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   welcome to the bullshit chapter !!   
 well lets start with the single charts 
    1. i wanna sex you up-moloch/a      
    2. sexy motherfucker -mindcrime     
    3. cry for help      -vizz          
    4. memorys           -frank/enigma  
  well moloch rules the  charts our     
  chartbreaker this month were midcrime 
  with a song about his gay friend.vizz 
  still on the top,frank/enigma is a new
  entry well thats all folks!!!         
  -did you know that the most wanted    
   tool is the dir master!!!            
  -did you know that the bitmania is    
   dead,i say this because some butt-   
   heads vote for this mag!!            
 -did you know that aslive is back in   
   the scene!!                          
 -did you know that dominators,enigma   
   are dead!!!                          
 -did you know that the game releases   
    this year are stronger than  last   
 -did you know that every member of rsi 
  pays 20 dm  to be in rsi,some members 
  pay more some members pay nothing!!!  
 -did you know that black girls aren't  
  so cool in bed as everybody thinks !  
  (you made some bad experiences with   
   one, didnt't you doc ???)-underdog   
 -did you know that the light-party was 
  really cool only to less c-64 party   
              true story                
an expensive new jaguar car is driving  
along the motorway at high speed. a     
police car overtakes it, showing its    
stop sign, and so the jaguar stops. a   
policeman gets out of the police car and
and walks over to the jaguar with an im-
portant expression on his face."hello   
and congratulations,sir. you have just  
one hundred pounds! your car to drive on
this new part of the motorway," says the
policeman. the expression on his face   
becomes almost friendly! " can i ask you
something? what will you do with the    
"i think i'll pay for a few driving     
lessons with it, so that i can take my  
driving test," answer the man in the    
"don't you listen to him,officer"says   
the pretty blonde girl in the front     
passanger seat."he's drunk and talking  
before the officer can say anything, a  
voice from the back of the car complains
"didn't tell you? i kew you coudn't get 
very far in a stolen car!!!!!!          
  - did you know that nearly all the old
    pals on this machine think the c64  
    is coming to his last days but we in
    trance know that there ia a new gen-
    eration  of users in the scene and  
    that the scene will be stronger as  
    on his best days(86-90)             
  -did you know that success will maybe 
   release their mag "bildzeitung" again
  -did you know that now the magreviews 
   are coming up !                      
  well this time we made a little review
  of   jamaica from the guys in j.a.m   
  editorial:in this chapter iopop gaves 
            the credits,instruction say 
            thanks to some guys and bla 
  news     :all in all the news were ok.
            only some news were dammed  
            old but the news in jamaica 
            are better as in some other 
addies part1: keiner hier keiner da...  
addies part2: alle sind in kanada.      
  charts   : now, the jamaica crew set  
             a new standart the charts! 
             i think what shock(the mag)
             are for the boardgroups,   
             jamaica is for the swapper-
 interviews: some nice interviews!!!    
 tcc       : a good party report made by
tcc results:the name of the chapter says
tcc live interviews: again some inter-  
                     views done on the  
                     tcc party.         
 searching: for the guys who're search- 
            ing something!              
 readers page: here you found an article
               done by pat/paralyze who 
               wrote about ranks.       
 at last : last words done by iopop!!   
 thats all folks,i think that jamaica is
 at the moment one of the top ten mags  
 in the scene so i give them            
      8,12 points of 10,1 points        
          doc holliday!                 
       - load next chapter -            
music by ???                            

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