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yep..ya loaded the newspart..           
ok..on the following lines,i (bizarre)  
will show ya ,what has happened since   
the release of issue 2 at the light-    
first the latest trance news:           
new members:                            
code 18                                 
doom (now renamed to gz)                
not anylonger members of trance are     
ok..here now the latest trance-status   
sunday,july 18th                        
doc holliday-leader,swap and orries +   
             editor of a-head           
bizarre     -co-lead ,megaswap,orries + 
             maineditor of a-head       
underdog    -code                       
twist       -crack,swap and orries      
cruncher    -modem and a little crack   
machinegun  -crack and a little swap    
murphy      -crack ,swap + orries       
code 18     -megaswap and orries        
light       -megaswap                   
fat freddy  -code                       
larry       -swap and crack,code +modem 
zapotek     -paper|gfx                  
corp        -gfx                        
mr.mister   -gfx ,swap                  
pigeon      -code                       
odysseus    -music                      
l'trimm     -crack and swap             
doom (gz)   -code                       
creat       -gfx                        
trance has now an independent legal     
section,whose members totally concen-   
trate on making demos...they can decide 
for themselves who to let join and who  
to kick..but of coz they are fully      
members of trance,and their productions 
will of coz be released under trance.   
and now over to other groups' news  :   
dannie/success had to join the austrian 
army on july 1st..he will have to stay  
there for 8 months !                    
mac/jam renamed into tabasco and joined 
sacred as 2nd group                     
lexi,darklord and hok were kicked out   
of legend                               
lexi then joined fairlight,so cyberdoam 
is a new flt-board!                     
trooper/ex vagabonds/lethargy joined    
corrosive left sacred and joined epic.  
code 18/trance joined sacred as 2nd     
the freshprince/ex brutal + dunex       
returned to the scene after a ling time 
and he is 16 years old,not 11 as an     
antinote against him showed us....      
according to smile/clique,the best      
discmag of 1992/93,script,is d e a d!   
yes..it's no joke...remix went to       
amiga..and that's it...only 5 turkish   
clique members are still in the scene...
the rest quitted or went to amiga!      
maybe clique will do another mag in     
the future...further more remix/clique  
wants ud to erase script from all charts
..of coz,we in trance have done it..    
so script won't appear anymore in       
a-head...of coz .if this hadn't happened
,script would have been the no.1 mag    
in our charts as well again..but now    
it's over..so,stop voting for it!       
anyone who still votes for script is    
a gigalamer from now on,as it is        
dead for sure,okay? stop voting 4       
script!smile wanted me to point that    
out !by the way...he (smile) will make  
a comeback sending soon...              
collector/excess left the scene         
the game quarx was "cracked" by several 
groups,including success,although       
it was just a presentation-game by      
the northern german group paralyze.     
"cracking" that game is as lame as      
cracking pd-stuff!(coz quarz is pd-soft)
hunter rejoined talent                  
excess got new members:fli/ex migs,     
and alien prophet/ex-delta-design!      
sentinel      -crack,lead               
sgt.pepper    -co-lead ,swap            
red rock      -swap ,crack              
cat           -swap and gfx             
mr.rage       -code                     
luka          -gfx,megaswap             
cst           -crack and code           
blue angel    -covers                   
spermbird     -swap                     
pneumatic     -code                     
knobby        -swap and modem           
fli           -swap+gfx                 
kid           -swapper                  
etheral       -coder                    
pulse         -coder                    
alien prophet -gfx                      
yildo was kicked out of sacred!         
the following guys joined crossline:    
lynx,iceman,d.j.bobo (ed.:cool name!)   
dj bobo,fireball,mr.friese              
decoy design is back in the scene !     
deekay joined crest (grafician)         
romulus/creatures thinks about quitting!
indigents is dead,as code 18 was sick   
of all the lazy members,especially      
the coders....                          
dr.disc once again quitted ,but has     
returned to the scene 5 weeks later...  
sailor/skylight designs/exile makes a   
new polish mag called astoria           
memberstatus :exile                     
splash      -hq,swap and gfx            
sailor      -megaswap,asotria (gfx)     
abject      -music                      
assailant   -megaswap,crack,code        
dale        -code                       
edhellon    -code                       
inside      -cover,gfx                  
josh        -code,gfx                   
lala        -swap                       
lothorien   -gfx                        
mallory     -crack                      
mr.alpha    -code,swap                  
torin gr.   -cover,gfx                  
vistar      -code                       
bodycount,the australian group no.1     
has now formed the australian section   
of rebels...so all former bodycount     
members are noe rebels-oz members!      
their demo "fear" will soon be released!
amc      -hq,gfx,swap                   
hypnos   -code                          
beliar   -music                         
maxland  -cack,swap                     
borek    -megaswap,crack                
robber   -code,crack                    
kevin    -code ,swap                    
akadem   -code,music,swap               
dictator -gfx,swap                      
chad     -code,crack,swap               
enigma,dominators,vision and x-rated    
are dead,and should be removed from     
all charts!                             
doom (gz) and l'trimm joined trance     
dogfriend /ex-dom left the scene        
stan left orgado and is now only in     
equinoxe,who released their demo        
"fuel" some weeks ago                   
examiner/sacred left the scene          
(ed.: hahaha...what a nice joke!)       
extacy is in war with seal/amnesia      
the war between amnesia and entropy     
is over                                 
dr.dos/no name renamed into neil        
p7p got sum new members:                
angel and syco/arcoss who joined them   
as 2nd group!                           
memberstatus  :p7p                      
in the car of charlie/varsity ,who      
died ,as he crashed in fulda/germany    
,also was murphy/trance!                
tristar joined jam as a swapper         
sacred released their papermag          
hacker's unit recently..but there       
aren't any useful hacker info in it yet 
nevertheless it's a good paper mag..!   
the gee/xentax joined jam as musician   
2-pac is dead,d-sigma joined maniax,    
style quitted                           
illusion is not dead!!!!!!              
pvl renamed into magic friend and       
joined slash                            
tricket/ex-dom joined visual reality    
bizarre/trance left his 2md group       
amnesia..3 weeks later they kicked      
out all foreign (ed.:non-dutch) members.
mac 2 left chromance and joined amnesia 
as musician                             
maybe coma light 10 was the last oxyron 
demo ever! (ed.: that was on a sheet    
that tts filled...so it is not just a   
lame rumour by someone who wants to     
turn oxyron down!)                      
black samurai/jam joined camelot        
cevin/ex vision rebuilt radius          
memberstatus: rebels|oz (ex-bodycount)  
shades,collector,system error,the hegg  
8-ball and maxell                       
edwin/rebels-oz is the same as          
vengeance /success                      
animal left amplifier and joined        
slash designs                           
bigfoot/ex-paramount joined rsi         
as paying member                        
memberstatus: lithium                   
night wanderer,sir lancelot,black adder,
majikthise (ed.:what ?),the butcher,    
biz kid and rrr /oxyron joined the      
gfx-lable "mystic arts" next to their   
activities in oxyron !                  
the paralyze party had to be cancelled! 
(ed.: that was on a sheet of pat/       
paralyze,so it's no lame rumour to      
destoy the party...)                    
ozzy got kicked out of antic            
creeper/flash and eliz/gothic joined    
them...stormlord/wow joined them        
as 2md group                            
achilles/acrise started sending out     
again after a break of 1 year           
microwave(ex-steppenwolf) /ex-hysteric  
who quitted 1 year ago,is back,as       
modemtrader in sacred !                 
robocop/atlantis has been caught for    
selling illegal stuff!!                 
death is dead..bacillus ,necromantic    
and allitaice built up citadel!         
so all you death fans have now to vote  
for citadel,coz these 3 guys were the   
active ones in death!                   
firewalker/tnc is back! he hasn't       
sent the last 5 months,coz a junkie     
stole his post...now the cops got him.. 
(the junk) in all 245 sendings are lost.
bad luck...                             
dos/adsr joined spirit,so spirit        
now has his own musicgroup called       
toxyc joined presence as a grafician,   
swapper and coder !                     
stephen/ex-afl'70 joined epic           
dj/varsity has been caught 4 stamp-     
cheating,but he will of coz continue    
swapping !                              
that's all!                             
hope ya are a bit informed now....      
trance-the way a-head !!                
music by oliver klee/dos                
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