b-wyze,copkiller,  
  lifestyle and skeletor joined scs.    
- manx was kicked out and lazyness left.
              * hysteric *              
- mr. president is in,in contrast to    
  that what i wrote in issue 11,this was
  just caused by a misunderstanding.    
- tom,ex-HOTLINE,PANDORA,joined.        
- so did aslive of the BRAINBOMBS.      
- rough,who was recently kicked out of  
               * vision *               
- crossfire (ex-UNIQUE) joined vsn as a 
  cracker and swapper,but left again to 
  join ACRISE.                          
- skyflash,a coder,joined.              
- dealer (alias CURLIN) left.           
- fozzie (ex-NOICE) joined as a musician
  and artist.                           
           * megastyle inc. *           
- roy will leave msi soon,as he has to  
  join the army.                        
- brooze and sleepwalker went over to   
  the amiga.                            
- sparkler thinks about leaving.        
              * hotline *               
- htl is dead.                          
- ream and seal joined TRIAD.           
- rob joined LEGEND                     
- sid rejoined F4CG.                    
              * paradize *              
- three new coders,called adam,state    
  and fox joined.                       
- the great musician reyn ouwehand      
  joined after black mail's demo        
  dutch breeze.                         
- moron was busted by the cops.         
  all his contacts,who want to continue 
  trading with paradize,shall send to   
  silco,artix or cybex.                 
  if you send to silco never cheat the  
  stamps and always use fresh envelopes,
  as the post is still watching him.    
- hobbit left fairlight,he's only in prz
- they are looking for two new swappers,
  living in the same country.if you are 
  interested,write to silco.            
              * traitors *              
- traitors died,as parson joined the    
  lately reformed NATO,before rebuilding
  DCS with nosah.                       
- numskull joined OFFENCE.              
              * offence *               
- they released an issue of slow poke,  
  after a break of several years,again. 
- members are :                         
  harmony productions,red wiz,tamtrax,  
            * single news *             
- GOTCHA left the scene.but still calls 
  the shaolin temple once in a while.   
- une of F4CG renamed to nit1 and re-   
  leased issue 8 of his mag "pukebox"   
  under the f4cg contained a   
  hell lot of bullshit,especially in    
  the news-chapter.                     
- DEPREDATORS gained 2 new members,as   
  there are :                           
  maestro (supplier) and hero (cracker) 
- micronix (ex-SCS,CENSOR) and taze     
  (ex-ARRAY) reentered the scene and    
  formed a group called BASSLINE.       
  also the beast of TAT joined them.    
- pete (ex-CHEYENS) joined X-FACTOR.    
- dirty c of ANTIC and ravage of TRIAD  
  formed UNITY.                         
- injun inc. (ex-LIGHT) joined ACTIVE,  
  while zipkiod and banshee got kicked. 
- rcs of BRUTAL joined LEGEND.          
- TRANSCOM is dead. (?)                 
- silco of PARADIZE got a new handle :  
  angerix,due to problems with the      
- gozar of BRONX quitted,he is only     
  active on the amiga now.              
- OREGON and DREAM are dead,together    
  they rebuilt SUNRISE.                 
  razor of oregon rejoined THE FORCE.   
- a new australian crew called SCATTER- 
  BRAIN was born.the leader is trinity, 
  better known as the anarchist.other   
  members are apex and xenon.           
- phoenix left DEMOLITION and joined the
  newly reformed MYSTIC.some days later 
  he was caught for phone-phreaking and 
  had to pay a fine of $1000 aus.       
- euzkera and returned to the   
  scene and so did bob/CENSOR.          
- after being a few days in SUCCESS,    
  the communist joined F4CG.            


corruption 12                 march 1992
             * THE CHARTS *             
     the best euro cracking groups      
01.) LEGEND                     640 pts.
02.) TALENT                     484 pts.
03.) DOMINATORS                 440 pts.
04.) enigma                     306 pts.
05.) genesis project            182 pts.
06.) illusion                   164 pts.
07.) x-ray          (last time) 142 pts.
08.) censor design              112 pts.
09.) action         (last time) 105 pts.
11.) brutal                      94 pts.
12.) deadline & project-x        92 pts.
13.) hotline        (last time)  88 pts.
14.) fairlight                   85 pts.
15.) triad                       83 pts.
16.) f4cg                        79 pts.
17.) chromance                   67 pts.
18.) success                     60 pts.
19.) bonzai         (last time)  44 pts.
20.) brainbombs     (last time)  32 pts.
21.) elite          (last time)  27 pts.
22.) pulsar                      23 pts.
23.) transcom       (last time)  22 pts.
24.) discovery      (last time)  21 pts.
          the best demo groups          
01.) FLASH INC.                 406 pts.
02.) CREST                      401 pts.
03.) LIGHT                      262 pts.
04.) censor design              216 pts.
05.) fairlight                  194 pts.
06.) bonzai         (last time) 193 pts.
07.) cosmos design              137 pts.
08.) black mail                 126 pts.
09.) paradize                   118 pts.
10.) camelot                    115 pts.
11.) faces                      105 pts.
12.) pretzel logic               91 pts.
13.) triad                       82 pts.
14.) traitors       (last time)  53 pts.
15.) panoramic design            48 pts.
16.) beyond force                46 pts.
17.) antic                       45 pts.
18.) genesis project             38 pts.
20.) oregon         (last time)  29 pts.
22.) death sector                24 pts.
           the best crackers            
01.) POWERPLANT / LEGEND        458 pts.
02.) DOC / LEGEND               331 pts.
03.) BOD / TALENT               188 pts.
04.) antitrack / legend         178 pts.
05.) sauron / illusion          145 pts.
06.) chrysagon / enigma         144 pts.
07.) ignorance / enigma         121 pts,
08.) dogfriend / dominators     114 pts.
09.) xxx / talent               110 pts.
10.) fletch / legend             61 pts.
11.) tyger / genesis project     51 pts.
12.) rockstar / genesis project  38 pts.
13.) arrogance / success         31 pts.
     snacky / genesis project           
15.) bacchus / fairlight         28 pts.
16.) crush / starion             24 pts.
     rooze / dominators                 
18.) tch / brutal                23 pts.
19.) excell / legend             21 pts.
20.) transfer / pulsar           20 pts.
           the best coders              
01.) ZODIAC / FLASH INC.        354 pts.
02,) CROSSBOW / CREST           352 pts.
03.) FLAMINGO / LIGHT           315 pts.
04.) walt / visual reality      216 pts.
05.) glasnost / camelot         144 pts.
06.) mc sprite / cosmos design  109 pts.
07.) bob / censor design         85 pts.
08.) maduplec / crest            69 pts.
10.) valentine / faces           54 pts.
11.) fat rat (=yup)/ offence     52 pts.
12.) s.e.s. / genesis project    47 pts.
13.) tron / fairlight            46 pts.
14.) vision / crest              43 pts.
     yabba / light                      
16.) unifier / flash inc.        37 pts.
17.) mr. watson / tat            20 pts.
            the best artists            
01.) GOTCHA        (last time)  348 pts.
02.) BIZZMO        (last time?) 291 pts.
03.) OGAMI / FAIRLIGHT          194 pts.
04.) mirage / die2 / censor     185 pts.
05.) dragon / censor            159 pts.
06.) redstar / logic            140 pts.
07.) gbf / crest                109 pts.
08.) hein design / di-art / bml 107 pts.
09.) creeper / flash inc.       106 pts.
10.) thunder / ex-hitmen         84 pts.
11.) crept / flash inc.          82 pts.
12.) hobbit / paradize           76 pts.
13.) double artistry / sunrise   61 pts.
14.) electric / extend           57 pts.
15.) orc / di-art / bml          55 pts.
16.) ans / spirit                39 pts.
17.) fox / visual reality        35 pts.
18.) death / hitmen              32 pts.
19.) air design / flash inc.     30 pts.
20.) red wiz / offence           27 pts.
21.) sparkler / megastyle        22 pts.
           the best musicians           
01.) JCH / VIBRANTS             344 pts.
02.) DRAX / VISUAL REALITY      238 pts.
03.) REYN OUWEHAND / BML /PRZ   235 pts.
04.) a-man / ex-action          215 pts.
05.) jeroen tel / phyzics       174 pts.
06.) danko / censor design      172 pts.
07.) deek          (last time?) 113 pts.
08.) guy shavitt / scs / tf     111 pts.
09.) griff / chromance          110 pts.
10.) metal / sacred noise        60 pts.
11.) edwin van santen / 20cc     50 pts.
12.) moon / flash inc.           49 pts.
13.) laxity                      38 pts.
14.) mixer / origo               23 pts.
15.) link                        22 pts.
           the best discmags            
01.) SHOCK / CENSOR DESIGN      466 pts.
02.) MAMBA / ENIGMA (last time) 351 pts.
03.) BRUTAL RECALL / BRUTAL     292 pts.
04.) hotshot / flash inc.       246 pts.
05.) bild zeitung / success     150 pts.
06.) script / clique            120 pts.
07.) propaganda / g*p            82 pts.
08.) rock'n'role / role          55 pts.
09.) internal / w.o.w.           54 pts.
10.) emanuelle / flt             37 pts.
11.) magascene / hysteric        36 pts.
12.) are we the best? / <c>      34 pts.
13.) spotlight                   32 pts.
14.) smooth criminal / light     31 pts.
15.) headlines                   27 pts.
16.) explorer / antic            22 pts.
17.) bitmania / abyss connection 20 pts 

Video reviews

corruption 12                 march 1992
           * VIDEO REVIEWS *            
reviewed by : phoenix                   
probably the best film of the star trek 
movie series.                           
captain kirk is assigned to escort a    
klingon ambassador to earth in order to 
begin peace negotiations.               
the klignon's main energy source was a  
moon,which was over-mined and blew up.  
the klingons only have 50 years of life 
left and they need the help of the      
whilst escorting the klingon ship,the   
enterprise fires.                       
upon itand two federation soldiers beam 
onboard and kill the ambassador.kirk is 
trialed for the death of the ambassador 
and is sent to a remote planet to mine. 
the ending is spectacular.there is a lot
of humourous dialogue and we see spock.a
as we've never seen before.             
i recommend it entirely !               
RATING : 9 / 10                         
reviewed by : jack daniels              
dallas,the 22nd november 1963 : john f. 
kennedy gets shot in his open limousine.
two days later a nightclub owner kills  
lee h. oswald,who was suspected of being
the murderer.                           
after discussing several months,the     
fact-finding committee comes to the con-
clusion that oswald has been the assasin
and that he killed kennedy on his own.  
the public prosecutor jim garrison,does 
not care for the conclusion of the court
of inquiry and continues his researches 
over the next years.he is convinced that
there has been a conspiracy against jfk.
while his investigations,several wit-   
nesses die a mysterious death and the   
government tries everything to stop     
garrison's search for the truth.        
this movie is a new production from the 
great director oliver stone,who wrote   
the book of this film as well.          
kevin costner was a good choice for the 
roll of jim garrison.                   
the only thing to complain about is the 
lenght of the is over 3 hours 
long,but never gets boring.             
the film jfk poses the questions,who    
have been asked in 1963,but haven't been
answered yet !                          
RATING : 9 / 10                         
            BOYZ'N THE HOOD             
reviewed by : jack daniels              
this film tells the story of the young  
tre styles,who grows up with all the    
problems a negro has in the usa,when he 
lives in a "black area".it shows how the
situation looks like for a young,black  
man who's keen on being educated.the    
most positive aspect of boyz'n the hood 
is that it does not palliate the matter.
it shows all the problems with drugs,   
gangs and not to forget impecuniosity.  
the plot itself is quite boring,though  
the actors did a good job.              
the main actors of this movies are      
cuba gooding jr. as tre,larry fishburne 
as tre's father and not to forget the   
famous rapper icecube.                  
RATING : 4 / 10                         
   sorry for these old movies,but the   
reviews were already made two months ago

The duel

corruption 12                 march 1992
              * THE DUEL *              
               THE DUEL 1               
mr.wax / chromance vs.        corruption
speaking : mr. wax                      
dear jack daniels.                      
i was really surprised to see that you  
published that MEGAOLD note I've done a 
few months ago.                         
ofcourse i beleive you that you wrote it
MIGHT be ME who wrote that gp/censor    
note. but don't you think it was a bit  
too hard ?                              
i never attack anyone before i have got 
evidence about him.                     
anyway,forget about that gp/censor note 
it was already cleared up.              
what made me angry was the lines you    
published in that video column in the   
latest CORRUPTION.                      
so you know why i am a PRATTLER. hmmm...
i got not happier to see your fucken'   
evidences as they aren't right.         
i know you got these things from our ex.
member GABRIEL who used to be a pretty  
good friend of you.  am i right?        
also the style of it reminded me to him.
you also wrote that he asked you not to 
tell it to anyone.                      
And then you published it.              
What a reliable guy you are!            
anyway,here are my answers to see i am  
not a prattler even NOT a RECRACKER!    
1) i haven't recracked CYGNUS as gabriel
   wrote to you. it's pure bullshit !   
   you have to know that the high score 
   saver was broken on my original due  
   to disc errors.                      
   i have got a crack from MARCO/ATG so 
   I took the high score from the atg   
   version and cracked that game.       
   well,i didn't change the name to     
   CHROMANCE because I thought it would 
   be unfair.                           
   But when gabriel discovered this he  
   thought it must be a recrack.        
   anyway,he was only a swapper and an  
   artist so he didn't know a single    
   thing about cracking.                
   that's why he thought it's a recrack.
   later on when i heard it i told him  
   this so there was no problem anymore.
2) you published that I took JAZZY D    
   into chrmonace because we needed     
   someone who swaps with LAMERS so we  
   could hit the CHARTS. Haha.          
   ofcourse i took jazzy d in as i am   
   the leader of chromance so what's    
   the matter?                          
   i guess also DOMINATORS has a leader,
   or am i wrong? (ED.:no.)             
   we only needed a spreader/swapper to 
   spread our wares a bit more because  
   we only swapped with ELITE people.   
   anyway,nearly every elite group is   
   also swapping with not so famous     
   guys to get their wares spread well. 
   when jazzy d joined us he was only   
   a swapper but now he's one of        
   hungary's best swapper and also a    
   good cracker.                        
   he's not too old in the scene but he 
   is still a very cool guy so what ?   
   everybody was a lamer when he started
   (even you or me) so whats the matter?
   maybe jazzy d was a lamer when he was
   called DIZZY but time passed so he   
   learned everything 'n he's an average
   coder now and cracks quite well now. 
   we only entered the charts because we
   are very active and also our cracks  
   are mostly quality ones.             
   i think it's enough for you to see   
   that i am not a prattler.            
   if you still think i am a prattler   
   just ask my contacts 'n friends.     
   most of them says i am reliable so   
   why should i prattle then ?          
   ok,that's all i wanted to say.       
MR.WAX OF CHROMANCE                     
               THE DUEL 2               
cevin / trc        vs. george/ex-extreme
speaking : cevin                        
to george/ex-EXTREME ( never  
was in)                                 
you old fucker,you know that you weren't
in extreme but you think you and says   
that you are in !                       
lame,i can't find other words !         
you old fucking polnish gay !           
(ED.: i decided not to correct his      
      mistakes,as they underline the    
      impression you get from cevin,    
      when you read his phrases.)       
  well,as the standart of the duels is  
  going down all the time,we will DROP  
this column from the next issue on.basta
as there is no more space in the reports
    chapter left,we have to print an    
        additional text here...         
          LIGHT and PHENOMENA!          
    presents for your entertainment:    
       opens 17/4-92 at 12:00 pm        
     and closes 20/4-92 at 8:00 am.     
this year bigger and better than ever!!!
arranged in ALINGSIS - 25 minutes from  
the centre of gothenburg in a large     
school called alstroemmerskolan.        
the entrance fee will be 75-150 swedish 
crowns depending on our expences.       
please notify that we only allow swedish
the place can take about 1000 persons   
but we expect it to be filled fast so   
make sure you call to reserve places for
you and your group.                     
you can also call for any other         
questions about the party.              
to get your own invitation (on paper),  
send a letter to:                       
XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                       
X-XXX XX XXXXXX                         
including your address and you will soon
be a lucky owner of the invitation.     
if you have a modem the easiest way for 
  you to get all the latest partyinfo   
      would be to call our board:       
    THE FUTUREZONE - light world hq!    
          - the competitions -          
   there will be a demo- and a gfx-     
competition on the C64 and on the AMIGA 
     there will be demo-, gfx- and      
   the three best in each competition   
         will get nice prices.          
the competitions will be held in a      
special large hall on a big screen      
projector.there will of course be       
extremly raw sound equipment too. we    
will make sure that it will both look   
and sound perfect.                      
make sure you finish your contributions 
in time because no deadlines will be    
           - the cafeteria -            
a complete store will be built up inside
  the school including all your needs   
like: coke, chips, sweets, coffee, tea, 
  sandwiches , extremly cheap discs ,   
discs containing everything released at 
          the party etc. etc.           
this is why you will be there:          
...all the top groups will be present.  
...the major event of the year.         
                                survive untill our next party.    
...we'll be there.......                
HOW TO GET THERE BY...                  
CAR   get a map over sweden and look 40 
      km northeast of gothenburg. drive 
      on e3 and when you have turned off
      at alingsis you just follow the   
      SPECIAL PARTYSIGNS.               
TRAIN if you go from gothenburg to      
      stockholm it's the first stop     
      after GOTHENBURG. if you go from  
      stockholm it's the last stop      
      before gothenburg. talk with your 
      local trainstation to get the best
BOAT  take any ferry to gothenburg and  
      get on a train towards stockholm. 
PLANE fly to LANDVETTER airport and take
      the airport bus to the centre of  
      gothenburg. then just take the    
      train to alingsis.                
 ARRANGED. call bappalander if you are  
coming at odd hours to get a timetable. 


corruption 12                 march 1992
             * CHAMPIONS  *             
please keep in mind that this chapter is
only my point of view and that it is NOT
        based on objectivity !!!        
the HELGE for the best cracking group of
          the month goes to :           
               * TALENT *               
talent kicked major ass in the          
previous month.                         
since the last issue,talent has had the 
first-releases of :                     
sky high stuntman,mean machine,final    
blow,cj in the usa,chevy chase,world    
class rugby,robozone,smash tv,simpsons, 
alien storm,double dragon 3,cisco heat, 
roadrunner.battle commando,             
super seymour,titanic blinky etc....    
 the HELGE for the best comeback of the 
            month goes to :             
              * ILLUSION *              
everybody already guessed that they     
would return,as the norwegians left bod 
and xxx back alone in TALENT.ils        
consists of all the former members,     
except deff and pyle,and some new ones  
like depsiser,freestyle and prodigy.    
their hq's are "THE FORUM" and "TERMINAL
OBSESSION".directly after their comeback
they started releasing and brought a lot
of games out.pudwerx fixed some of their
releases,where lots of other fixers     
failed ! they kick ass as in the good   
old days,no doubt.                      
   the HELGE for the best demo of the   
            month goes to :             
             * BLACK MAIL *             
           for their release            
              DUTCH BREEZE              
after a delay of only 3 years,black mail
finally returned with a real smasher to 
the demo scene.the reason for awarding  
this demo were mainly the stunning      
graphics inside.they were done by ORC,  
HEIN,ROBERT and some professional       
artists in the linecrunching part.      
the coding did not feature that much new
routines,but was still above the average
this demo was usually ment as a graphics
demo.the responsible programmers were   
the music in the demo was delicious.they
were composed by JEROEN TEL,FALCO PAUL  
and REYN OUWEHAND.                      
the best part(in my eyes)was the"finger"
part,where you had to touch the joystick
port with a wet finger (or your dick,if 
you feel like doing it....) in order to 
animate the graphic(a masturbating girl)
and to leave the part.mega great idea !!
easy to guess that they won the demo-   
competition of the silicon-party,in     
utrecht,with this demo.they could have  
earned more money,with competing on the 
bonzai party instead...                 
    a CONSOLATION HELGE goes to the     
           following demos :            
"wet dreams 2"                  PARADIZE
"paradize 91"                         GP
"brutality"                        LIGHT
"timewaster 2"                  X-FACTOR
"spiritual dreams"                SPIRIT
"frantic 2"                      HOAXERS
"shining chrome"               CHROMANCE
"one year camelot"               CAMELOT
  the HELGE for the best crack of the   
            month goes to :             
       * PAINKILLER / CHROMANCE *       
            (feat. syllinor)            
            for the crack of            
               LOST NINJA               
painkiller's version of this game is the
best seen so far,it includes seven      
trainers,without any double-cheat and   
the game was iffl-packed into two files.
the version is 387 blocks long and      
includes the game-intro.painkiller      
installed the hi-score-saver into the   
iffl-routine,which is an new option.    
he uses no lame overload iffl and while 
the iffl is scanning,you can chose which
trainers you want.well done...          
 don't even think of complaining about  
        this chapter,lamers !!!         


corruption 12                 march 1992
              * REPORTS *               
december is always a month,where lots of
 parties take place and so we have two  
reports from computer-parties this time.
  the first one gives you information   
              about the :               
reporter : jack daniels                 
a lot of mags wrote that the party was a
disaster,though the editors weren't     
present.i'd like to  know who supplied  
them with this information.             
anyway,the reality was a bit different, 
but let's start at the very beginning.  
the party took place in a very big hall 
in a skyscraper in PAPENBURG/germany    
from the 13. until the 15th of december.
on the 13th,at around 1 pm,i picked up  
TRANSFER/PULSAR and we two drove with my
mazda 323 in the direction of dortmund, 
where we should meet the two guys from  
them at a filling station and returned  
to the singapur....aehh..selm
we picked up CRAZE/HYSTERIC and it was  
really amazing to see 5 guys and a lot  
of baggage in this small car !!!        
while driving we killed a lot of junk-  
food and beers as well and we put the   
trash onto the back seat...bad luck for 
ALIEN/DA that he put his cigarettes as  
well onto the back i threw    
them away,as we had a little break.     
he tried to climb into that specific    
trash container to get his cigarettes   
back,but he failed.                     
from there on,transfer drove and i      
started boozing...                      
after about 4 hours we finally arrived  
in papenburg.there were no signs,leading
to the party-place,so we had to ask.    
we asked a young turkish biker,and he   
replied something like "i don't speak   
german,oh,you are going to the ems-     
centre ? can you take me with you to the
disco ?".he answered in german and      
wanted us to take him with us,as we were
only 5 guys in the car....strange !!!   
after driving a bit around,we finally   
found the ems-centre and entered.       
the hall was on the third floor and it  
was a former roll-hockey arena and so   
you can imagine how big it was.         
as we entered,only some guys from the   
VAGABONDS and some local dudes were in  
the we decided to go out for    
dinner to a pizzeria.                   
after killing some pizzas (and beers) we
paid.ALIEN gave a tip of around 6.-dm,  
just to get some coins for getting      
cigarettes,the waiter was quite         
impressed as you might guess...         
as we reentered the hall,TYREE/SUCCESS  
finally arrived.we had our usual welcome
beers and chats.more and more guys      
showed up later on.                     
i was quite astonished as my old friend 
FREESTYLE/ex-TALENT showed up,among with
felix/ex-crazy,skywolf/legend and an ex 
cfa guy,all from switzerland.           
nearly my whole locker was filled up    
with beer,i brought it up to the hall   
and tyree and i killed all of it.       
at 2 am we had to leave the hall,as the 
centre got closed.half of the guys went 
out to a local disco,the other half     
(including me + the others from my car) 
went to the sleeping place,a cool gym.  
we took some balls out of the cupboards 
and started playing soccer and basket-  
ball through the hall,what was really   
at 4 am i decided to go to sleep,as i   
was very tired and matress was 
damaged,so i had to sleep on the cold   
floor,but i didn't mind that much,as i  
was to drunk to have pain.              
on the next morning i woke up,as craze  
was shouting around.transfer,who was    
drunk as well,didn't care and kept on   
sleeping,while i couldn't.              
after a hot SHOWER and two ALKA SELTZERS
i felt much better.                     
we woke up transfer and drove back to   
the hall.we had breakfast in a cafe in  
the centre and smoked our 1st cigarettes
this morning,and they tasted awfull !!! 
anyway,as we entered the hall we could  
notice that some new guys showed up.    
everybody hang infront of his computer  
and was busy cracking,finishing the demo
for the competition or whatever.        
in the afternoon i went out with tyree  
in order to buy the prices for the demo 
we spend the rest of the second day with
chatting with anyone,all the time.      
FREESTYLE and some others were just     
running around to get a modem-line to   
upload their first-releases.(all in all,
6 first-releases were done on the party)
during the whole party you could watch  
some videos in a tv-corner of the hall. 
in the evening,more guys arrived,they   
directly came from VENLO.               
just as nearly all guys started the     
famous "quarters",we decided to leave   
the party.i had to return that early    
because i wrote two important exams on  
the following two days.                 
we had no problems coming back and i    
drove the tour through.                 
alien fell asleep and was lying on craze
what was fuckin' funny to's    
really a shame that we couldn't take a  
picture of this scene.                  
the following people were present at the
party :                                 
dominators                (jack daniels)
success  (tyree,arrogance,steel,major-x,
legend               (skywolf,sensation)
f4cg                         (communist)
brainbombs         (too much of them...)
vagabonds          (too much of them...)
hysteric       (craze,psychobilly,benson
ex-hotline                     (uncle-x)
triad                            (brego)
genesis project  (airwoelfchen,la style)
paradize                         (moron)
electric boys                   (satcom)
oregon             (too much of them...)
pulsar             (too much of them...)
cyberpunx          (too much of them...)
tropic                          (reaper)
alcoholics         (too much of them...)
x-rated            (too much of them...)
illusion                     (freestyle)
...and some more.all in all about       
   90 guys showed up.we were rather sad 
   about that,as we have expected more  
   to come.                             
anyway,early on the next morning the    
arrogance left and took all the discs   
for the demo-competition with the
competition had to be cancelled.geeeeeee
+ : very good atmosphere,the party-place
    and the sleeping-place were very    
    good,fun,only a few amigas          
- : not enough people,not enough        
    foreigners,i had to leave on satur- 
    day,no modem-line,no competition    
the party was not as good expected,but  
we have had our fun !!! germany doesn't 
seem to be the right place for a party..
RATING : 50 %                           
reporter : jack daniels                 
this mega party arranged by bonzai for  
the 64 and by crystal,anarchy and       
silents for the mega party took place   
in a huge conference-center in aars /   
denmark from the 26th till the 28th of  
again i drove with my techno-mobil to   
a computer-party,this time i took BACK- 
a nerd,whose handle i forgot and who is 
in the DOMINATORS on amiga,with me.     
we left solingen on the evening of the  
25.12. and arrived in AARS at 7 am the  
next morning.                           
the journey was without any major       
problems,but hard,as i drove the whole  
tour through (again!).well,anyway,it was
my decision to drive the whole night....
we were quite happy that the party-place
was already open,though the party start 
was 4 hours later.after paying the high 
entrance fee (about $20) we entered the 
hall and...were IMPRESSED !!!           
the hall was very big and there were    
lots of tables and chairs everywhere    
around.a small wall divided the big hall
into two parts.                         
at that time only about 50 people were  
present,most of them sleeping,most of   
them amiga.                             
the first person i met was MICK/VISUAL  
REALITY and we had a discussion about   
at 11 am the first bus from aalborg     
arrived and a tide that couldn't be     
stemmed entered the hall.               
early in the morning we started boozing,
as usual,7 am is the right time for a   
beer (hi nina !).                       
in the beginning only amiga showed up,  
but this changed in the course of the   
after the first day 1150 (!) people were
the organisers installed a big info-    
screen,where you could see demos,videos 
and some video-demos from the amiga crew
SILENTS (cool !),with every common tv   
you could also receive this cool party  
the cafeteria they set up was too       
expensive and everything tasted like    
shit ! ahem...                          
well,as our favourite german boozers    
arrogance/success,ghg/sunrise and       
communist/f4cg arrived,the real booze   
could start,i smuggled 20 litres of     
german beer into the expensive denmark. 
so it is quite simple to guess that i   
was drunk in the late afternoon and went
into my car to sleep a while.           
after some hours i woke up again and    
reentered the hall and spent the rest   
of the afternoon with talking to cool   
in the evening we wanted to go out with 
gene,the talent guys,censor,arrogance   
and some more chosen oness,but as the   
whole DOMINATORS crew,except cosmo,     
showed up,i decided to stay to clear up 
some things with my group pals.         
the guys who went out,missed a lot...   
they missed for example seeing DRAGON   
of CENSOR being absolutely drunk and    
puking on the ARROGANCE (nearly...).    
the organizers threw him out,but he re- 
turned the next day.                    
a lot of guys were drunk on the first   
evening and puked everywhere around,so  
dragon wasn't the exception.            
at around 3am the guys who went out     
returned and we chatted again.          
one hour later gene/deadline left the   
party in order to go back to norway.    
before leaving,he's had some nice       
conversations with the dominators       
after saying farewell to gene,i went    
into my car,in order to sleep...i was   
f..kin' tired,as i had not slept for ca.
35 hours.but as i came to my car i      
remembered that i allowed two guys to   
sleep in i threw one of them 
out,but i could not sleep   
about 6 am i finally fall asleep for    
a few hours.                            
after someone woke me up at 10 am,      
backlash and me went into the "city" to 
buy some food and to have breakfast,    
while aslive was sleeping on the back-  
seat !!!                                
after fooling the owner of a hot-dog-   
snack-bar we changed some money,shopped 
a little bit and met some nice girlies..
in the afternoon,the atmoshphere was    
quite relaxed...everyone was tired,but  
boozing or whatever though.             
although lots of cool and friendly      
people were there,we were a bit bored in
the afternoon and started boozing again.
the culmination came in the evening..   
the organizers forbid every alcohol in- 
side the hall.                          
the arrogance and i tried to convince   
the guards that we would not get drunk  
from this few tins of beer,but we       
failed and smuggled the beer through a  
back-door into the hall and that's how i
got to know mike,one of the forming     
members of BEYOND FORCE who was upset   
about the prohibition as well.he is a   
cool guy,with a great point of view     
concerning the scene.                   
in the early evening arrogance+gordon/  
success,communist/f4cg and me drove in- 
to the city to have dinner,as the       
cafeteria was a piece of shit !         
my style of driving must have been a bit
extraordinary,as i've had some beers too
much,but did not care.                  
anyway,we found a nice pizzeria and     
entered.immediatly we noticed a nice    
girl,who was working there.we ordered   
the pizzas and the usual beers (this    
time we drank the great danish x-mas    
beer,mhhhh !) and as the pizzas were    
finished we went upstairs into an other 
room of the pizzeria.                   
the pizzas were fuckin' big and all of  
us could only eat half of them and with 
the rest,we built a little tower and    
threw them at some amiga lamers,sitting 
opposite to us.we've had good laughs... 
before leaving,we had to notice that    
there was a security-camera installed in
that room.                              
rumours say that some windows got       
smashed though...                       
we noticed a little room on the other   
side,where you could play some arcade   
games,what we did.                      
before leaving the pizzeria,arrogance   
went to that nice girl and made a date  
with her and another girl for us.we     
wanted to meet in a disco at 11pm.      
the rendez-vous didn't take place,as the
arrogance got an original to crack and  
he was the only one to know the way to  
that disco and i didn't want to go on my
back at the party,i had to realize that 
the DOMINATORS guys had left,in order to
go to duke's place to upload a first-   
release.nearly everyone prefered the    
computer business instead of having fun 
in aars.quite strange in my eyes...     
(bad luck that you couldn't come,cosmo- 
 we would had real fun i guess...)      
after chatting with some guys from the  
former German Democratic Republic,i     
decided to sleep a bit in the sleeping  
room,but i had no chance,it was too     
loud the usual thing happened  
and i went into my car to sleep there.  
as i woke up,the DEMO-COMPETITION for   
the 64 was already done and i could only
watch the last demos of the amiga       
here are the results of the competition:
1.) LIGHT                               
2.) CAMELOT                             
3.) SPIRIT                              
4.) amnesia                             
5.) x-factor                            
6.) topaz                               
7.) tdc                                 
after copying the demos,we left and     
arrived 12 hours later in good old      
solingen.we were twice controlled by the
cops,but nothing special happened...    
the following persons / groups were     
present :                               
CENSOR DESIGN                           
FLASH INC.                              
GENESIS PROJECT                         
VISUAL REALITY                          
CONFRONT  (thanx for the beer !)        
+ : the party-place was superb,lots of  
    people,good organisation,cool videos
    shown at the party-channel          
- : the cafeteria was too expensive,the 
    sleeping room too loud,only two     
    showers for 1500 guys !,alcohol     
    prohibition on the second day,the   
    entrance fee was too expensive,too  
    much amigas,no modemline for the 64,
    only germans and scandinavians      
...all in all,it was worth travelling so to meet all the guys you    
   know from the phone...               
RATING : 85 %                           

Amiga corner

corruption 12                 march 1992
            * AMIGA CORNER *            
well, jack daniels, deff and his girly  
beate were also present at ce-bit'92 in 
hannover/germany. but at the moment we  
really don't feel like writing a single 
shit about it. if you haven't been there
you really missed something. for example
   you missed good old 'legends' like   
 grendel of byterapers inc. and strider 
    of fairlight. see you at the g*p    
disaster (right dario?). deff is tired!!
so your goodie jack daniels takes over. 
  this chapter is the most stupid idea  
    someone EVER had , no doubt !!!     
the ce-bit was kinda nice,especially the
 trip to and back from it,right mario ? 
lots of scene dudes,mainly amiga suckers
             were present.              
 well,the barrel of beer is empty so we 
      gonna get some new stuff...       
         CHEERIO !!! jd + deff          
- BLUE-BOXING in norway seems to be     
  dead.a few hundred amiag dudes were   
  busted and had to pay fees around     
  8000 $.                               
- rudi left SKID ROW.                   
- there'll be a hardline/defcon 1 PARTY 
  in the end of april.                  
- PANIC and AGNOSTIC FRONT are in       
  cooperation.moreover,they gained three
  new members from design.              
- COMA is not dead.                     
- three ex-coma members (zap,microid and
  microforce) joined SANITY.            
- the new system "TELEVERKET" is able to
  catch and save the numbers of toll-   
  free-numbers-callers with in 8 mili- cards are now much saver...
  this system has already been installed
  in norway..                           
- agressor left design to join SUPPLEX. 
- hijack left LSD and will join either  
  tsb or paf.                           
- spirit will perhaps leave aspect to   
  join NEMESIS.                         
- kr'33 left sanctuary to join AXIS.    
- TCC DESIGN left TRSI to be independent
  downlaming tristar+red sector inc.    
- SANITY will soon release another      
  track-disc demo,done by chaos.        
- BITSTOPPERS are back.                 
- scene-o-phobia is a new magazine,by   
 who the fuck came on the idea to do an 
   amiga-chapter ? bah,i hate it !!!    

Mish mash

corruption 12                 march 1992
             * MISH MASH *              
please don't forget to write your birth-
   dates onto the vote-sheet,thanx !    
  as usual,we give you the birth-dates  
 which are between the release date of  
  the previous issue and the next one.  
          HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO :           
        (later or in advance...)        
modern bob / legacy               02.02.
sid / f4cg                        05.02.
fighter / creation                15.02.
tecon / ex-bonzai                 15.02.
slaughter / akrak                 15.02.
micke / ex-a-team                 19.02.
numskull / offence                20.02.
dmc / genetix                     23.02.
spitfire                          01.03.
exciter / century                 03.03.
mendrake / acrise                 06.03.
frank / enigma                    09.03.
chipster / project-x              18.03.
serge / abyss connection          23.03.
animal / dominators               25.03.
spike / noice                     28.03.
richie / illusion                 30.03.
cyborg                            01.04.
scotch / clique                   03.04.
audience / oregon                 05.04.
crazy boy / role                  06.04.
aj / trc                          09.04.
tyree / success                   12.04.
antitrack / legend                13,04.
bighead / x-large                 15.04.
price / megastyle                 18.04.
beast / bassline                        
...friendship keeps the scene alive,so  
   send them a card or a little present!
            DID YOU KNOW...             
...that CCCP will soon be released on   
   disc as will contain these   
   great HOBBIT comics and is produced  
   by transcom.the outfit looked quite  
   similar to the paper-mag design,so be
...that ANTITRACK of legend started     
   cracking on the pc ? he has sent some
   of his cracks to irata/trsi and he   
   was quite impressed,so att might join
   tristar + red sector on the amiga    
   furthermore antitrack is planning to 
   build up legend on the pc,as the     
   original-suppliers of the two leading
   pc-groups are in legend on the 64.   
...that the new CREST demo is nearly    
   finished,only the intro is missing ? 
...that AIRWOLF of genesis project tried
   to steal COMMUNIST/f4cg's computer   
   on the silicon party in utrecht ?    
   good luck for communist that airwolf 
   is known for stealing everything he  
   can get,and so it was easy to guess  
   who has been the thief and to get    
   back the hardware.                   
...that PROJECT-X payed = 100 per month 
   for originals to their coop partner  
   DEADLINE ? they earned the money with
   selling hardware and codes to lamers.
...that PULSAR's "first-release" called 
   "druids 3" was a re-release ?        
   another re-release,cracked by lots of
   groups,was "sword and roses" which   
   was better known as "prince clumsy"  
   in 1991.only the sprites in the intro
   have been low can you go?
...that DRAGON of censor design was one 
   of the guys,who have been totally    
   drunk on the first evening of the BZ 
   party,and puked everywhere around,so 
   that it was forbidden to booze on the
   second day ? (who cared at least ?)  
...that ZORLAC called out again ?       
...that plug 1/ex-DOM DESIGNS sweared in
   for the army for 4 years ? first he  
   wanted to go for 15 years....        
...that about 50 cars were damaged on   
   the first evening of the SCS + DOM   
   germany party,on the parking place of
   the center,where the party took place
...that "BACKDOOR" is not only a way to 
   phreak,but a way to smuggle beer into
   the BONZAI PARTY as well ?           
   (yo arrogance and mike !)            
...that JCH of the vibrants tried to    
   sell his 64 on the bonzai party ?    
...that TYGER of gp got fucking drunk on
   the silicon party and puked behind   
   some cars ? he even wanted to        
   confiscate the camera of CRAZE /     
   hysteric,who took a picture of tyger,
   while he was puking.                 
...that some guys had to wait till the  
   monday after the bz-party,till their 
   train left from AALBORG (the party   
   ended on saturday) ?                 
...that antichrist left GP for one day ?
...that HAWK of visual reality was      
   one of the two responsible artists   
   for the game "covergirl strip poker"?
...that DON PROMILLO of the vagabonds   
   stole the "toyballs" original and the
   cheats from freestyle on the scs+dom 
   germany party ?                      
...that PHOENIX/mystic has eight racing 
   dogs,competing in several races ?    
...that MORPHEUS/FLASH INC.'s mother    
   called me,to wish me a happy new year
   in the name of morpheus ?            
...that there are even some boards in   
   russia(in st.petersburg for example)?
...that CREST still pretends that deek  
   and bizzmo are in crest,though they  
   already left the scene,according to  
...that CROSSFIRE of acrise works in a  
   body-building centre ?               
...that NUMSKULL of offence plays in a  
   death-metal band and that they       
   already recorded an lp ?             
...that MARIO VON ZEIST returned to the 
   netherlands again and works now as a 
   designer for yoghurt-cups ?          
...some guys from cyberpunks,vagabonds  
   and rebels rebuilt 711 ?             
   they don't have a permission from any
   of the original-members,but they do  
   not care as they are convinced that  
   they are as good,as 711 was in the   
...that there will be a GENESIS PROJECT 
   party in grevenbroich soon ? it'll   
   propbably take place in a disco      
   called "STINGRAY"..that fits...      
...that the german paper magazine 64'ER 
   interviewed omg of amok in their     
   latest issue ?                       
...that i am going to america for six   
   weeks this summer ? first i will     
   drive two and a half weeks through   
   california and afterwards i will do a
   motor-bike tour from fairbanks/alaska
   to vancouver/canada for three weeks. 
   the last days of my vacation will be 
   some days in vancouver,to relax !    
   i'm coooooooooooming...yo !          
...that roy is back in biz.this time he 
   uses the handle radar,is a member of 
   DEADLINE and loses wars against      
   everyone on the boards ?             
...that the magazine,SLOW POKE,which was
   produced by wot in former times,is   
   back under the OFFENCE lable.        
...that adam of PARADIZE is the little  
   brother of dub1/paradize ?           
...that PARADIZE's demo disc got stolen 
   in venlo ? so they lost the intro and
   the menue.they started recoding and  
   released it this week...             
...that ANTICHRIST went over to new york
   city,in order to visit his love,     
   sorceress/gp ?                       
...that we got an anonymus letter,which 
   was mailed in POOSENDAAL/netherlands,
   including a vote-sheet on which was  
   written :                            
"did you know that barterer/brainbombs  
 is gay ?                               
 your mag sux !                         
 airwolf is gay,                        
 antichrist is gay,                     
 snacky is gay,                         
 ses is gay.                            
 there is nothing more to say about it. 
   bad luck that cmr lives in belgium.  
   on the envelope was written nit1/    
   f4cg as sender.                      
   has anyone an idea,who lives in/near 
   poosendaal ? i'd like to know who    
   this intelectual jerk is !!!         
on wednesday the 11th of march at 13.03,
five cops rushed my house,taking me     
along with all my computer equipment as 
well as the big stack of papers i had   
lying around with them down to their    
office.after arrival,i was put into     
INTERROGATION for apx. 2 hours,followed 
by the cops putting in jail for 18 HOURS
finally,when i got outta jail,i was in  
interrogation for about 3 hours before  
they released me at 12 o'clock on thurs-
i was charged on a lot of different     
things,but mainly fraud,which included  
the illegal use of 3 different PBX'ses  
as well as the green numbers.i don't    
know how big sentence i willreceive,but 
i guess that they will let me go pretty 
easy with a BIG fine.                   
what pissed me off the most,was that    
they took my computer,monitor,disc-     
drives,tons of discs,joystick,action    
replay,modem,phone and my answering     
machine,but i guess that's life !!!     
they even said,they would sell it and   
put the money into the city's money box 
or something else.damn assholes...but   
who cares anyway,i don't (ehrm) !       
you haven't seen the last of me though  
since i'm moving to the STATES for a    
six months period,where i'll be putting 
up a board together with mutant-x,which 
will probably just a neutral board.the  
perfect place for the people who enjoy  
warring and things like that...hehehe.  
let's see if any of you have the guts to
give it a call,but when it does come up,
in a month or so,be sure to look out for
the number in the one-liners around.    
so you can call it,before it goes       
i guess that ends my article,which was  
generously printed by my good friend    
JACK DANIELS,but this won't be a good-  
bye,as i will be back before you will   
know it.but i will propbably never call 
out again,as i will have to go into     
jail,if i do something like this again!!
but just make sure that you will call   
our board for fun,aggrevations and what-
ever makes you wake up in the night,all 
sweaty ! till then...                   
DUKE / DOMINATORS                       
(ED.: whatever happens,alex.we wish you 
      all the best for the future !!!!) 
now we present you an article in german,
again written by BREGO/'s a kind
     of funny HOROSCOPE,enjoy it !      
we got several complaints about printing
 articles in german...well,if we would  
 translate the article,the irony in it  
would disappear.these articles are based
   on mixing german words,words with    
different meanings and other allusions, 
translating the article would spoil the 
whole mess up and the fun while reading 
           would be gone !!!            
 so,don't complain or worry about it !! 
if i would not print this article,these 
 lines would be EMPTY !!! what do you   
                prefer ?                
      this was dedicated to TCH !       
WASSERMANN (z.b. raze/success) :        
sie sind ein geselliger,freundlicher    
mensch,der sich gerne beliebt macht.sie 
sind am liebsten unter menschen,da sie  
sich alleine nicht ausstehen koennen.   
ihre sex-praktiken sind mehr als merk-  
wuerdig.geschlechtsumwandlungen sind    
ueblich unter wassermaennern.           
FISCHE (z.b. spitfire/ex-action) :      
sie sind eine liebe,sanfte person.wegen 
ihres wesens haelt man sie fuer eine    
ziemliche flasche.ihr mangel an ehrgeiz 
haengt zusammen mit ihrem mangel an     
talent.fische sind uebrigens gute platz-
WIDDER (z.b. tyree/success) :           
sie sind energisch und stark begeister- 
ungsfaehig.ihr munterer unternehmens-   
geist macht ihre ganze umgebung krank.  
sie planen unentwegt zukuenftige erfolge
um sich mit den gegenwaertigen pannen   
nicht auseinandersetzen zu muessen.ihre 
besten beziehungen haben sie zu menschen
die wesentlich juenger sind als sie.    
ausserdem sind maennliche widdermenschen
von einem riesigen geschlechtsorgan ge- 
STIER (z.b. transfer/pulsar) :          
sie sind praktish und beharrlich.sie    
besitzen eine verbissene entschlossen-  
heit und arbeitswut.die meisten menschen
halten sie fuer starrkoepfig und stur.  
stiere haben immer koepergeruch und     
furzen viel.                            
ZWILLINGE (z.b. peter/enigma) :         
sie sind herzlich,ueberschwenglich und  
mitteilsam.ihre freunde halten sie fuer 
einen geschwaetzigen langeweiler.sie    
demonstrieren gern ihre vielseitigkeit  
und wissen genau,dass sie nicht wirklich
koennen.zwillinge neigen zur inzucht und
sind bisexuell.                         
KREBS (z.b. deff/dominators) :          
sie sind symphtisch und verstaendnisvoll
fuer anderer leute haelt sie=
fuer einen einfaltspinsel.dank ihres    
ausgezeichneten gedaechtnisses erinnern 
sie sich an die langweiligsten          
geschichten und scheuen nicht davor zu- 
rueck,diese ihren freunden zu erzaehlen.
die meisten sozialhilfeempfaenger sind  
LOEWE (z.b.jack daniels/dom,brego/triad)
sie sind stolz,grosszuegig and ver-     
trauenswuerdig.ihre beliebtheit re-     
sultiert aus der tatsache,dass man  sie 
hemmungslos ausnutzen der regel 
macht ihnen das ueberhaupt nicht aus,da 
sie zu dumm sind es ueberhaupt zu merken
sie sind die witzfigur jeder gesell-    
(ed.:na dann prost,branko !)            
JUNGFRAU (z.b. gazza/trc) :             
sie sind ein logischer typ und hassen   
unordnung.sie sind kalt,emotionslos und 
schlafen manchmal beim geschlechtsver-  
kehr ein.jungfrauen sind gute omnibus-  
WAAGE (z.b. aslive/hysteric) :          
sie sind ein kuenstlertyp und kommen    
schwer in der realitaet zurecht.sie     
weinen gern.wenn sie ein mann sind,sind 
sie hoechstwahrscheinlich schwul.auch   
geschlechtskrankheiten sind bei waage   
menschen sehr verbreitet.               
SKORPION (z.b. arrogance/success) :     
sie sind in geschaeftsangelegenheiten   
clever und man kann ihnen nicht ueber   
den weg trauen.sie werden den gipfel des
erfolges dank ihres mangels an ethik interessiert sie nicht,auf 
wem sie herumtrampeln.die meiste        
skorpione werden ermordet !             
SCHUETZE (z.b. ses/genesis project)     
sie sind optimistisch und enthusiastisch
sie neigen dazu,auf glueck zu setzen,da 
sie absolut keine begabung haben ! ihre 
freunde halten sie fuer abnorm.ehrlich- 
keit ist ihnen so wichtig,dass sie sogar
die allerduemmsten geschichten von      
sich selbst erzaehlen.sie werden        
meistens von anderen ausgelacht.        
STEINBOCK (z.b. gangstar/raw guys)      
sie sind konservativ und haben vor jedem
risiko angst.sie tun ueberhaupt nicht   
viel und sind gab niemals einen 
beruehmten steinbockmenschen.           
steinboecke verkalken schon  sehr frueh 
und sind deshalb fuer ihr bloedes be-   
nehmen bekannt.                         
BREGO of TRIAD                          
(ed.: die idee,eine person als beispiel,
      hinter das sternzeichen zu        
      schreiben,stammt von mir.die je-  
      weiligen personen sollten sich    
      nicht angegriffen fuehlen,da ich  
      einerseits nur ein exempel        
      statuiern wollte und andererseits 
      alles relativ ist,denn e=mc       
      quadrat ! )                       

Boards of boards

corruption 12                 march 1992
          * BORED OF BOARDS *           
first of all,the american charts of this
         best importing groups          
1.) NEI                         311 pts.
2.) TSM                         251 pts.
3.) EMPIRE                      211 pts.
4.) excalibur                   192 pts.
5.) mirage          (last time)  98 pts.
6.) avatar                       64 pts.
7.) glory           (last time)  38 pts.
8.) armageddon                   27 pts.
              best fixers               
1.) HORIZON / NEI                71 pts.
2.) PUDWERX / ILLUSION           68 pts.
3.) BOOZE / EMPIRE               49 pts.
4.) massive onslaught/excalibur  44 pts.
5.) shadow / avatar              41 pts.
6.) master kracker / nfi         36 pts.
7.) grim reaper / nei            34 pts.
              best boards               
1.) TUNNEL OF WARES / DOM        59 pts.
2.) 2ND TO NONE / LEGEND+EXC     44 pts.
3.) DREAM PARK                   37 pts.
    THE FORUM / illusion                
5.) shaolin temple/tsm + talent  28 pts.
6.) mystic cavern / gp + empire  26 pts.
    terminal obsession / ils            
8.) gee spot                     24 pts.
- MIRAGE is dead ! sonny went over to   
  the amiga...                          
  master kracker rebuilt NFI (no frills 
- a new group called ARMAGEDDON was     
  formed.members were deadshot,moloch,  
  gerky,carcass,zaldron and technisis,  
  who is the sysop of the backdoor.     
  some days ago,the group-status reduced
  to three : carcass,moloch and         
  zaldron,the rest left,as their first  
  fixing attempts even     
  even zaldron joined TSM.              
- PARADOX is dead.mutant-x and shadow   
  build up AVATAR.after fixing some     
  some releases from dom and one from   
  the sharks,avatar died.mutant-x       
  joined DOM.                           
- THE FORUM is now only for 2400 bps,   
  and is one of the two illusion hq's   
  among with terminal obsession,which   
  was put up by prodigy again.          
- INFINITE DREAM renamed into flash-    
  point and bacame enigma hq.but only   
  after a few days,enigma dropped that  
  bbs again and the sysop,skully,       
  renamed the board to inner sanctum,   
  while he renamed to lucutus.          
- FORPLAY got crushed by an unknown     
- GEE SPOT isn't a legend board any-    
  longer.for further information,read   
  the face to face chapter.             
- at&t installed a new operator system, 
  all over in europe.(except germany...)
  there is no more operator,as it is    
  all computerised.backdoor is now dead 
  with the new system.when you press #  
  after logging off,an operator appears 
  and tells you that you are not able to
  call to europe with your card,when you
  try good old backdoor.                
- one supplement to the previous issue :
  murdock/gp's board is called LAND OF  
- REIGN IN BLOOD was up again,as        
  censor and shock hq.                  
  several sources said that this was a  
  fbi trap-board,the responsible persons
  of this board denied it of course.    
  anyway,after a few weeks,the board    
  went down.                            
- dead zeppelin has joined the marines, 
  so GLORY was declared to be dead,for  
  some more infos read the interview    
  colddrake built up NOBLE ORDER OF     
  THIEVES.members are mandrake,cold-    
  drake,burning horizon,wanderer,green  
  griffon and maniac,who recently joined
- narcissus/dom,the sysop of TUNNEL OF  
  WARES,renamed back to slayer.         
- the new TRC hq is inner circles,as    
  they dropped POWER SURGE.             
- massive onslaught joined EXCALIBUR.   
- deadshot joined NEI but only a short  
  time afterwards,he got caught.        
- THOR is a lame,uneducated kid...      
             BOARD REVIEW :             
           THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE           
        tsm + mamba + talent hq         
             sysop : AYCEE              
  first some introducing words by the   
            sysop herself...            
the shaolin temple went on-line in dec. 
of '89. at the time it was called the   
CASTLE OF RADIANCE and was running on   
the aabbs 1.4 with only 1200 baud and   
just a '41 and an '81 drive. through a  
friend of mine who was then in MIRAGE i 
became a mirage distributor board.      
in jan of '90, i switched to the ivory  
1.3 and got 2 more '81 drives. at that  
time i had my user log shut of at 75    
members, but they were good users that  
called regularly and really added a lot 
to the board. i think the users were    
about 75% american then, and they       
seemed to always have codes to call     
in april of '90 i became a TSM board and
mirage and i went our separate ways. i  
got the 2400 baud modem later on that   
month, and changed the board name to    
the shaolin temple.                     
the only changes up until march of '91  
were the percentage of callers had      
changed to where the callers were half  
euro and half american. it was also     
about that time i became MAMBA hq. as   
well as being tsm hq. when warez castle 
(then i+t hq) went down for good the    
temple also became I+T hq.              
i try to keep the users on the board    
less than 125 at all times. the average 
number of calls per day is between      
35-40. if the wares are slow, there are 
more callers as the board isn't tied up 
with lots of transfers.                 
the users are now about 90% euros and i 
think (of'cos) i have the best users    
around. they all support the board      
by posting, transferring and calling    
often. the graffiti wall is a never-    
ending story and people seem to enjoy   
putting their input into the story.     
i think the board is kind of unique in  
that there aren't always people warring 
here. that makes the subs a lot nicer   
to read through. the wares are fast and 
the temple gets a lot of the good demos 
from the euros as well as the americans.
i guess that's about it. the sysop is   
aycee of'cos. co sysop is bod.          
that's what aycee says about her bbs,but
  now you'll get to know my opinion...  
       (someone has to do it...)        
                THE TEST                
            by jack daniels             
+++++  = great                          
++++   = cool                           
+++    = average                        
++     = forget about it...             
+      = lame                           
1.) SUBS : ++++                         
the shaolin temple has 5 subs,one of    
them is private.the other four look     
like this...                            
1) public                               
2) group bs                             
3) hits + misses                        
4) uploads                              
there is always a huge amount of posts. 
favourite topics in the moment are      
music,sports and some others.           
there are no wars at all in the subs,   
this is what makes it to a different bbs
2.) SYSOPS : ++++                       
the sysops are very eager and do a lot  
to keep this board kickin'.             
3.) WARES : +++++                       
as this is one of the major boards,it   
gets all wares very fast.               
magazines and demos are avaiable,too.   
4.) USERS : ++++                        
it has around 130 users,most of them    
elite.just a few major groups are       
missing,but this doesn't matter at all. 
5.) BOARD GRAPHICS : +++++              
the graphics were mainly done by gotcha,
and they are the best,i've seen so far  
on bbs'.                                
you miss something,when you are not on  
this board...                           
tell your operator to connect you with..
DREAM PARK                  XXX-XXX-XXXX
GEE SPOT                    XXX-XXX-XXXX
METAL WORX                  XXX-XXX-XXXX

Face to face

corruption 12                 march 1992
            * FACE TO FACE *            
      sysop of CITADEL OF ILLUSION      
   interviewed by DUKE & JACK DANIELS   
[?]:hi there keith! before i will begin 
    leeching all your personal secrets, 
    i'll ask you to tell all of us a    
    little about your computer person!  
[!]:i'm the guy called COLDRAKE. cold-  
    drake is a rare breed! i started out
    as an at&t card-hacker and as sysop 
    for the group EXCELLENCE. as i got  
    more involved in the scene, i reali-
    sed that at&t hacking was not the   
    thing for me. it's more for people  
    like SIR CYRO/NEI who sits around   
    all day, and attempts to get the    
    calling cards from people, because  
    he has nothing better to do! i'm now
    strictly a sysop and an importer,   
    but from time to time i do some     
[?]:tell us something about the dude    
    behind that glorious handle!        
[!]:my real name is keith. i'm 6 foot   
    tall, 145 pounds and extremmely good
    looking!?! my favorite things in    
    life is fast food, fast cars and    
    fast woman!                         
[?]:your board has done quite well in   
    the past months and it's a very     
    likeable board with many likeable   
    users. tell us something about the  
    board CITADEL OF ILLUSION!          
[!]:citadel of illusion was born in june
    of 1990 when THE SHADOW and i dis-  
    covered eachother. CIO started out  
    with the group EXCELLENCE. after    
    EXCELLENCE it went to many lame     
    groups, and then it has been put up 
    with GLORY! now COI is NOT whq,     
    and is doing very well! the 20 mac  
    drive that i run my board on, has   
    a special graphic drawn for us by   
    LORDS adds to it's special look!    
    it's currently running on ucbbs 1.3,
    because everybody runs ucbbs 1.3    
    (the good ones atleast). the users  
    and callers on COI are what made it 
    what it is today! the wars on COI   
    "unfortunately" have also made it   
    very popular!                       
[?]:how did that thing with NOT start ? 
[!]:the reason i formed the group not is
    simple ! when ryan left glory we    
    were without a fixer,although george
    found intruder,i still felt it was  
    best to leave glory and form a new  
    group.another reason i left glory is
    because many people dislike george !
    and it made it harder for glory to  
    become a good group.and the last    
    reason is i wanted to bring some    
    people from the OLD scene back like:
    griffon,the alchemist and others.   
    so basically i am very happy with my
[?]:where do you go when you want to    
    get drunk, and do you have a girl-  
    friend and the moment?              
[!]:when i want to get drunk, i usually 
    party with my friends, or go to the 
    bars with my fake id! i do currently
    have a girlfriend named JULIE, who  
    i have been dating for over a year  
    now. but i don't get drunk with her 
    that often. i also date other girls 
    from time to time, but don't mension
    this to JULIE!                      
[?]:if we would reverse time let's say  
    about 5 years, would you believe me 
    if i told you that you were going to
    be a part of an orginized cracking  
    group, with friends from everywhere 
    aswell as europe!?!                 
[!]:5 years ago, i just got my first    
    commodore 64, and didn't even know  
    what a modem was. so i probably     
    would have laughed if you told me   
    that i would be involved in an orgi-
    nized cracking group with friends   
    from all over the world today!      
[?]:how did your computer career begin, 
    who was the first scene person you  
    talked with (both us and euro) and  
    last but not last, the first board  
    you called!                         
[!]:my computer carrier began in 1988,  
    when i was in the group UCF. but the
    scene back then was much different  
    from the one today. i like to con-  
    sider the scene i'm in now the be-  
    ginning of my computer carrier, so  
    the first elite americans i talked  
    with has got to be THE SHADOW! the  
    first elite euro i talked to today, 
    would be PARSON (if you can call    
    him elite, ehrm!?!). back in 1988 i 
    knew many elite's, such as JJ THE   
    EYED PIRATE! i used to call boards  
    and so on. but then i quit the scene
    and when i came back to the scene in
    1990, the only elite boards that i  
    knew of from the old scene that was 
    still up was HIT'N'RUN!             
[?]:what are your plans for the future ?
[!]:not has been doing very well and    
    better than expected ! the group    
    actually started the first week in  
    march and 3 weeks later,we have had 
    7 releases and are known by entire  
    scene.i expect good things from not 
    in the future ! we have the best    
    fixers and coders,so all i can      
    expect is success.i have kicked out 
    a few members because of their lazy-
    ness,but i have also added some very
    good members aswell ! all i can say 
    is wait and see...                  
[?]:your favorites...                   
[!]:my favorites must be,               
    best euro group      :not           
    worst euro group     :too many      
    best american group  :not           
    worst american group :armageddon    
    best phreaker        :thor          
    worst phreaker       :sir cyro/nei  
    best ragger          :coldrake/not  
    worst ragger         :tdo/excalibur 
    best board           :forum         
    worst board          :mystic cavern 
    best magazine        :headlines     
    worst magazine       :shock         
    best book            :the bible     
    worst book           :narc's life   
    best contry          :united states 
    worst contry         :canada        
    best computer        :commodore     
    worst computer       :atari         
    best game            :ultima series 
    worst game           :super pacman  
    coolest drink        :tequila       
    worst drink          :pepsi         
    coolest person       :maniac/not    
    biggest jerk         :narc/legend   
    coolest girl         :none          
    lamest girl          :sorceress/g*p 
[?]:should you get lost on some planet, 
    what would you wish to bring along  
    with you?                           
[!]:i would bring JULIA ROBERTS, beers  
    and some pizza! (yum yum!)          
[?]:are there someone you would like to 
    be like, and if then why!?!         
[!]:i guess, let me think (!!!). i don't
    really want to be like anybody!     
[?]:imagine you had a time-machine for  
    your use, which memorable event     
    would you like to visit!?!          
[!]:i would like to visit the SEXUAL    
[?]:what makes you happy and what really
    pisses you off!?!                   
[?]:woman make me happy and woman piss  
    me off!                             
[?]:which living or already dead person 
    would you like to meet!?!           
[!]:i would like to meet GEORGE BUSH!   
[?]:have you ever considered going amiga
    or atleast buy one!?!               
[!]:yes! i'm going to get one in the    
    next few weeks!                     
[?]:have you ever been on any parties   
    arranged only for scene guys!?!     
[?]:how does it feel to live so far away
    from where things happen in the     
    scene. or maybe easier to ask, how  
    is it for you american guys to be in
    the scene!?!                        
[!]:concidering that all the euro's     
    calls the united states, it's not   
    very different, because it's as if  
    your all here in the states with us!
    back in 1988 the scene was all      
    american, and today it's all euro-  
    pean. i personal like it better     
[?]:would you prefer if it was the      
    americans that cracked the games and
    had the largest scene, and the euro-
    peans were the ones to import, and  
    like the us only have a small scene?
[!]:no i would not prefer it the other  
    way around, because i enjoy running 
    a board and i would not like to buy 
[?]:would you like to throw out some    
    greetings to anyone of your friends?
[!]:yeah! hello to, everyone in GLORY   
    (george, ryan and chris), STING and 
    MANIAC!.. also hello to THE SHADOW/ 
    CONAN/ELITE, jade the beagle, SOLAR/
    F4CG and everyone else who calls    
    CITADEL OF ILLUSION!                
              THE BASILISK              
            sysop of GEE SPOT           
   interviewed by DUKE & JACK DANIELS   
[?]:hi jim! your board has just been    
    trough some major changes last      
    week. tell us something about why   
    you dropped LEGEND !                
[!]:we dropped legend because they did  
    not one thing for the    
    they promised new users,major       
    activity,full support,etc.Needless  
    to say we got NOTHING.the board     
    slowed down,we lost our spot in the 
    #5 bbs' list and too many people    
    started to hate the was   
    just plan good to no longer be lame 
    and legend.                         
[?]:now, your board is really a likeable
    board, i'm sure everyone shares my  
    oppinion. share with us the history 
    of the board up till today, and last
    a detailed description of the board 
[!]:the board started back in 1985 under
    the name of SOCIETY-X. we weren't   
    really in any group, but the board  
    still stayed very active. when it   
    was S-X, it was located in anahiem, 
    california. it was up under that    
    name for about a year and a half,   
    and we were offered the opportunity 
    to join a group of systems called   
    GARDEN OF EDEN. we operated under   
    GARDEN OF EDEN, running color 64    
    bbs, until about 1990. about that   
    time THOR opened up the group       
    ILLUSION to us. we then became      
    GEE SPOT, ILLUSION whq. we ran on   
    a heavyly modified cbase 2.0! we    
    ran this in lake ilsinori, califor- 
    nia. about 6 month's ago, we changed
    over to ucbbs version 1.3, ofcource 
    ILLUSION turned into ENIGMA prior   
    to the program change!              
    the name of the subs, are:          
     1.puke in general                  
     2.leechers forum                   
     3.on the rag                       
     4.bending ma over                  
     5.elite only                       
    the ud sections operate un 40 meg   
    ltk.the name of the ud sections,    
     1.0-3 day wares                    
     2.4-6 day wares                    
     3.7-30 full sides                  
     4.7-30 single files                
     5.requested wares                  
     6.pal only                         
    we have about 40 calls aday atleast,
    and around about 30-35 posts aday!  
[?]:so what are your future plans and   
    hopes for the board?                
[!]:we wanna stay neutral forever as if just seems like more    
    trust and care is put into the      
    system,plus we have of the top group
    members as cosysops.they bring a lot
    of new users and take great care in 
    the system.we just want people to   
    think this bbs as the number #1.    
[?]:how would you catagorize the sysops 
    of GEE SPOT?                        
[!]:WRATH CHILD:                        
    f.i.n.e. which is basically fucked  
    up, insecure, neurotic and emotional
    and he's never home!                
    THE BASILISK:                       
    i work too much underpaied, stressed
    out, long ago i lost my mind, now   
    basically i'm just here!            
    (ed.forgot to print that down,      
[?]:if we would reverse time let's say  
    about 8 years, would you believe me 
    if i told you that you were going to
    be a part of an orginized cracking  
    group, with friends from everywhere 
    aswell as europe!?!                 
[!]:no way! i wouldn't have believed    
    you, and would probably just have   
    crapped my pants!                   
[?]:how did your computer carrier begin,
    who was the first scene person you  
    talked with (both us and euro) and  
    last but not last, the first board  
    you called!                         
[!]:the first american would probably   
    be GRIM REAPER/NEI! the first euro- 
    pean was MARKUS/ILLUSION! the first 
    elite board i called was GARDEN OF  
    EDEN hq!                            
[?]:your favorites...                   
[!]:best euro group      :enigma        
    worst euro group     :ics           
    best american group  :nei           
    worst american group :too many      
    best phreaker        :the tel0p     
    worst phreaker       :thor          
    best ragger          :tbb           
    worst ragger         :scandal       
    best board           :forum         
    worst board          :the orchard   
    best magazine        :shock         
    worst magazine       :phreak forum  
    best book            :penthouseforum
    worst book           :where's waldo?
    best country         :germany       
    worst country        :canada        
    best computer        :amiga         
    worst computer       :vic 20        
    best game            :the beholder  
    worst game           :super pacman++
    coolest drink        :bacardi 151   
    worst drink          :milk          
    coolest person       :peter & frank 
    biggest jerk         :thor & scandal
[?]:should you get lost on some planet, 
    what would you wish to bring along  
    with you?                           
[!]:a pound of speed, hustler magazine, 
    a pack of blonds and a spanish fly! 
[?]:are there someone you would like to 
    be like, and if then why!?!         
[!]:arnold schwarzenegger!just the fact 
    that i like all the roles that he's 
    played, just his general style!     
[?]:imagine you had a time-machine for  
    your use, which memorable event     
    would you like to visit!?!          
[!]:i probably would like to go to      
    pearl harbour on my birthday!       
[?]:what makes you happy and what really
    pisses you off!?!                   
[!]:what makes me happy:                
    sex, sex and more sex! that's about 
    the sum of it,and that's dead       
    serious too!                        
    what makes me pissed:               
    the lack of sex, sex and more sex!  
[?]:here's another question that invol- 
    ves all at GEE SPOT aswell! which   
    living or already dead person would 
    you like to meet!?!                 
[!]:THE BASILISK:                       
    aleister crowley!                   
    steven king!                        
    WRATH CHILD:                        
[?]:have you ever been on any parties   
    arranged only for scene guys!?!     
[!]:no we haven't !                     
[?]:how does it feel to live so far away
    from where things happen in the     
    scene. or maybe easier to ask, how  
    is it for you american guys to be in
    the scene!?!                        
[!]:i think it's okay to be out here in 
    america in the scene, but europe    
    seems to be more exciting!          
[?]:would you prefer if it was the      
    americans that cracked the games and
    had the largest scene, and the euro-
    peans were the ones to import, and  
    like the us only have a small scene?
[!]:no, actually i like how it is now!  
    because there is so much divesidy,  
    and it's interesting talking with   
    people in europe!                   
[?]:would you like to throw out some    
    greetings to anyone of your friends?
[!]:mad hatter,frank,peter,grim reaper, 
    pudwerx,sauron,mirage,the tel0p and 
    everyone i forgot!                  


corruption 12                 march 1992
               * WANTED *               
for vhs and disco-music swapping and for
anything concerning corruption contact :
          XXXXXXXX X X X X X X          
            XXXX XXXXXXXX XX            
 to get in touch with DEFF/DOM write to 
        jack daniels as well...         
       no germans , elite only...       
  the new software company "PARADIZE"   
  is always looking for good games and  
utilities to publish.if you want to sell
       your production,contact  :       
          (PARADIZE SOFTWARE)           
            X/X XXXXX XXXXXX            
              XXXXXXX. XX               
           XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX           
      or dial : +XX-(X)XXX-XXXXXX       
     only the top-elite may contact     
              XXX XXXXXX X              
              XXXX XXXXX X              
   amiga contacts urgently wanted !!!   
for buying virgin codes and any kind of 
           hardware contact :           
               XX XXX XXX               
           XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX            
 for absolute elite swapping contact :  
              XXXXX XXXXX               
             XXXXXXX  XXXX              
             XXXX XX XXXXXX             
for friendship swapping and for HOTSHOT:
         (MORPHEUS/FLASH INC.)          
           XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX            
           XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX            
              XXXXX XXXXXX              
  if you want an advert like the ones   
 above,then send 5 discs to the editor's
address,which you can find at the top !!
 you can write the text by yourself,the 
     length is limited to 15 lines.     
XXX XXXX                   XXXX XXXXXX X
XXXXXXXXX                        XXXXXXX
euros only                  64 and amiga
(YANK/SUCCESS)              (RCS/LEGEND)
XXXXX                       XXXXX XXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXX                      XXXXXXX
also for pc+house tapes     for 64 + vhs
XXXXXXX XXXXXX                   XXXXXXX
XX. XXXXXX                           XXX
XXXX XXX                            XXXX
X. XXXXXXX                     XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXX. X                  XXX XXXXXX X
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
  both are looking for a new group...   
XXXX XXXXX                       X.XXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
100% reply              legal trade only
(SCORPIE/F4CG)                (MATT/WOW)
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXXX X                  XXX XXXXXX X
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XX XXX X                      XXXXXX. XX
XXXXX                            XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                      XXXXXXXXXXX
XX XXX XXX                  XXXXXXXXX XX
(INXS/VISION)              (SABER/CRIME)
XXXXXX                           XXXXXXX
(ECSTASY/PRINCES)                (SONIC)
XXX XXXXXX X                 XXXXXXXX.XX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXX                       XXXX XXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXX XX                  XXXXXXXX X
XXXXXX                           XXXXXXX
(ZAK/XZESS)              (INCUBUS/ANTIC)
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
X. XXXXXXXX                    XXXXXX XX
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
XXXXXXX                            XXXXX
(EON/XENTRIX)                (FEN1/F4CG)
XXX XXX                   XXXXX XXXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                            XXXXX
(RAY/COLLISION)              (JOKER/WOW)
XXXXX XXXXXXX                      XXXXX
XXXXXX                      XX XXXX XXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXX                       XXXXXX
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
(COUNT ZERO/711)             (BEAST/TAT)
XXX XXXXXXXX                     XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
X. XXXXXX                    XXX XXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXX X                  XX XXX X
XXXXXX                            XXXXXX
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
X-X-XX,                    X/X XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXX / XXX                      XXXXXX
XXXX XXXXXX                  XXXX XXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXX XX                   XXXXXXXXXX XX
XXX                              XXXXXXX
don't write any handles on the envelopes

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