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         - calling dangerously -

   at the moment it is dangerous using
  pbx-numbers in the state of denmark.

  recently 4-5 guys were busted by the
       danish phone-company "p&t."

       among the busted ones were:

   duke, dogfriend and hulkster of dom
              janec of g*p

according to my reliable source, duke &
 janec admitted to have used the above-
mentioned numbers while dogfriend denied

 hulkster of dominators was at first not
 busted for abusing the pbx-numbers but
   instead for the illegal copying of
  videos. the police arrived without a
    warrant of any kind and ransacked
  marcel's room. they did not only find
   the expected illegal copies of new
 movies but they also found weapons and

   the explosives got hulkster in real
  trouble as the discovered explosives
  could be of the kind used a few days
   earlier blowing up an international
socialist, as he opened a mailed package

 later the police realized that hulkster
   didn't have anything to do with the
    actual killing of the socialist.
  still, the police didn't exclude the
  possibility that the explosives could
   have been supplied/sold by marcel.

  only a few days ago danish television
   brought the story. according to the
 investigators the explosives were made,
using a formula from a euro-amiga-board.
furthermore the accused ones should have
   sold the free-call-numbers plus the
 number of the board having the formula
to contacts and friends all over europe.

   hulkster was furthermore accused of
selling illegal copies of computer-wares

most of the danish pbx-numbers have been
 shut down, as the firms (surprisingly)
    weren't interested in loosing any
             further money.

     for now the software, hardware,
 telephones, videos and explosives have
   been removed from the homes of the
accused ones. still, i believe they will
    get the equipment back, once the
           investigation ends.

  the danish telephone-company and the
police believe that the busted ones have
 been "hacking" on firm-computers to get
   hold of the numbers. the computers
 weren't mentioned as c-64 or amiga, but
instead as the general expression, pc's.

    at times i wondered if the danish
   media and the police had understood
  anything of what had happened, as the
   only words they knew were: personal
       computers (pc) and hacking!

 still, danish modem-owners should watch
  out, at least for now. at present the
  phone-company is working intensively
 on busting further "hackers" (blabla!)

   a rumour says that duke should have
 received a bill of dkr. 160,000,- from
 the phone-company. still, i doubt this
   as the company must realize that no
 ordinary teenager is capable of paying
that sum of money. still this could also
    be a simple rumour, who knows?!?

  the 1st of april alex (duke) left for
  the united states visiting one of his
  good friends. he is going to work/be
   there in half a year. while staying
 there he'll of course still be working
      actively for the dominators!

           (good luck, alex!)

  this article has reached the end, at
   least for now. i will of course be
     writing updated articles, once
   something new happens. stay tuned!

        yours, thomas hauken/-id-

   for news, reactions, votesheets or
  anything for -brutal recall-, contact
     either tch,r.c.s, baze or me!

             -brutal recall-



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