Ahead 3 Slogans

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yo!welcome to the slogan chapter,your   
group is looking for a slogan ? well    
here you will find some slogans so use  
or enjoy reading them !                 
sex,drugs,animalsfucks yeahh thats..... 
no disc no sun, groupname the lamers    
number 1(ed.slogan for your fake label) 
maybe you are cool,but we are cooler!   
we 're not the #1,but the best!!        
show no mercy - groupname               
simply the rest - groupname             
you feel the pain and you are happy!    
there must be som angels-groupname      
accept no slips - groupname             
god versus groupname,god loses!!        
we dont care what you think as we       
are the number 1-groupname              
back from hell and beaming up to heaven 
who is red sector? - groupname          
no style,no future -another fake slogan 
the gays number one -fakelabel          
the production of the gods- groupname   
the coolness of groupname simply rules! 
accept that we're the number 1!!!!      
now a slogan for some germangroups      
die potenzbullen gruessen die schwanz-  
the diffrence between your group and us?
you are lame!!(ed.for some arrogant     
the sovereign of the scene are back!    
groupname- test the best - groupname    
groupname-our day will come.......      
we dont need your votes coz we know     
that we are the best!!!                 
give it up - groupname                  
what the others want to be!-groupname   
       - load next chapter -            
music by pearl/bodycount                
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