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Jump to: navigation, search the interview- the interview
 (jch) of the VIBRANTS.we have
to excuse us for the fact that e
we are not the first to do this
 interview.anyway,enjoy it !!!

??? : tell our curious readers
      some facts about yourself
JCH : look in mamba #10 or so
      for ',ok,i'll behave
      now,i'm 1.80 tall or so,
      and i have a quite normal
      haircut-said differently,
      do not take the special
      chart in "remark" too
      seriously !
??? : when did you get your 64,
      in which groups have you
      been and when did you
      start composing ???
JCH : i got it in 1983 - lamed
      around for a few years in
      basic and all that,then i
      started composing on
      amiga's "aeros sonix" in
      1987. as i converted some
      of the tunes to the 64, i
      got attacked to the 64's
      sid chip...i've been in
      new mem,galaxy,jewels,
      dominators,chanel 42
      (mostly were pure cracker
??? : what do you feel when you
      see yourself high-ranked
      in the charts ?
JCH : i begin to wonder
      least 5 people are better
      than me...perhaps they
      like the fact that i tend
      to make my music more
      "chorus" - like the other
      musicans ? also,i never
      boast around.....
??? : do you think you deserve
      this place ?
JCH : you got it ! tim follin,
      jeroen tell,johannes
      bjeregard,laxity - all
      damn good musicans. a
      pity i only know two of
      them.but there are more -
      today,where the 64 is
      going downhills,there are
      more musicans than ever
      before..can't say i miss
      some competition ! still,
      the public domain music-
      editors are very sparse
      in quality,so there might
      be more guys yet !
??? : wanna give some personal
      friendly greetings ?
JCH : hi mum,dad,sister,brother
      ,grand ma,....erm....oh
      i'm sorry ! of'coz i'll
      greet the rest in
      vibrants.and all my
      contax.also all musicans
      worthy of being mentioned
      ...and to all the guys i'
      ve met and talked to on
      show's and party's like..
      ,20cc,maniacs of noise,
      dragne & co,genesis (esp-
      ecially bizzmo & deek),
      ikari,class and a hell of
      a lot of other guys and
      groups.i better stop the
      list.can't have this mag
      taking two disks,can we ?
??? : did you ever worked with
      digitized fx ? do you
      like it ?
JCH : i hate it. i have never
      tried,but the fact that
      it takes a lot of memory,
      combined with the process
      time and the fact that i
      won't work on some 64's
      instanty puts me off.
??? : how many tunes did you
      all in all ?
JCH : that's gonna be a wild
      guess...erm...around 100-
      200 i think.but drax done
      more !!!!
??? : what is your best own-
      composed tune in your
      eyes,you ever did for a
      game ???
JCH : i think i did a good job
      with 'batman',yes,because
      it's easy to hun.i also
      did a good job in the
      level-tuner of orcus a
      shoot'em  up game soon to
      be released by electronic
??? : what's your hardware ?
JCH : 2 c-64's,1 c-128,1mps 803
      printer(don't buy it guys
      it sucks),1 greenmonitor,
      1 telly,2 colour-monitors
      2100 c-64 discs(!),4-500
      amiga-discs,1 amiga,extra
      dave ,3 1541 drives,2
      synthezisers,an arcade
      machine...and a hell of a
      lot more equipment !!!
??? : if anyone wants to have
      an exclusive tune for his
      own product,what should
      he do and what are the
      conditions ?
JCH : first of all let me point
      out that i don't produce
      demo-tunes anymore.drax
      still does a demo-tune
      here and there,but link
      and i have more or less
      stopped that.anybody who
      wants to try can write to
      me.i'd like you to either
      have a deal with a s/w
      house already or have
      some experience in
      selling games before.
??? : what do you think about
      the 64-scene nowadays,
      compared to former times?
      may be you can mention
      some favourite groups ?
JCH : the 64 is going downhills
      i know a lot of you is
      shouting now,but better
      shout at the software
      houses coz if they stop
      producing games,the 64
      will be dead.i liked the
      scene most in 1987/88-boy
      i sure wish i could go
      back till then,with all
      the things i can do today
      i used to like bones and
      upfront a lot-but now
      they ran to the amiga.
      maybe i just should give
      up and go to the amiga,
      too !
??? : do you like disc-mags or
      papermags ??
JCH : i really enjoy reading a
      good disc-mag.that's one
      of the good things about
      the scene today - remark,
      mamba,corruption are my
      favourites ... i never
      get any paper-mags,so i
      can't comment them,i'm
      afraid !
??? : what are your hobbies be-
      side computing,do you
      have a job ?
JCH : i work as postman,i get
      up at 5.50 in the morning
      and work untill 11-12 o' is paid reasona-
      bly without spending too
      much of my
      hobbies are sparse apart
      from computing.i don't
      have a sport as a hobby.
??? : tell us your future plans
      maybe taking over to the
      (l) amiga ?
JCH : i suppose the 'l' infront
      of the amiga stands for
      'lighter'?i used to dis-
      like it,but now where jo
      (an amiga guy called
      grafictive) and i are
      working on a music-
      editor project i might
      change my mind after all.
      i'd also like to do some
      more game-music for some
      real published games !!!
??? : last question (no hard
      feelings) ! what's your
      opinion about video game-
      systems,like the pc-
      engine for example ?
JCH : i've looked lighty on all
      systems untill now and i'
      ve always found something
      bad to criticise untill.
      even pc engine has its
      faults.untill i saw the
      neo-geo ! boy,that's fab!
      it's even got a 280a
      processor for the sound
      alone and several
      different sound-chips !
??? : that's it.thanx a lot for
      this one,jens !!!
JCH : all right then.actually i
      didn't want to give out
      yet another interview,but
      i wasn't in the mood to
      compose now anyway so
      'what the heck' i thought

now to our second interview for
 today,it's with UTE WELTY the
 presentator of the german tv
   computer show HIGHSCORE.
??? : hi ute,tell our readers
      outside germahy,who don't
      know you,something about
      your person !
UTE : i'm 26 years old,born in
      the sign of capricorn,
      178cm tall,shoe-size 40
      and in the moment i have
      red-coloured hair,but
      this may change again
??? : tell us your favourite
UTE : musicgroups : jeremy days
      singers :  prince
                 david bowie
                 julee cruise
      movies : wild at heart
               the big easy
      meal : fish,delicious
      books : 'der nebel von
              all books from
              stephen king and
              criminal stories
??? : what do you prefer to do
      in your spare-time ?
UTE : i like reading trashy
      eating in small good-
      natured restaurants,
      skiing,going for a walk,
??? : is there any place,where
      you'd like to live or to
      spend your holidays ?
UTE : it doesn't matter where,
      important is that it is
      once 4 weeks on and on.
??? : which living or already
      died person would you
      like to meet (or have
      met) ?
UTE : alive : david bowie,
              peter glaser
      dead : the father of my
??? : what do you think of
      computer-games ?
UTE : shall i write a novel
      here,or what ? no,
      seriously:i like computer
      games as much or less as
      common games.but as i
      ain't the biggest game-
      fan,i don't like playing
      cards or draughts ; my
      family always wanted me
      to play 'doppelkopf'
      (horrible!).i see this a
      bit critical
      add is the technical will it be in
      the future,how dangerous
      can it become ? i think
      computer-games attract
      especially people,who are
      less comunicative,more
      introvertive,this can-but
      need not-mean that these
      people will get serious
      problems my
      opinion it is for sure
      that the computer doesn't
      improve the community.
      but i also think that it
      is typical for the
      middle-europeans to see
      everything sceptic.
??? : tell us something about
      your career and your aims
      for the future !
UTE : in 1983 i began to study
      in bochum(germany) the
      subjects :theater,science
      of art,science of film
      and tv.
      in 1986 i made my practic
      at the german tv magazine
      'gong' in munich.after-
      wards i made my first
      expieriencces with the
      radio-buisness at 'radio
      gong 2000'.
      in 1988 i began to
      present tv and radio-
      my further aims are that
      i can improve myself !!!
??? : how long do you usually
      work on one of these
      highscore-shows ?
UTE : that's very different;
      the redaction works
      nearly continously for
      high-score because some
      certain themes need a lot
      of work to finish the work for high-
      score begins one week be-
      fore the show.first talks
      to peter helling,we have
      to agree about the themes
      we want to talk about in
      our show,we have to watch
      films,prepare the inter-
      views,talk to the guests,
      write our texts.
      then the managemant also
      comes.together with peter
      ristau we talk about how
      we can present our show.
      on the day of the show
      most of our staff has to
      begin to work at 12.00pm,
      but a lot of them come
      earlier.the guys who are
      responsible for the stage
      ,for example,appear at 7
      o'clock in the morning.
??? : what's your job if you're
      not infront of the camera
      and are producing high-
      score ?
UTE : i try,here and then,to
      study.on the other hand i
      still do a lot of radio
      shows,mainly for radio
      dortmund,there the people
      on the music-department
      are the loveliest i know.
      i do reports and inter-
      views for a show for
      teenagers called 'tralla-
      fitti' and i present on
      saturdays a culture
      magazine called 'funkbude
      am samstag'.here and
      there i also present some
      'free production',like
      for example the 'how to
      use an amiga' video with
      the name 'megabrain' or i
      lead some discussions.
??? : thanx for answering the
      question,ute !
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