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       an interview by tch/brutal


okay,here you've got a very long'n'cool
  interview done with ROUGH...
  enjoy reading this...


-no,my first question isn't "tell us
 something about yourself".
 i will first ask the other questions
 and save that one for the end...
 this way the readers will create their
 own image of you. but we ofcourse need
 to know some info.

 i'm ROUGH of HYSTERIC,i swap,crack,make
 the magazine "CONDOM" and supply myself
 with originals...

-can you please give us an extract of
 your carrier from the beginning till
 this moment.

 1987,PC,my own group,i was also the
     only member. we built up NEW GERMAA
     CRACKING SERVICE. it was just a
     lame copy of the legend.
     for a few weeks i joined COMMANDO
     SERVICE CRACKERS,but i rejoined.
 1988,still in new german cracking
     service,because i was the leader in
     ngcs together with IMBECIL of ex-
     EXTEND and a lamer called MIC.
     we were a bunch of friends and when
     i looked around where a lot of them
     went to,i must say only IMBECIL and
     MIC stayed in contact with me...
     one of them called ARES is now a
     NAZI-HOOLIGAN,some of them suck on
     amiga now and one of them called
     SCHNÖESELSOFT drinks his beer every
     day,he went down a lot,when i
     remember the old times.
     then i moved to austria for 1 year.
 88/89,where i met GOOFY+FOXBUSTER of
     HEADLINE. they both joined SILICON
     later... as HOL was better than new
     gcs,i joined and "coded" some
     shitty demos for'em. until the
     summer of '89 my handle was ON TOP,
     a quite lame handle,then i renamed
     into ROUGH...
     after i removed to germany i joined
     THE ANCIENT TEMPLE and got legal in
     those times,where i got to know
     coolies like ICE-T/TAT or jerks
     like AYATOLLAH.
 1990,for a few days i joined "TROPIC",
     but they were fuckin' lame and i
     rejoined tat.
     in the summer of 1990 TOM and me
     left THE ANCIENT TEMPLE because
     ICE-T stopped the c64 and tat only
     released shitty demos...
     after a few months of non-activity
     i joined AUTHENTIC ARTS,but after a
     few days i joined together with tom
     VISION. in december 1990 vision
     died and all of us joined JIHAD's
     new group HITMEN...  the group was
     very good but organisation and
     friendship was terrible,mostly
     because CURLIN is such an idiot.
     i got kicked out of hitmen for one
     day,but rejoined one day later,but
     got kicked later when hitmen went
     down the hill as jihad,curlin and
     racoon left. for a few days i was
     in DEPREDATORS,but my friend peter
     joined them and that's why i left
     to CHROMANCE,where i stayed 3/4 of
     a year with a little (unnecessary)
     time in PANDORA and recently i had
     joined SUCCESS,but left to join

-so you've been in VISION and T.A.T.!
 vision is back on the c64 and t.a.t.
 made somekind of a comeback.
 what do you think of these groups now
 and what is the difference between the
 old and new versions.

 VISION is as demogroup still o.k. the
 quality of the cracks is good,but the
 speed is too low. i'm still in contact
 with ICON/VISION which i allready knew
 when i was in vision.
 T.A.T. got some fine codings,but the
 design of their demos is the ugliest
 there is... cracker group tat? hahaha!
 VISION is not that different like in
 the earlier times,just german members
 are missing!
 T.A.T. misses coolies like ICE-T,TOM or
 me. t.a.t. is a shit,no more!

-some time ago you joined PANDORA for a
 short period. why?

 i wanted to join a german group because
 wares from the chromance hq in hungary
 take apx 5-7 days and this sucks!!
 but pandora was lame,i released three
 possible first-releases,but none could
 give'em to americanos. that's why i
 supplied the originals to my friends in
 hysteric,who made 2 first-releases out
 of it. (wild blood prv,little ghostkid)
 the reason why i joined success is the
 same,but it's a lot better.
 but the chromancers ( wax,jayce
 and jazzy d) are still cool friends of

-okay,you are mainly a swapper.
 what makes,in your opinion,a good
 swapper and do you think swapping is
 the easiest job in the scene?

 well,nowadays my main worx are 50% swap
 and 50% crack.
 a good swapper must send fast,often and
 good own stuff.
 the amount of contacts is totaly
 unimportant. well,let me say it like
 "you don't need to think much when only
  swapping,but it's very hard too!
  it can really piss you off alot..."

-you used to release a music-magazine on
 the c64 called "CONDOM". now,i haven't
 seen it for quite some time,but do you
 still release it? if you don't then why
 did you stop producing it?

 haven't you got the issue from december
 1991? it got a new outfit done by FACES
 a very fine indeed!
 but in the future it looks bad for
 CONDOM,because i have serious time
 problems with school,partys and girl.
 we will see...

-oops,sorry! no i didn't see the dec'91
 issue... probably because i had some
 anyway,next question!
 have you ever thought about doing a
 'normal' disc-mag or a paper-mag?

 oh yes! i had the cool idea of making a
 one-file magazine,weekly or two-weekly
 released only with charts,news and
 maybe adresses... i think the info
 would be quite good by that,but as i
 said... no time!!

 i never thought about doing a papermag.
 BULLETPROOF satisfies me anyway.
 i thought about doing HARDCORE FANZINE
 only with music,no computers,but no
 time/no money!

-what do you think what's necessary to
 do a good disk mag and which ones are
 your favourites?

 hmm,i think the text and userfriendly
 code are most important.
 graphix/sounds in high quality are nice
 extras,but unnecessary!


 the worst shit are WORLD NEWS (sux!),

-now let's go to the demo-scene.
 which of these statements do ya support
 and why...

 a good demo: 1-"great style,outragious
                 music,cool graphix.
                 the design is most
                 important,if it's ugly
                 it is no good!!......."
          or: 2-"fantastic code! the
                 music and graphix are
                 just to make it look
                 better. if there's no
                 good code,it's a flop!"

 also give us your favourite demo's and

 the first argument i agree totaly.
 it has to look good on the screen,not
 in the assembler editor...
 i respect groups like LIGHT or FLASH
 very much but i prefer demos like
 i also like demos with new ideas.
 CENSOR DESIGNS absolutely kixx ass..
 before i forget,PRETZEL LOGIC is also

-what do you think what makes a graphic
 artist or composer one of the best?
 can you give us your fav's too...

 graphic artists have to be able to make
 good pictures AND good logos,chars etc.
 musicians just have to be good and have
 an own style...

 favourite artists:HEIN DESIGN,OGAMI,

 favourite musicians:JEROEN TEL,TIM
                   FOLLIN,ROB HUBBARD,
                   REYN OUWEHAND,MARC
                   COOKSEY,MARTIN GALWAY
                   and more...

 i'll never understand why everybody
 loves DRAX's musics... they're boring!

-okay,let's go illegal..
 we can devide the cracking-scene in two
 categories,sometimes combined:'speed'
 and 'quality'. what is in your opinion
 real important to be the best cracking
 also give us your favourites please.

 quality AND speed is the best ofcourse,
 but SPEED is in any case the most
 important,or do you really care about
 the LIGHT versions...
 who plays the games anyway? all needed
 trainers are allready in the speed
 versions. old versions are unnecessary.
 also important is the kewlnez of the
 crack... the intro-design,scroll-texts,
 extras,i think!


-some time ago 'SHORT INTROS' were being
 used by almost everyone...
 now the GAMERS GUIDE died this amount
 reduced. do you or don't you like these
 short intros?

 in early times i only used short intros
 because i thought speed rules,but if
 you can't do speed...make quality!!
 nowadays i mostly use long intros...
 i just use shorts,some time to make 1
 block shorter versions than my pals in
 chromance,like fireman sam,only just
 for fun... hehehehe!!
 good crackers don't have it necessary
 using short intros...

-some other favourites by rough:

     food:pizza,lasagna,chinese food.
      day:friday+saturday,no school on
          the next day!
          i love to sleep long!
   movies:highlander i,mostly strange
          fantasy+sc.fiction,but also
          horror and funny movies.
          (naked gun rules!!)
  country:italy is fine,countries in the
          south are cool anyway!
          SLEEPING (my fav!)

-can we consider you a PARTY-ANIMAL or
 do you hardly visit any parties or
 please give us some hints to organise
 a good party...

 i don't like the word "party-animal",it
 sounds stupid. but i'm often on parties
 and concerts. there i like to have my
 fun,booze and fcuk!! i also like compu
 parties,but only with cool guys,no
 computer nerds!!!

 organising a party...
         you will be pissed afterwards.
         invite a lot of people who know
         many people!!
 COPYPARTY:make partys in short holidays
         like CHRISTMAS,EASTER.
         only with other,amiga,groups.
         don't promise 2 much bullshit!

-last year you had left the scene for a
 month or so. what made you leave and
 will you ever leave the c64 again
 before the scene dies?

 well,i was pissed off by computing and
 wanted to spend time on my girl-friend
 and learning to play guitar,but as i
 said before. it's like a DRUG...
 i am addicted!
 i only leave when i'm 100% out of money
 or when santa claus will be german's
 president (insider joke!)
 if c64 dies,hopefully a new computer
 has launched the world allready,because
 amiga is not the top!

-have you ever had troubles with the
 post or the cops!?

 no troubles with cops except fighting
 against NAZI-SKINHEADS. hehe!
 FUCK NAZIS!! only troubles with the
 post due to cheating of other guys!!

-how's the weather overthere in

 snow is lying in ebersberg and it's
 fucking cold...

-is there one thing you want to do for
 sure in the future?

 hm,for the scene...
 -improve my cracking abilities.
 -visit a scandinavian copy party.
 -see the face of ANTICHRIST/OMG for
  real... it must be quite funny.

-can you give me a short description of
 the scene in germany?

 SUCCESS,X-RAY (rip) and HYSTERIC rule,
 rest mostly sux.

 demogroups... SPIRIT is very kewl...

-let's get more into your social life...
 do you still go to school or are you
 working allready?

 i go to school! gymnasium to be exact,
 the 10th class!! i HATE skool...
 latin sucks...   baaah!

-do you have a fiancee or do you have a
 crush on some one?

 fiancee? i'm married with DEMENTED of
 HYSTERIC... haha!
 no seriously,i'm not married nor i have
 a fiancee. but i got a girl-friend
 called SWEEDY! stupid name,but nice,
 pretty and intelligent girl! i really
 like her a lot!
 she's 17 years old,dark blond/red color
 hair,fine figure...


        read the rest in part 2!

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