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whooomp! there it is..the chapter that  
contains all your reactions and state-  
ments about the a-head,and of course    
my (bizarre's) comments ...             
(ed.: = bizarre)                        
issue #02 beated issue #01,now issue    
#03 beats #02,nothing more to add,keep  
on improving !                          
ed.:yep...cool reaction....and i hope   
    ya'll write again this time,saying  
    "issue #04 beated issue #03" hehe!  
cool outfit,quite cool mag,but more     
text,please !                           
ed.:what ? more text ? what do ya want? 
    maybe top 40000 coders charts amd   
    33712 addies ? ...hehe..            
    (maybe that will come someday..)    
    anyway,this issue contains more     
    text than all the other issue's..   
    so let's hope ya like this better,  
the intrologo sux !change it and make   
a better scrolltext,(i mean the chars)! 
the mag is pretty cool,but there is a   
little bug on the menu screen on the    
right of the screen over the rasterline 
there is a little bug! (ed.:this        
sentence is quite amusing,2 times       
"there is a little bug..,but it was     
written like that...) the text is       
great!especially the charts !anyway     
thanx for a nice mag,keep up the good   
work jose...!                           
ed.:thanx 4 liking the text !           
    well..i really don't think at all   
    that the intrologo,we used in       
    issue #3 sux! infact i really like  
    it...and the scrolltext is really   
    of no importance at all,,eh?        
    well..that bug really sux...we'll   
    talk about it..,also about using    
    other logos....                     
cat/excess: (ed.:who ???)               
hello lamers!(haha,joking bizarre)      
here's da promised reaction (slime..)   
anyway (ed.what?) ,improve the gfx      
(music #03 wasn't that good) (ed.:      
pardon ? what music#03?) and away       
with that major bug on da right         
(remember ? ) (ed.:bug ? which bug ?    
i don't remember any bugs,except the    
ones in your brain...hahahahahaha)      
text is cool! (ed.:yes!) this time      
don't forget to publish my reaction     
(ed.: sorry,i forgot it again..hihi)    
nice charts,too bad you cheat them      
(hehehe) (ed.:yes,toooo bad!)           
anyway,the rest will the other readers  
write,so i am gone...cya!               
ed.:well..you have got an interesting   
    interpretation of english grammar.. 
    hahaha! little pig little pig ,let  
    me in...aehm..sorry...it simply     
    sux...dunno more..by the way..why   
    have ya reviewed issue 3 in nitro   
    with only 73 % ,eh ? why ? why ?    
    it sux!buah! it really sux!hehehe!  
mc byte/eastgang:                       
please remove the raster-bug in the     
chpters (upper right raster) and do     
sume more flash-colours if possible.    
go on with this genious charts !!!      
cool texts at all!                      
ed.:hi..jaja..the bug...we'lll have to  
    discuss that for real.as lotsa      
    guys are complaining 'bout it..!    
    well..as long as people react so    
    positive on the biiig charts,i'll   
    go on of course... well..about      
    that flashings....as soon as we     
    change the outfit completely,there  
    will be flashings but no bugs..hehe!
    have a nice time,and cool votes     
    from ya in the "real music" chapters
-cool 2 make such a huge chart!         
-cool text!                             
ed.: cool reaction!                     
hi,a-head staff!                        
the 3rd issue of a-head was really      
cool.the charts are one of the best.also
the news-section with the comments is   
good.the music-charts/news are also     
quite interesting.furthermore i like    
the special chapters in a-head:slogans, 
crap talk,leader's chapter,old days.....
so the text is nearly perfect.          
you promised 2 change the grafix,but    
still there were the same.change it next
time!the music is ok and fits to the    
chapters !(except in addycorner 3)      
still another thing i like is that you  
believe in the c-64 scene,and don't     
write boring crap like other mags:      
"the c-64 will die!"                    
keep on doing your mag and release      
it monthly and it will be one of the    
ed.:yo,man..a really long one..that     
    kix ass..haha..really cool that     
    ya like most or all chapters..to be 
    honest,the slogans chapter was nor- 
    mally supposed to be just a one-time
    appearance in a-head due to the     
    stupidity of the chapter...!        
    (zu deutsch:dat war saudoof...)     
    but many guys liked that chapter....
    so we really think of making it     
    again..and by the way...sum of ya   
    wrote sum slogans on their sheets!  
    thanx ..so ,whereever i have sum    
    space left,i'll publish it....!     
    look around in this issue and you   
    are gonna find everything...well..  
    these grafix will be changed 4 sure 
    as soon as possible,and thanx       
    furthermore for not mentioning that 
    "major bug" as sum guys might call  
    it...see ya!                        
yeah,a good mag,actually the best!      
i have always loved it since issue 1,   
but what about sum new music,i guess    
it wouldn't hurt...!                    
ed.:greets 2 norge...yeah..amazing that 
    ya loved issue 1..hehe..anyway..    
    i hope ya will love the mag forever.
    hmm..that sounds silly,but i hope   
    it nevertheless..cool,leif! aehm..  
    about that musics thang..what do ya 
    actually mean ? i asume ya want us  
    to use more zak that have never been
    used before somewhere else,eh?  so./
    be happy...this issue features      
    e.g. 2 exclusive new sounds by      
    decoy/trc (ex-sunrise)..but we      
    will try 2 get more new ones..coz   
    you are right ...!hey..by the way.. 
    if anyone is reading this shit here 
    (i guess  ,nobody does..),feel free 
    to make a zak and send it....if it's
    good,it'll be used for sure..!      
    that was no joke...make sum sounds  
    for a-head..more about that some-   
    where else...                       
hi bizarre!                             
your mag is quite cool.but what is      
quite cool.i mean the outfit is not     
so good,but the text is cool.and one    
thing to your new chapter "the old days"
:i think that's not a good idea,it's    
only some crap to fill the disk.but     
keep on working and change the outfit   
a little bit!                           
ed.:well..about that old days chapter.. 
    we think,it is a very interesting   
    thing for all of us,coz we get      
    reminded to the "good old days" as  
    sum guys call it..furthermore ya    
    see that most groups having been in 
    the charts sum years ago,have died..
    but thanx 4 being honest..yeah! if  
    we change the outfit,we're not gonna
    change it "a little bit",it will be 
    completely new....                  
enjoyed this issue more than last,this  
mag definetly get my vote ,,keep up the 
good work and kick sum arse!            
ed.:ub 40 sux...ah yeah,about yer       
    reaction....here some more "arse-   
    kicking" stuff...hope ya're gonna   
    like dis as much as issue 3...      
    see ya on a new conference hopefully
a-head is geil!                         
will sagen,die issue 3 war echt gut.    
wuesste nicht,was man verbessern        
koennte.behaltet euren stil bei!        
ed.:in english that means something like
    "your mag is horny (?????)haha)     
     i mean,issue 3 was really good,i   
     have no clue about what to improve.
     keep ypur own style"               
    sure ,we 'll keep that ....because  
    copying other mageditors who quitted
    the scene for amiga (no names..hehe.
    but everyone knows,what i mean.)    
    sux!by the way..at least i knew     
    what to improve...,i only say "bug" 
lybis/black code design:                
the outfit is really good,and the       
grafix rae funny!but why do ya          
use only charset-gfx ?                  
ed.:this is the kind of reaction i      
    really don't like,coz ya only write 
    about the outfit..hey man..the      
    text is important...so what do ya   
    think about it ? well..anyway good  
    that there is at least one who      
    seems to like the outfit..see ya!   
red rock/excess:                        
yo..issue 3 was again a improvement to  
issue 2! cool to have such long charts, 
but i think,top 100 swappers is enough! 
ed.:well..a guy ,who is at 232 in the   
    swappercharts,will surely like      
    that amount of guys..and you know,  
    everybody and everything who gets   
    5 points will enter...but i will    
    change something soon....read       
    the charts for more..               
a guy.: (anonymus)                      
bah..what the fuck has the music        
section to do with computer ?           
ed.:nothing!but maybe you are one of the
    guys who really have nothing in     
    their brain but computer...         
    well..i write that music stuff,coz  
    i think ,many guys are interested   
    in that...of coz i appreciate it    
    that ya say what you think,but      
    you should also think about the     
    guys who like that...right ?        
fuck..that's it..sorry ..i wish i had   
more,coz commenting reactions is fun....
so...please all of you,write something  
on the sheet,and be honest!             
trance-the way a-head!                  
+49/(0) xxx/xxxxxx ,24 hours a day!     
was macht denn der hsv da oben ?
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