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bizarre here with sum mixed stuff !!!   
first i show ya the list of best        
01.(--) falcon       9                  
02.(--) neil         5                  
   (--) dr.kaos      5                  
   (--) pussymaster  5                  
   (03) jazzcat      5                  
you are the top 5 spreaders and will    
get a little present in the next few    
weeks....next time again the top 5      
spreaders get something...              
here the rest of the  sheet spreaders:  
06.(12) heat         4                  
   (04) starlight    4                  
08.(07) antifan      3                  
   (--) new-design   3                  
10.(--) awa          2                  
   (--) stan         2                  
   (--) shockwave    2                  
   (--) red rock     2                  
   (--) mr.warp      2                  
   (--) gobus        2                  
and there are 12 guys that spread 1     
sheet! but ya have to spread at least   
2 sheets to see yer name here,hehehe!   
thanx 2 ya all...and keep  it on..      
in total i got 160 sheets for this      
issue! 67 of 'em were spread by         
non-trance guys...that is 41.875 %      
i think that is a pretty good result..  
i hope it will be more than 50 % next   
time spread by non-trance guys...       
something else now....maybe ya have     
heard that i (bizarre) got caught by    
the post....well..actually it wasn't    
the glue that made them suspicious..but 
they noticed me sending out with        
10 pf.stamps to foreign countries very  
often..and so they kept these sends...  
but nowadays i get sent back stamps i   
used with 2 words written by a postal   
sucker near the cheated stamp:          
"manipulierte marke" that means         
manipulated stamp...so they also        
noticed that now...they haven't got     
me or so..and they don't see it always, 
but i don't trust them so much anymore..
.so please if ya haven't heard from     
me for ages ,then probably the post     
has kept either mine or your send...    
especially when ya used to send to      
2800 bremen 5 before the new postcodes..
forget that....in any case of long      
waiting...recontact me please with      
the following  o n l y  real adress:    
plk 145872 e                            
28195 bremen                            
germany !                               
ok ? cool...                            
maybe i gotta change the addy someday...
but not yet.......                      
wir danken fuer ihre aufmerksamkeit...  
and now the promised record-review...   
well..i have seen lotsa of so called    
recordreviews in other mags ,but        
mostly they arem't worth one single     
penny...coz they (mostly) ,just list    
the songs,and give points or a          
percentage....but ya don't learn        
anything about the songs....that's why  
i last time wrote something about       
every song of "no limits" by            
2 unlimited...                          
this time i will give ya my feelings    
about the new album by culture-beat     
who currently have a no.1 hit "mr.vain"!
the album is called "serenity"          
and it features 12 tracks,+ a nice      
little extra..more about that later...  
maybe first sum info about culture beat:
culture beat are                        
1. torsten fenslau                      
2. peter zweier                         
3. nosie katzman                        
4. steven levis                         
furthermore the current vocalists:      
1. (beautiful) tania evans              
2. jay surpreme                         
in 1989 culture beat had their first    
hit in germany called "der erdbeermund" 
it was shit in my eyes..there also      
exists an english version called        
"cherry lips" ..then they never had     
a hit again in germany until mr.vain    
but "no deeper meening" was a hit       
in other euro-countries....including    
spain !                                 
well..then now we have mr.vain ,number  
one in germany for 5 weeks now,and      
in july they released the album i'm     
gonna review now.....                   
i don't know if there maybe exists      
another album by them that they         
maybe released 1990 or so...if that     
exists..can anyone send it (a copy)     
to me ???                               
track 01  serenity    2'16''(2:16 mins.)
actually this isn't a real song....     
it's just sum computer sounds including 
a male voice speaking slowly to ya      
"......you are now approving with the   
hypnotic sounds of culture beat"        
so i won't include that track in my     
overall ratings....                     
3 seconds after ya could here the above 
written sentence,it really starts       
track 02   mr.vain        5'37''        
you all should now this song...is it    
based on snap's "rhythm is a dancer"    
and it seems to have as much success    
as the best selling single in 1992...   
(rhythm i.a.dancer of coz..)            
rating : 97 %                           
track 03  got to get it   5'21''        
ya immediately notice that it isn't     
as good as mr.vain.....but it's not     
bad either....it's good to dance to     
but i don't think it would do so well   
as single-release...although it         
has sum kicking parts...maybe that      
can become a single-release someday..   
rating : 79 %                           
track 04  world in your hands  5'33''   
first impression: it's slowlier...      
after 5 seconds she (tania evans)       
starts singing...hmm...it's kind of     
boring ..a slow beat....then jay        
surpreme starts singing (or lets say    
talking) ..a bit like captain hollywood 
does in their latest "all i want"...    
if ya like that ya will also like this  
culture beat track....but it's too      
slow and boring for me...               
rating : 51 %                           
track 05  adelante          5'38''      
adelante is spanish and means something 
like "let's go "                        
the song starts funny...a computerized  
voice says "adelante" then the          
usual dance beat..                      
well.this song won't be a singlereleas  
for sure...but i like it ....it's funny 
and then the "guy" starts "talking"     
spanish with a horrible accent..hehe    
the chrous goes like that               
"adelante!la puerta esta abierta"       
it means "let's go ! the door is opened"
the beat is a bit like "te quiero "     
by intrance feat. d-sign..but           
it's not as good as "te quiero"         
well...nothing really changes in that   
rating  : 71 %                          
track 06   rocket to the moon  5'47''   
that track is nothing special...just    
the normal beat,and average vocal       
parts.....nothing to report.....        
rating  : 59 %                          
track 07  anything       6'24''         
first impression:cool! yeah..it         
sounds good...the beat is a bit stolen  
from "no limit" by 2 untld...but that   
makes it so good of coz....1 minute     
passed by and still no vocals...        
there we go...they are a bit shit..     
sorry...but it's true...the beat keeps  
on being good...ah ..jay surpreme comes 
with a rapping part ...pretty good      
and fast....                            
in all a pretty good track as the       
female vocals ( the bad ones) only      
make about 30-40 seconds of the entir   
6'24'' song...hehe!                     
rating:  77 %                           
track 08   key to your heart   4'9''    
hmm..it begins very slow...shit...      
argll...it should be a ballad or what?  
oh dear...why do dancegroups always     
put ballads on their albums...i         
remember very good the 2 fakes on       
"no limits" by 2 unlimited....but this  
one here is even worse than the 2 untld 
rating :  18 %                          
track 09  the other side of me  4'52''  
puuh..no ballad ..haha !                
hm...again an average dance-song...     
but a bit slowlier than the usual ones..
..but after about 90 seconds,it         
suddenly becomes cooler,as a new        
sequence started.....hmm...but in all   
it is no real masterpiece...            
rating:  66 %                           
track 10   the hurt          4'15''     
again nothing special...just sum        
talking by jay surpreme and singing     
by tania evans..and a usual dance-beat..
..not bad ,but nothing to be really     
rating  : 70 %                          
track 11    mother earth    6'11''      
a very slow begin....but it gets faster 
after 1 minute..wow...a cool sequence   
starts..a bit like "music is my life"   
by chase.....cool!!then sum pretty      
boring vocals start....anyway the song  
is about destroying the environment and 
the earth etc..but i just judge the     
music not the lyrics...                 
well in all..it not that bad...but      
again no really great one....           
rating  : 72 %                          
track 12 (last one )                    
              serenity     7'51''       
it's the longest one on the whole       
album..and finally there is a track     
that could become a hit....really the   
whole album consisted of albumfillers...
(except mr.vain of coz ) ..             
but this one is good....and could be    
the 2nd single....cool beats and also   
different basses and sequences..not     
always the same as in most previous     
rating : 82 %                           
well...then the nice surprise...        
after the last song,ya can first hear   
the voice of tania evans and then       
the one from jay surpreme,telling some- 
thing about where they are "callimg"    
from....a cool idea i think...          
in all the album is pretty disappointing
only mr.vain really kicks....           
so overall rating is only               
 69 %                                   
i expected more....anyway...            
that 's it for this time's albums       
let's see if i find something nice      
again for next time!                    
by the way.....if you want an album     
to be reviewed ,just send me a copy     
of it including a tracklist,and         
i'll review it for sure.....            
remember that i hate rock/heavy..etc..  
if ya want the culture beat album,      
send a 75 or 90 min. tape to me ,and    
i'll copy it for you..                  
if ya want the "no limits" album by     
2 untld., send a 60 min.tape            
of coz for anything about a-head and    
also for swapping ,100 % reply of coz!  
call anytine +xx/(0) xxx/xxxxxx ,xxxx   
load something else!                    
trance - the way a-head !               
music by ???                            
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