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hiho...bizarre presents part 2          
of the latest music-craptalk....        
now,i give ya sum slovenian radio       
charts....thanx 2 my friend             
tristar/wow/b-code for it..cool!        
01.(02) can't help falling../ub 40      
02.(01) that's the way love/j.jackson   
03.(03) all that she wants              
04.(15) let them in/shinehead           
05.(--) 2 princes                       
06.(06) rising my family/con dom        
07.(04) oh carolina                     
08.(08) somebody dance with me/dj bobo  
09.(07) trible dance                    
10.(05) what is love                    
11.(--) can't get enough.../t.dayne     
12.(09) come undone/duran duran         
13.(12) cose della vita                 
14.(11) believe/lenny kravitz           
15.(14) love sees no color              
16.(--) have i told you lately          
17.(17) mr.vain                         
well..nothing new here.....             
now i tell ya that prince has got a new 
single called "peach"                   
and culture beat release "got to get it"
from their serenity album..more about   
that in issue 4 ...                     
next my airplaycharts...what the fuck   
is that,ya may ask....well..my radios   
are on 24 hours a day,,and i always     
mark the songs that are played..and     
so,i compile the airplaycharts....      
"w" means weeks in the charts,          
"--" means new-entry                    
"++" means re-entry                     
and here we go!                         
charts of 9/9/93:                       
01.(03) what's up            13 w       
02.(04) can't help../ub 40   17 w       
03.(02) life/had.             5 w       
04.(06) living on my own      7 w       
05.(07) mr.vain              17 w       
06.(05) what is love         29 w       
07.(01) dreamlover/m.carey    4 w       
08.(09) all that she wants   33 w       
09.(10) dreams/gabrielle     12 w       
10.(30) higher ground/ub 40   3 w       
11.(12) rain/madonna          7 w       
12.(11) 2 princes            20 w       
13.(37) paying the../beegees  3 w       
14.(14) will you be there... 10 w       
15.(19) river of dreams/joel  7 w       
16.(15) that's the way/janet 18 w       
17.(16) tribal dance         18 w       
18.(13) pray/take that        9 w       
19.(22) the key.../urban c.c. 8 w       
20.(--) faces/2 unlimited     1 w       
21.(21) informer/snow        27 w       
22.(32) right here/s.w.v      4 w       
23.(17) nuff vibes ep/a.ind.  4 w       
24.(20) if/janet j.           6 w       
25.(18) if i can't have./wild 9 w       
26.(08) i'll always../sarah w.4 w       
27.(23) wheel of fortune     19 w       
28.(25) no limit             31 w       
29.(26) one night in heaven  11 w       
30.(28) almost unreal        13 w       
31.(24) can't get enough..   12 w       
32.(33) it keeps r../b.m,lean 6 w       
33.(75) slave 2 the vibe/aft. 2 w       
34.(39) runaway train/s.asyl.10 w       
35.(29) can ya 4give her/psb 14 w       
36.(34) would i lie to you   46 w       
37.(45) somebody dance.......11 w       
38.(43) summer summer/loft    8 w       
39.(35) sing hallelujah      29 w       
40.(36) i don't wanna fight  16 w       
well..would i lie to you is the oldest  
song in this chart (in fact,"wheel      
of fortune " already is more than       
1 year old,but ace of base was totally  
unknown in germany until december 92..  
so that's why would i lie to you is     
longer in this chart....                
and now i have to thank frenchflair     
of accuracy very much ,for wriiting     
top 50 in his note!great work,pal..     
but i can't use it here,coz i didn't    
want to write it first on paper,and     
then again into the editor..maybe ya    
can send the paper where you gotthe     
charts from next time ?                 
would be coool.......                   
by the way,if anyone wants to get       
the airplay charts regulary,let me      
know and i'll send them to ya every     
week on tape or on paper,just let       
me know...!                             
according 2 mtv-text,there is a new     
song by captain hollywood......look     
for it in the hungarian charts....      
now i gove ya the top 10 of denmark     
01.(01) mr.vain                         
02.(02) what's up?                      
03.(03) 2 princes                       
04.(05) life                            
05.(08) living on my own                
06.(04) can't help falling..            
07.(--) 5 live ep..                     
08.(10) dreams                          
09.(--) runaway train                   
10.(07) slave to the vibe../24-7        
and sum new releases again...           
k-7 release "come baby come"            
and rick astley releases "hopelessly"   
(in the usa,he released that one)       
now the top 10 of luxemburg !           
01.(01) what's up ?                     
02.(06) river of dreams                 
03.(03) dreams                          
04.(04) rain                            
05.(--) dreamlover/m.carey              
06.(05) pray                            
07.(09) if                              
08.(--) mr.vain                         
09.(07) will you be there               
10.(--) living on my own                
nothing really specialis happening      
and again 2 new releases.....           
"sunday morning" by earth wind + fire   
and joe with "i'm in love" are out      
now...(dunno,where,but definately       
somewhere on earth.)                    
    top 10 of  norway                   
01.(01) what's up?                      
02.(03) runaway train                   
03.(02) mr.vain                         
04.(05) somebody dance with me          
05.(04) life                            
06.(08) living on my own                
07.(--) ensam nait/john teigen (ed.:??) 
08.(06) 2 princes                       
09.(09) minn dag/age aleksandersen      
10.(07) what is love                    
well..and now the hungarian top 10      
including that captain hollywood track: 
01.(01) life                            
02.(--) alrabaiye/amadin (ed.:??)       
03.(--) what's up ?                     
04.(02) the joker/en-forcer             
05.(03) check yo'self/ice-cube          
06.(04) i need you '93/bvsmp            
07.(--) do that thang /c.hol.project    
08.(--) luv 4 luv/robin s.              
09.(--) right here/swv                  
10.(--) nuff vibes ep/apache indian     
yeah,the hungarian charts are one of    
the fastest..look at no.6 ..maybe that  
will be a euro-hit soon..who knows ?    
ah yeah...i am still looking for        
guys ,who can reliably supply their     
national charts....coz these top 10's   
are taken from mtv-text..but i wish     
to have bigger ones,coz the top 10's    
look mainly the same everywehre,eh?     
anyway...would be great,if one of you   
could send me his national charts       
on a piece of paper ,or record it on    
tape,or even send the printed charts,   
as sum of my friends are doing it...    
i don't care ,who you are..i mean,      
imagime ya get this issue on october    
23 rd,and live in argentina..just       
send me yer charts ,and we can have     
a cool friendship and swaptime,...      
got it ? coool...                       
send all the stuff to this addy:        
plk 145872 e                            
28195 bremen                            
germany !                               
anyway..there is sum more i am gonna    
show ya know...!                        
(ed.:break! i am know watching a good   
old video on mtv .."quadrophonia"       
yeah...well..by the way ,know it is     
0:40 am,on september 10 th!)            
ok..now the top 10 of sweden..also      
thanx 2 rave/triad...but now i have     
a newer one from mtv text....           
(try 2 send a bigger list next time,    
01.(01) what's up ?                     
02.(02) mr.vain                         
03.(05) life                            
04.(03) 3 little pigs                   
05.(06) dreams                          
06.(--) runaway train                   
07.(04) can't help falling...           
08.(--) keep on dancing/dj bobo         
09.(--) vikingblod/ultima thuile        
10.(--) slave to the music/24-7         
who is "ultima thuile"...would any      
swedish guy be so kind ans give me      
sum info ??                             
anyway....here the top of holland       
normally i give ya thw whole 40..       
but the one i have here is too old..    
01.(01) what's up ?                     
02.(02) living on my own                
03.(03) life                            
04.(04) mr.vain                         
05.(05) tease me                        
06.(07) luv 4 luv                       
07.(09) happy nation                    
08.(06) will you be there               
09.(--) faces                           
10.(--) slave to the music/24-7         
that new twenty 4 seven tune seems      
to become a major hit...yeah..it is     
really good..by the way...i just re-    
member an interview i saw with them     
3 years ago...twenty 4 seven stands     
24 hours a day                          
7 days a week..                         
anyway...that fucking "what's up"       
rulez everywhere..why ?                 
it's boring,it sux,and the lady is      
where is paul de leeuw ??               
and more top 10 charts....              
the next country is: italy!             
01.(02) all that she wants (ed.:old!)   
02.(01) gli spori sopra/vasco rossi     
03.(05) san martino /fiorello           
04.(07) dreams                          
05.(--) mr.vain                         
06.(04) what is love                    
07.(--) rich girl/louchie lou+michie 1  
08.(--) convulsion/dj maleba            
09.(03) usura/sweat                     
10.(--) life                            
interesting "new" number one hmm......  
and now the spanish charts!             
01.(02) 5 live                          
02.(01) what is love                    
03.(03) life                            
04.(05) elta/viceversa                  
05.(04) mr.vain                         
06.(08) all that she wants              
07.(--) can't help falling...           
08.(06) baracuda/dj dero                
09.(--) viva la fiesta/p pit            
10.(09) encores/dire straits            
ub 40 sux! cool not to see what's up    
here..yeah..viva espana,as always!      
and now the last new songs that i will  
write down this time....                
back to the planet release "daydream"   
maria mc kee has released "i can't make 
it alone" (ed.: can't do  w h a t       
alone ??? hehehehehehehehehhe)          
m-people "moving on up"                 
a-ha "angel"                            
bob dylan (sorry,4got the song's name)  
depeche mode "condemnation" (i think)   
and now the australian charts...        
01.(01) what's up ?                     
02.(02) life                            
03.(05) living on my own                
04.(03) runaway train                   
05.(04) can't help falling in love      
06.(06) mr.vain                         
07.(07) happy nation                    
08.(10) 2 princes                       
09.(08) night in motion                 
10.(13) we're going on down/deadly sins 
yep...nack in the top 10...the          
deadly sins ....the rest is pretty      
boring,as these songs are in almost     
every european top 10..                 
besser 1 mal 1:5 zu verlieren,als       
4 mal 0:1 zu verlieren,eh?              
well..that's the end...hope ,these      
2 chapters have kept ya informed about  
the latest action on da real -music     
see ya next time!                       
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