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first a funny REPORT about the
 situation in the PERSIAN GULF
    by boss/DUALIS turkey

-IRAQ,lead by saddam huseyin in
 vadet all the stuff that
 belonget to the group '1001
 NIGHTS CREW' in 1001
 nc is dead now.
-following this:'UNITED
 CRACKERS' gathered.after the
 meeting the members of uc
 stopped all swappings with
-BUSH of 'US-TEAM' has sent the
 best crackers of his group,to
 help the group 'HACIS' in
 saudia,who were also
 threatened by IRAQ.bush of 'us
 team' told SADDAM of iraq to
 give back all the stuff be-
 longed to 1001 nc.
 said that they were in coop
 with the 'us-team'.
-saddam of IRAQ said that they
 are not afraid of any 'wars'.
 rumours say that iraq will re-
 lease VIRUSES in a case of war
 the public is now searching
 for the responsible group to
 teach iraq how to code a VIRUS
 their crackers aswell to help
-BUSH of 'us-team' said that
 they had nothing to do with
 IRAQ and he accused saddam to
 be LAME.
 he also wanted iraq to send
 back all his DISCS and STAMPS
 which were in iraq before the
-saddam of iraq showed his
 middle-finger to bush and said
 that bush was the real LAMER.
 he told 'us-team','britania'
 and 'frenchpie' to forget all
 their DISCS and STAMPS,if they
 don't start swapping again
-so a WAR between the elite
 groups is very close.if 'us-
 team' and his coop-partners
 reach their aims,iraq will die
 and they will share all the
 stuff.if iraq wins,they'll own
 all the cool stuff reserves of
 '1001 nights crew'.they'll
 also be one of the biggest
 groups in the world.
 which role would WILLY BRANDT
play ? maybe even KNIGHT RIDER
  who comes to rescue all the
           discs ???
..we didn't hear anything about
  ARTLINE DESIGNS in the last
  time,hear some news about
  them from cruiser of KNICKERS

you've written in your last
issue that ALD seems to be dead

 well...that's nearly true but
 not the whole truth ! FLEX of
 artline is a very good friend
 of mine and h asked me to say
you that they're ALIVE !!! the
only active members of ald are
in the moment flex and scorpion
and they are just doing musics
for games and no graphics nowa-
days.drinking is also a hobby
of them in the moment (ed.why
not).JUGDE is in the states for
a year (an exchange).
APPOLYON does nothing special..
 as you've already read in the
   news-chapter a federation
  against EXORY/HOLOCAUST was
  formed and that he left the are some statements
  by several guys about this
        situation !!!

about HOLOCAUST...

we in AKRAK cracked a game
called 'drazen petrovic basket-
ball' and holocaust recracked
the prove is that this game was
only published in spain and the
text during the game were also
in spanish and we translated it
into english.
just look at the other version
by THE BLASTER INC. and you'll
see that they translated the
game differently than we did.
the only versions worldwide
were the ones of AKRAK and TBI.
we didn't send the original to
anyone !!!
and in the holocaust version,
they had the same translation
as we had.
how could the danish guys do a
translation from spanish into
english ?? how did they get the
original ? why did they have
exactly the same texts...every-
one would translate it
differently ????

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

when i read the 7th issue of
your mag,i was stoned !!!
do you really believe we
pretended to be someone else to
get into yours and others
charts ???
it's a lie spread by OMG the
no-brain !
please be so kind to correct it
in the next issue.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
dear sirs !

my handle is DYSTAN,and i'm the
new cracker in HOLOCAUST.well,
exory has left the scene,as he
has to better his grades in
school,and that's why i came in

in the future i will crack for
holocaust,nolonger exory.
game on,magic disc,etc. will
never again be released by us !
a lot of dudes don't like exory
,so who knows-maybe they'll be
glad !!
i heard somewhere that ATG
would be mad with exory,is it
true ? well,i hope you won't
let it out on the rest of us.
please don't !!!

yours faithfully


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
note from editors :

 we don't give any comment out
to this,because we have to be a
neutral magazine...but...please
send us your opinion about the
 stuff that is rumoured about

 we want to have a discussion
     corner about this !!!
   now to a report from the
Computer-Entertainment-Show in
 london by TRANSFER of PULSAR.

on the 13.9. till 16.9. the
worlds biggest computer enter-
tainment show (ces) took place
in the first two days
were the socalled 'business
days'(no public allowed) and we
duck dunn/lotus didn't arrive
till saturday evening in london
anyway (we had the luck to be
on a school trip in england
that time)we had to go on sun-
day morning and took the under-
ground to earls court,were the
exposition took place.already
the entrance was well crowded,
but as the whole thing was well
organized,we got into the big
earls court hall quite fast
paying the entrance £5.coming
in we were overshelmed by the
great amount of soft- and hard-
warestands,videoscreens and
ARCADE-GAMES standing around
all over the place.everywhere
dudes and small kids invading
the arcade-machines.all big
software firms like : ocean,us
works,electronic arts,rainbow
present showing all their
lates releases.
gremlin organized a stand with
their latest lotus-esprit-
challenge,where a racing-
competition took place,ocean
showed a nice video of a
compilation of all their latest
like robocop ii.
us gold also had a stand with
their new ones (arcade machines
all over)and a FERRARI next to
besides these big ones were
hundreds of small stands hard'n
software or the usuak commer-
cial crap like paperbags,
posters,stickers of all sorts
of games.
all in all a little view on the
latest up-coming wares (mostly
amiga): hard drivin ii,test
drive iii,great courts ii,
silent service ii,mutant hero
turtles,battle chess ii,team
suzuki,speedball ii,nebulus ii,
sword of sodan ii,powerminger,
strider ii,and,and.....
looking around we saw that many
scene freax were present,but as
the place was so fucking
crowded,so you could hardly
talk to someone (especially
not to g*p,as OMG having a big
GP sticker all over his face).
but as i (transfer) got rather
tired running around after some
hours (no sleep the night be-
fore,coz irish girls suck!) and
also starved (lame cafeteria in
that place!)dd just a megabyte
for his amiga and we left the
in general one could say,well,
alright,although too many
consoles,too less c-64 and too
fucking crowded (but one had to
expect that..)
i think an extra trip to london
just because of this event
(especially from germany)
wouldn't have worth,but the
show was quite cool anyway,
jugede from our short stay.
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