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this is mr.mouse/xentax/blaze writing!  
how have you all been? i guess you are  
really fed up with this musicscene-chap.
but i can give you one advise only:     
if you're not interested: DON'T READ IT!
i have got some musicians for you this  
time! so, here comes the list:          
musicians reviewed:                     
1.sascha nagie/demons of sound          
3.tragic error/the imperium arts        
name   : sascha nagie                   
handle : sascha nagie/dos               
age    : ?                              
sex    : male                           
            space for review            
well, well. this is a guy who compares  
himself to big musicians like MARTIN    
GALWAY and JEROEN TEL.                  
that is not so strange, as his music is 
done in the same style as galway.       
only, it's not as good as galway.       
and it's not as good as jeroen tel in   
the m.o.n. days either.                 
so what is his music like, then?        
well, i'll try and explain.             
i am going to talk about a few zax from 
him in one time, because the songs are  
all alike. the songs i am going to      
mention are: "tel it to jeroen",        
"galway's wiz", "demons of sound" and   
"forgotten realms".                     
the first one is not bad. there are nice
sounds, solo is fairly good, but the    
drumssound is not up to standard.       
the accord sounds and basspatterns are  
repetive. so this song is maniacs of    
noise quality? no. it is not. the song  
is intended to beat mon, but it's just  
a cheap rip off. the sounds are very    
alike, that's true, but it just hasn't  
that feel. so, what do you get?         
a song with sounds that have long gone  
bye-bye and that would have been good   
if it wasn't so damn obvious that it    
was ripped from mon.                    
"galway's wiz" is actually the same     
story. the solo is sometimes false.     
i am not saying it isn't varied, oh no, 
it really is, but he should try and use 
other editors, other sounds, other      
styles! there is no way he will be      
exepted like this. at least, in my opin-
ion he won't. the song is good for a    
background music in a game or a mag,    
but i don't think mageditors would like 
to use this.                            
"demons of sound" contends nice varied  
bassloops, but again: galway rip offs,  
mon rip offs. and that is in my opinion 
really a shame, because he IS good.     
he forgets that there is more to beating
galway or m.o.n.! THEY had great        
"forgotten realms" is varied indeed,    
this songs is in addybook.              
well, i'll end this review.             
sascha is very good in ripping other    
peoples styles, but he misses the magic 
that those people DID have.             
and makes him a normal, basic musician, 
with no own style, but with some nice   
well, i hope he tries to quit the       
attempt of beating the magicians,because
he will only fail.                      
SASCHA NAGIE/DOS                        
introability    : 40%                   
melody          : 65%                   
rhythmetic feel : 70%        60%        
longplay        : 65%                   
name   : gerard kubiny                  
handle : gero/abadion                   
age    : ?                              
sex    : male                           
            space for review            
hhmm...there's not much to say about the
dude, as he has sent me one song only.  
but i'll review the chechoslowakian man.
i know it's his 4th music and it's done 
with DMC editor v2.0.                   
there are some good drumsounds, in my   
own opinion the snaredrumsound is just  
excellent! if he made it himself: bravo!
the basspattern is nice and has two     
changes. but it might get repetive.     
the solo however could have been much   
better. as the solosound itslef is empty
the whole solo get's an empty feel.     
and that reflects on the song.          
another reason for the emptyness of the 
song is, that he uses 1 track for each  
instrument. so: bass one track, drums   
one track and solo one track.           
he doesn't try and mix them, like mixing
bass, drums and chordsounds. that way   
the song would be filled and leaving    
space for the solo one track.           
i think he must try and improve on that,
but as he said it was his 4th music, i  
must say he will most certainly improve,
as he has done very well!               
well, nothing more to say about him!    
when you finished reading this chapter  
then please listen to his song in addyb.
his address is at the end of this chap. 
introability    : 62%                   
melody          : 55%                   
rhythmetic feel : 58%       56.25%      
longplay        : 50%                   
name   : tragic error/the imperium arts 
handle : ringo reuter                   
age    : 17                             
sex    : male                           
            space for review            
ahhaa!, i thought! another tia-member!  
i forgot to mention him in a memberstat.
from tia which i gave to you in addybook
number 10. so the memberstatus is now:  
the syndrom  : matthias hartung (18)    
gaston       : sebastian thiel  (17)    
tragic error : ringo reuter     (17)    
but back to the review. in the last     
zakplayer, at least the last i got(3)   
were a whole lotta tunes by this dude.  
i think about 55 percent. so, he is     
productive! but what about his tunes?   
well, i listened to all the songs, but  
i decided to put "day dreaming" in      
but i'll tell you something about the   
other songs as well.                    
"three men":                            
the song contains one bass pattern.     
there's a nice echo-solosound, but the  
solo itself is mostly repetive. the song
on the whole is somewhat varied.        
"uncle tom":                            
nice overall sounds, but the solo is    
basic. he tries to get that hubbard-    
effect in, but it's just not that       
perfect. he misses an inch.             
on the whole the song is repetive       
this has got a nice intro! but again the
solo is somewhat out of this world, it  
is not that melodic and doesn't reflect 
on the bass sometimes.                  
"day dreaming":                         
a good intro, which is nicely put       
together! i frowned at the drastic      
change though, but hey it's ok.         
nice backline, nice background! yes, the
accompanying bass+chord is good.        
the solo is varied, it ranges from      
"empty" to "real melodic"!              
the bass pattern however stays the same.
well, that was a bit of his songs.      
he sometimes has the filter not         
correctly arranged with the sound using.
so you get that irritating "click!".    
all in all, i'd say he is rather ok,    
but he has to get the repetiveness out  
and the solo's have to be stronger in   
the melodic meaning. but he fits nice   
in tia, and he's surrounded by good     
musicians, so the improving should not  
be a problem.                           
take an ear out an listen to his song in
addybook or his songs in other progr.   
again his address's at the end.         
introability    : 70                    
melody          : 58                    
rhythmetic feel : 58        59%         
longplay        : 50                    
rrrround up! this is it, folks! i'm off!
i hope ya still like my musicchapter!   
with mr.ammo leaving blaze and all.     
but hey, i don't give a damn.           
so, next time i'm going to review some  
other dudes. but: SEND YOUR MUSICS NOW!!
one final comment:                      
i hope you all liked my UNITED EUROPEANS
note. we must stop this dumb racism!!!!!
but please, left radicals, we must work 
together!!! only then we'll achieve     
to eliminate ultra-right.               
well, here is my address, after that    
there're the addresses of the musicians 
reviewed in this issue.                 
ok... i'm off... and i can't promise    
being in the scene for another year, but
hey, we'll see what future brings.      
(if there IS a future) xentax:          
mr.mouse/blaze       : leader,musician  
active/varsity       : musician,swap    
the gee/hitmen       : musician,swap    
ragman/comic pirates : musician,swap    
mateus/xentax        : musician,swap    
gop!/genius          : musician,swap    
peace/blaze          : musician,coder   
death/hitmen         : graphician,swap  
pina/xentax          : coder,swap       
for addybooks musictalk, xentax tunes,  
   ordering tunes and musicswap!!!!!    
gero/abadion   sascha nagie  tragic err.
------------   ------------  -----------
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    contact      contact  
xxxxx              d.o.s.       t.i.a.  
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