Ahead 4 Editorial

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yoops.....finally you are able to       
read the 4th issue of a-head...         
i mean,it has got a delay of 1 week..   
but in fact that is nothing compared    
to other mags !                         
bizarre here,if you care...if not,      
i don't care either...!                 
bah..i wanna keep this chapter short,   
coz no one really cares for it,if       
you care,then leave a note on the       
votesheet,and the next editorial of     
a-head #5 in october or november        
will be longer...                       
aehem...this issue again contains       
the usual things that you all know..    
the  of coz my music-mix..plus          
sum more mixed chapters.....            
and some special things that change     
from issue 2 issue...                   
of coz again different music in         
every chapter....from next issue on.    
there'll be a new outfit for 90 %...    
(so we are not really sure about it..)  
with the next issue ,we'll start using  
musics that some if you have composed   
exclusively for a-head..more about      
it somewhere else !                     
i advise ya to read the whole mag,      
coz we have hidden something very       
interesting for almost everyone in      
every chapter..hehehe!                  
now something 4 the germans....         
there is a nice vmb-system that ya      
can reach via 0130..that means it       
is for free!                            
of coz my 2 groups,trance and           
alpha flight,have installed sum vmb's.. 
so if ya wanna leave us a message,      
do it like that!                        
then,when a computer "picks" the phone, 
and says "gruess gott...etc." ya have   
to dial the vmb that ya wanna reach!    
don't wait until the computer finished  
talking,else it fucks off...!           
the numbers:                            
trance :273                             
afl'70 :255                             
code 18:261                             
well..that might change ,so if it does  
not work,call me direct..               
ok..after ya heard that "beep"          
say something,and wait until you hear   
"vielen dank fuer ihre mitteilung"      
then ya can hang up,and we'll get       
right back to you..hehehe!              
important: ya can onlly reach this      
system at:                              
mo-fr:7 pm to 7 am                      
weekend:24 hours (sat + sun)            
else.a woman answers,and that means     
for you to hang up..hehe!               
for any questions ,call me              
this system is only 4 germans,as        
0130 are the german tollfreenumbers     
like 1-800 in usa or 060 in holland..   
etc...so they can only be reached       
from germany (the german ones only,of   
ok...now enjoy the mag..                
trance-the way a-head...                
addy in another chapter!                
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