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The goal of this project is to convert all Commodore 64 diskmags into searchable and browsable text. With MediaWiki as a base, this means others can contribute with new mags, spell checking and general maintenance.

Due to the differences in format, time and accessibility, there are certain compromises that has to be made. This is a draft of a few guidelines for this wiki:

  • No personal information. For simplicity, no contact chapters will be added to the wiki. Other addresses and board numbers will be censored.
  • The original format should be preserved if possible. This means <pre> tags for all mags with fixed-width fonts, all normal text in lower case and all flashing/animated text in upper case.
  • Balance between openness and respect to the original authors. If you are the author of anything here and you want it removed, contact me at ymgve@start.no.
  • Scope. Including everything takes time, so I myself will only focus on english magazines. But others are free to add magazines in other languages to the project.
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