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            SOME LAST WORDS
            SOME LAST WORDS

What remains are these last words:

see ya!! (just kidding)

But seriously, we/the spiders-crew-staff
hope that you enjoyed this issue of
ARACHNOPHOBIA and that you are now
already looking forward to issue #6,
which will be released on the first of
July 1997.

And we would like to thank all the
people that helped us to create this

Let's keep the scene alive!

Whoops, here Carnage on the keys, we
forgot to mention that this issue of
ARACHNOPHOBIA is to be released at the
X'97 in Eindhoven, this should be on
the fourth of April.

greetings dear reader!

Hmmm, too short eh?! well let's talk
some crap, should be funny, don't you
think so Stirf?

OK, Carnage did I tell you yet that
I painted my good old c64 in blue  and
orange specially for the party?

Yes you did, you told me that a hundred
times already and I've seen it, but is
it hard typing without seeing anything
on your keyboard, as every key is

geik ko, carnege!

Say what?!

I will get used to it eventually!

Well I won't probably, but I don't have
to type on that computer of yours, uhh
damn, I probably do have to type on
your computer, this could get messy.

Did everyone have a nice easter-

Hmmm, we could talk more of this crap,
but I think that we could better do
that some other time, don't you think
so Purno, uhh Stirf?

What else did we buy an 27mc tranceiver

That a hard one to answer, maybe it is
so, that we could talk to some happy
and crazy people, but I could be

Crazy?, just when you think that you
are going insane there always come
other people that are even more crazy!
Well, we all have to be crazy and when
your aren't than you will be eventually,
sooner or later!, don't bother!

I'm not insane am I?

Don't trie to deny it!!

I'm not denying anything, than again
maybe I am, but who cares?

OK, this should fill up the chapter to
the right amount of text or have you
got anything left to say, Carnage?

I always have something left to say,
but I will quit talking before all
the readers fall asleep, as some people
say that I talk to much, do you think
that I talk to much?

No, but your mouth is moving all the
time, I stopped paying attention to it!

Hmm, thanks man, now I know that it is
all true what they say about me, anyway
I think that we could better end this
chapter right here, because you are
beginning to say the wrong words here,
so let's quit or do you have something
left to say?


            signed, Carnage and Stirf
                    for the SPD staff!
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