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                last words              
 today we wanna talk about the stupid   
 things which happens every day in this 
 topic:a guy who is new in the scene    
 contacts some wellknow guys this guys  
 said baehh another lamer but what in   
 gods name is a lamer?? well helmut kohl
 is a lamer.guys who thinks that they   
 are the best and in the reality there  
 were nothing only a butt-face or shit. 
 you must know that the best years of   
 this compie are long time ago and it   
 needs the help of all the new groups,  
 swappers and so on but some guys says  
 we dont need lamers for this scene but 
 they forget that long time ago they    
 started as so called lamers, this stu- 
 pid guys said  maybe in  the past i    
 was a lamer but now i'm elite and i'm  
 too good for swap with lamers.i think  
 everybody needs a chance so give new-  
 comers a chance for start a career on  
 this machine and dont forget that we're
 human and we have a brain so think be- 
 fore you speak .                       
 topic:send me the stamps or i drop you!
 i understand that these guys say this  
 because they need the stamps for their 
 next sending, but maybe they can       
 say please send my stamps back coz i   
 need it and i dont wanna lose you as   
 contact i think that when you said this
 to your contacts they send always your 
 stamps back.be friendly,and you are    
 welcome says doc holliday.......       
 topic:i kick you because you are to    
 this sentence many leaders say to one  
 of his members when he thinks that this
 guy is to unactive and he kick the     
 member! but why???? well maybe the guy 
 have reasons for his unactive time may-
 be they have some problems with his    
 parents or problems with his girlfriend
 before i kick someone out of trance i  
 ask him if he has reasons for his un-  
 active when he say my compi is broken  
 and i have no money for repair the     
 compie i say ok!you must ask before you
 kick says doc holliday!!!              
 topic:some contacts send me the same   
       stuff that i send him!!!         
 i send one of my contacts our latest   
 cracks after one week he send me the   
 same stuff,only cracked from his group 
 i know that every group will spread his
 own stuff but what are the basics of   
 swapping,at the beginning of this scene
 the most guys swap to get  the latest  
 stuff.and its normal when i send       
 him new stuff and not the same stuff   
 which he send to me from his group!    
 i try to improve my sendings and i     
 never send my contacts the same games  
 only cracked from my group!            
 come back to the basics of swapping!   
 topic: i say to a guy your group is    
 lame but only as joke after some weeks 
 i get  from this guy a sending he      
 says that my group was lame  and that  
 he will made war against me,i was      
 shocked coz i  tell the sentence only  
 as joke!what i mean is dont take all   
 the notes and antinotes to serious than
 real life is for you important not what
 some idiots are talking around.        
 ok thats all for this issue enjoy your 
 day and have a good time!!             
       the ahead staff in 1993          
music by ???                            
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