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     the news do of course belong to    
every kind of disc-mag..may it be a     
small comeback-proof (like this one)..or
may it be a big mag with lots of text   
and chapters (like A-HEAD #5,out soon..)
do i have to mention that no ness from  
the old votesheets are to expect here?  
i don't think so..so i won't tell it....
(what a bad joke,indeed!)               
     i do not sort the news in a-z      
order.neither i sort them as 1st class  
and or 2nd class news....because most   
mags do that and i don't think i always 
have to do what other ones do...right?  
comments are welcome...                 
     the first lines in A-HEAD's        
newschapter do always belong to my      
group...trance...ya'll now will get a   
little view about what is going on here 
..i think ya might be quited interested 
in it..and i have to tell ya that many  
things can and will change of course..  
as we are still not finished with       
reviving the group....so first the      
memberstatus as it comes into my mind   
     right now,5 pm,august 6th...       
tomorrow it can look different again... 
but today is closing date..so in case of
changes i am maybe gonna write a kind of
BIZARRE - leader,megaswap,A-HEAD,ories  
          organize or whatever...       
CODE 18 - megaswap (from time 2 time)   
LARRY   - sysop,code,and other things.. 
MOWER   - crack,ories..                 
MARCO   - code                          
CURLIN  - crack,modemtrade and other    
MAXIMUM - code,gfx and ories..          
MR.MISTER crack,little swap             
ALMIGHTY GOD     - swap and more....    
DARK    - swap                          
     some words about code 18:he        
didn't quit forever...it is true that   
he concentrates on pc,but when he said  
he would quit for real,he didn't know   
that trance is really back.so from time 
to time ya will get sum sendings.       
dark is the one who used to be in       
genesis project ..!                     
     yes...ramirez is not in trance!    
the rumours about it are not true at all
,and i don't think that he will ever be 
in trance again!                        
     with larry being in trance again   
,his board rave-o-lution is also there. 
it is the biggest in germany,(100 megs).
and one of the fastest..so give it a try
and call:+49-(0)-2166-248047            
        now some other news...          
- deadwing joined atlantis as votesheet 
- ramirez left afl and joined talent    
- holiday inn cambodia belongs to trsi  
  and dytec as well.                    
- the german success members got sick   
  of not getting any spreaddisc,etc and 
  left to build up a new group called   
  posse with sum other dudes.status:    
  and maybe sum more by now...          
- dr.kaos left excess to be only legal  
  now...he is in reflex only now!       
- intruder joined atlantis some time    
- honesty left afl and joined posse     
  (see above).                          
- cyborg is back! he will make the      
  dreampark comeback! he will also try  
  to connect c-64 with 14400 bauds      
  without swiftlink!!!this ain't a      
  fucking joke!                         
- moloch joined f4cg                    
- and now the memberstatus of demonix:  
  swansong, side sector, cybernoid,     
  negspect,violator,alchemist and       
        yes...what a lame amount of news
...but do ya want me to read other mags 
and copy their news just to make them   
longer ? no way ! so i  think sum of    
these news are quite hot indeed...eh?   
of course A-HEAD #5 will be much bigger 
...take this as a comebackproof!        
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