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            !! REACTIONS !!             
hi guys..... yepa here the machine to   
give you some answers to your reactions!
and please try to read the IMPORTANT    
text under the many reactions!!         
the first reaction is from: SMILE/clique
jo men! what can i say! everytime       
excellent issue of addybook! good work! 
dear smile: yep thanx for the nice and  
            short reaction! okay hope   
            you like this issue too!!   
            see ya!                     
now a reaction from: SPLATTERHEAD/vagab.
yohoo redaction, addybook is a very cool
mag i go on with it like that,but change
the outfit soon so it looks different   
coz i only saw the addybook with this   
outfit so far. keep doing addybook and i
keep voting ,o.k.?                      
dear splatterhead: first thanx for your 
                   reaction. yes the out
                   fit, i can say wait  
                   only of issue 010!   
                   but first we will do 
                   a break with addybook
                   coz the most of the  
                   addybook editors driv
                   e in the summer for  
                   some weeks in the    
                   holliedays! issue 10 
                   should come out in   
                   august and ofcoz with
                   a totally new outfit!
                   let's wait of issue10
                   okey see ya!         
an reaction from: STATIC/gothig designs 
cool mag!! write the group name of the  
dude which is in the charts!!           
dear static: jo thanx for the little but
             cool reaction! i will told 
             it the hq editors and maybe
             you can see it in this     
             issue! okey see ya!        
now an reaction from:    ACHILLES/acrise
hi guys! thanx for a very nice mag! it's
userfriendly and the text layout is good
,but try to have more metal in the music
dear achilles: it's good that you like  
               the addybook! we will try
               to make addybook 10 again
               very userfriendly! you   
               want more metal in the   
               music scene i write it   
               the editors of the music 
               scene maybe they will    
               review more metall! but  
               i hope the will review   
               too more techno/tekkno   
               he,he,he!! okey see ya!  
these reaction is from:        MJ/maniax
cool mag! it would have been better with
some more chapters and some more text.  
but the outfit are very good and the    
text is very easy to read!              
dear mj: you want more chapters?! if we 
         made more chapters so will     
         addybook comes out only every  
         2 nonth! if you want read more 
         chapter then please read one   
         of the big mags!! we have only 
         the important things in our mag
         you are the first guy the like 
         our very old outfit, i can say 
         very cool! okey enjoy this     
         issue! see ya!                 
next reaction from:         PACIFIC/f4cg
the mag rises, which leaves all other   
"addy" magazines behind. stay hype, and 
release the next ish soon!              
dear pacific: first thanx the reaction! 
              i say only wait of issue10
              after the summer break!   
              and you see a mag like a  
              wet girlie!? see ya!      
now an reaction from:     ED of wrath d.
well, your mag has become better since  
you got more chapters! but, i think you 
should put more bitmap-graphics in it.  
it is quite boring to look at it when   
the graphic is only in 3 colors. i realy
can't see any big errors, perhaps a new 
outfit? well, your mag is good, but it  
can be better! i think the text is very 
good written and you also use good tunes
in the mag! there's nothing more to say 
about it!                               
dear ed: puuuhh realy big reaction! it's
         no many to say only that the   
         things they you want, can you  
         find in addybook 10!! more then
         a 3 color logo.... maybe one   
         new chapter.... i say only wait
         of issue 10!! see ya!          
and the last reaction from: ZOOKY/clique
your mag is really cool, keep it up like
that and that's the way to get my votes!
dear zooky: yep thanx for the reaction! 
            we will keep it up!! i hope 
            we have everytime your votes
            no more to say! see ya!     
and now the last from:   LUKE/ex-sunrise
cool that there are now 8 chapters! your
mag is now one of the better ones!!!    
keep on doing this cool mag!!!          
dear luke: yes let's 8 chapters rule!?  
           why should not be a mag cool 
           if it had only 3 chapters?   
           (news,addies,charts and maybe
           interviews?) i read in every 
           mag only these important     
           thinks!! okey hope you like  
           this issue!                  
as you can read in many text from me,   
you can see that we will do a 2 MONTH   
break with ADDYBOOK, coz the addybook   
HQ editors want code the new outfit and 
the most of the HQ editors drive for    
some weeks in the hollidays and so we   
can't release next month an issue! but  
anyway you can VOTE for addiebook coz   
the mag IS NOT dead!! and remember if   
you see in 2 month the new outfit, i    
think you all are very happy about it   
coz it looks not so lean as the old     
see ya ALL then!                        
                 yours MACHINE!!!       
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