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bizarre here to give ya all the infor-  
mation about everything that has        
happened in out beloved scene since     
the release of a-head #3 !due to        
public demand,i decided not to write    
any memberstatus execpt the one of      
trance in the newspart...so look out    
for them somewhere else.....or let's    
say in the mixed chapter....!           
please pay attention that i wanna       
write about everything that happened    
in august,so don't write next time      
on your sheets "hey..there were news,   
i have known for 4 weeks.." ..ok ?      
so..stop the crap and let the pigs out! 
first of all :what happened in trance   
in august 1993 ??                       
i (bizarre) joined alpha flight '70     
as 2nd group as their mainswapper !     
code 18 joined trc as 2nd group,of coz  
also as a swapper,but he stopped mega-  
swapping,and so he will in the future   
swap with only 50-70 guys...            
furthermore he has got his 2400 baud    
modem,and is calling out now...         
odysseus left us,as he wasn't able      
to compose for 2 groups...now he is     
only in eastgang again...               
underdog quitted the scene ,so he can   
concentrate on pc now...                
corp renamed into jamiroquai ...        
zychronic joined us as megaswapper ,    
gz,l'trimm and pigeon left us and joined
the again rebuilt x-rated ...           
and we got 2 members from trinomic!     
pussymaster and magic left them ,and are
now trance-members!trinomic is not dead!
so.....here now the latest trance       
memberstatus, monday,saturday 11th !    
doc holliday....leader.modem,swap,ories 
                and a-head              
                and a-head              
code 18.........swap ,modem,orries!     
cruncher........modem,code and crack    
mg (machinegun).crack ,code             
larry...........swap,modem,crack ,code  
                modem and gfx           
fat freddy......code                    
zapotek.........papergfx and swap       
pussymaster ....code and swap           
magic...........crack,code and swap     
that's all for the trance-news...now    
all the other latest news and rumours:  
(there is no (!) specific order to rank 
 the news' importance,i write them down 
 randomly,alright ?)                    
dice/bronx renamed into shakesbeer      
corrosive,who rejoined sacred after     
having been in epic for 1 week,has now  
quitted the scene,coz his discdrive     
fucked up!                              
yazoo left oxyron !                     
coda/amplifier joined reflex as 1st     
group(!),that means,amplifier is now    
his 2nd group..                         
mateus didn't leave the scene,as many   
people thought..he is still composing!  
freestyle wasn't kicked out of illusion 
as some guys might think..!             
dasheele left equinoxe soon after the   
release of fuel!(ed.their demo!)        
decoy/lithium has left the scene !      
vortec/bastards joined epic!            
nothingface/clique joined sunrise       
as 2nd group! (ed.:wonder why he is     
still in clique..)                      
raze is back in the scene and joined    
success !                               
double-t /rsi now quitted officially!   
pat/paralyze left the scene !           
darius and mario,both ex-afl'70 have    
quitted the scene,whereas marc/afl'70   
restarted swapping again after 2 years! 
trigger/ex-enigma joined red sector !   
a rumour says that remix/ex-clique      
might return to the scene,after a       
very good friend of his tryed to        
convince him that amiga sux!            
(ed.:but don't vote 4 script again,     
till there is something official!)      
happymaker/ex indigents,joined reflex!  
venice left comic pirates and joined    
ak-47 left azix to join disaster on     
amiga ! (ed.what is ak-47 or azix ?)    
atmos joined success as well..that's    
now about the 5th or 6th new member     
they got in a short while...            
brush and hain/ex-elysium joined        
success as well....!                    
spitfire/ex-action started calling out  
fire is back!plug and q-tip rebuilt it! 
and guess what...they strike back with  
a 1st release called "discovery"        
strange is that hardly anyone has ever  
heard about a group called "fire"       
tango,johan,danc,twoflower and rave     
left twilight and joined triad !        
rorschach/p7p joined freax as 2nd group!
here a little statement by bacillus     
of citadel :"c-64 rulez!amiga sux" !    
well..i have nothing to add...coz he    
is 100 % right ! hehehehe!              
knightrider,sysop of forplay,joined     
trsi on amiga,but is still sysop for    
fli already left excess again to join   
fluid,who will release their own mag!   
(ed. let's see....)                     
steiger left fury and joined entropy.   
sonic (steiger's sun!) took over as     
main-coder,and fury is not dead!(yet)!  
x-radical,who was in nirvana a looong   
time again,has now been kicked out of   
gp...and joined coderz....well on the   
partyline ,i heard coderz members       
laughing like hell about him ,,coz he   
can't even make a collect-call,as due   
to his terrible english,he can't talk   
to an operator..at least that's what    
the guys in coderz told me....later,    
they kicked him out and now he is in    
vision..yes,vision is back,and they     
nearly had a 1st release,but afl'70     
was faster,hehehe!furthermore,vision    
has got a hq called "phreak shop"       
extacy got 2 new members: starlight  /  
ex bronx and syco/ex arcoss!            
divine ultimatum,whq of success and gp, 
went down on 3-9-93,because the sysop   
didn't feel like continuing his work!   
gp now has got a new whq:dungeon,ex     
padua ,now demonix+gp !                 
eddi left presence to join epic!        
skidrow/afl'70 quitted the scene!       
the loafer joined entropy !             
dishy/ed dom/ex chromance joined        
fairlight!(ed.and hung up the phone     
when i tryed to call him...)            
calypso/topaz/amnesia might leave       
the scene on 1-1-94 (ed.:i got that     
info from calypso himself..so it might  
be true....)                            
eastgang got a new member:freetec       
uzzy/entropy started pc-swap now!       
there is a new group called jacuzzi,    
formed by abuse/ex bronx and reas/ex-   
dunex !                                 
private soldier/eastgang refused an     
offer to join padua..!                  
heartbeat was rebuolt by tristar and    
zychronic (in trance as 1st group)      
also snooze/cream joined them!          
they are now trying to get sum old      
members back..!                         
hok,being kicked out of legend 10 weeks 
ago,joined red sector !                 
natas joined alpha flight! he is also   
in carcass and coderz !                 
endomorf has left the tape-swapping     
scene,so please don't contact him       
anymore !                               
syco left extacy ant joined proxyon!    
toxyc left presence due to their un-    
activity,and joined extacy!             
kbs left nerds and joined pandora!      
at the accept party-meeting (1/8/93),   
sadox said he has got an offer from     
excess and he also has an offer from    
racoon to rebuid hitmen with him and    
some more members.sodax isn't quite     
sure what to do.!                       
anyway..racoon has rebuilt hitmen,but   
i don't know,if sadox also joined...    
decoy /sunrise left them and joined     
the ruling company !                    
doctor hell/level 64 joined gothic      
as 2nd group!(ed,:viva espana!)         
trcw (the rising crew) is dead,all      
members (ed.there were only 2) joined   
equinoxe! master s also joined reflex   
as 2nd group!                           
overflow left the scene !               
the australian section of rebels split  
up after just 5 weeks...half of 'em     
built up a new group called "shazem"    
they already had a 1st release..        
amarok left his 2nd group oxyron is     
now only in topaz !                     
dr.jones was kicked out of sacred ,     
and joined vision!                      
dj/varsity joined sacred and changed    
handle into swervedriver !              
tunnel of warez,the f4cg-board,has      
been formatted by someone,who hacked    
the codes by solar/f4cg!evs and storm-  
rider (tom) fixed it,so it's up again!  
now it is 20cc hq !                     
the old afl'70 and paramount mag called 
"relax" is gonna be released soon again!
editors are skinhead,marc,max,bizarre   
of afl'70 and secretman + count zero    
of rsi!that means,the mag will be       
released under no lable!                
according to tts/oxyron,his mag.        
scene observer is not dead...(he told   
that 1 week ago in late august).well..  
i don't know ,if it's really gonna      
be released again,but for this time     
i have not removed it from the charts..!
i (bizarre) am just watching the mtv    
video music awards,and they suck again  
like hell as always !!!bah! 5 awards    
for pearl jam...bleerg! the only good   
was beavis and butthead who presented   
best metal-hardrock video..(pearl jam   
shock will never be released on disc    
again,maybe there'll be one last issue  
on paper,so i haven't yet removed       
shock from the charts!                  
according to the gothic mag moonlight,  
there are rumours that this year won't  
be a party around x-mas in denmark,coz  
no one wants to organize it...!arg!     
hey dudes...don't be foolish...make     
that party ,coz i will be there for     
very sure !well..now i got a mag        
from camelot,saying that there will     
be an x-mas party for 100 % !           
again organized by camelot,so let's     
party ! a paper invitation will be      
spread soon!                            
the sacred mag "hacker's unit" is       
planned to be released on disc,coz      
they have got so many articles and      
ideas that it just would become to      
expensive to spread it on paper....     
they told me that sum "interesting"     
guys would help them...hmm..            
gettoboy/p7p left the scene for a year  
or so,due to school! (ed.: bah!)        
revenge/extacy stopped swapping!        
extacy is not in war with amnesia.      
only with seal !                        
a-soft is dead!                         
chotaire/pandora will stop everything   
except composing !                      
yup...that's it,hope ya feel informed   
trance-the way a-head!                  
for anything about a-head write yo      
or call 24 hours a day                  
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