Corruption 05 ch02 News and Rumours

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this month was nothing special
going on,nothing happened,it
was quite boring.the only
reason for that are the
worldwide holidays !!! this
time we divided the news up
into american and european news

let's begin with the ami-news :

-FANTASY is waring with swan
 song of DEMONIX.
-revenger of the KRAK HOUZ bbs
 and the barber (formerly of
 CRIONIX) seem to be at war
 with everyone.
-space ace/LSD is at war with
 granty/TITAN (formerly lsd).
-revenger and streetkiller of
 the demo group SHADE are still
 at war,they both say that the
 other ripps (but this has been
 going on for quite a while now
 ).nobody even cares anymore.
-necromancer (formerly of SHADE
 WOW,TF,CRIONIX)who recently
 quit the scene,was having some
 words with jedi/LEGEND...necro
 was saying that jedi isn't
 even in legend anymore.but
 jedi denies it.
-ESI may be attempting
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