Brutal Recall 03 ch17

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            "DEAR CORRUPTION"

when i read CORRUPTION 9 some time ago,
  i noticed some wrong information that
  was printed in the MISH MASH...
  i now will correct these wrong things
  so check it out...

the first thing CORRUPTION wrote is this

 and signed it with ANTICHRIST/G*P"...

when i read this i couldn't believe my
eyes,but some sentences later they wrote

          "RCS CODED the note!"

and then i knew it wasn't true...
  all who know RCS or are a contact of
  him know that he CAN'T CODE...
  he doesn't even know what $0400-$07e8
  is,so i think it's great that he coded
  a noter without knowing what he was
  by the way,why would RCS write a note
  like that?      he HATES WARS and he
  surtenly won't start one!!
  i think this is a bit strange...

the second thing was this...

"WILDSTYLE/RSI has never been in BRUTAL,
  so he also can't be kicked!!
  it was BLITZ/EX-MANOWAR using his

i don't know if it was BLITZ or the real
  WILDSTYLE as i've sended to WUPPERTAL
  and they both live there!!
  they also both have been in PARAMOUNT.
  the only thing i know about the one
  that joined BRUTAL is: he can't speak
  ENGLISH very well,as i had to talk
  GERMAN to him,and he had a very "low"

yo WILDSTYLE/T+RSI,give me a short call
  and i will hear if it was you or not!!
  my telephone number is: +31 1804-20084

and that was all for this...
  i don't hope JACK DANIELS and 3DK will
  see this as ragging,as it's ment to
  inform you about the truth!!

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