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     REVIEWS in addybook issue #12      
yo here you will ofcoz find the latest  
demo reviews! i try to test the latest  
releases from the last month! this time 
i review the new FACES demo and a grafic
show from the guys in SPIRIT! and a demo
      from a group called TABOO!!       
    chapter zak done by: drax/crest     
so let's start with the new faces demo  
        called: HENTAL MANGOVER         
first a automatic loader start the first
file. here can you see a little grafic. 
after this you arrived the real intro.  
hmm shit i sit here in front of a black-
white monitor. how ugly, wait some      
seconds i must get a better monitor. now
the intro goes near the end and the     
part is to see. hm here i see a vertical
raster tech tech, i think. really nice  
idea. it's looking great and the music  
and grafix are nice too. okay lets press
space for the next part. yo what see i  
here i see a really nice effect which is
a new one. a bitmap logo is a bit       
jumping around. okay let's press the    
mega key called: space to get into the  
new part. here i see first a black      
screen with a sound ofcoz and then i see
a nice logo,under the logo you can first
read some text and then you can see a   
chessbord with ofcoz world first effects
i think this is the best part in the new
demo from faces. really good work guys!!
all in all: 75%                         
  now we go over to the gfx demo from   
spirit! so let us see what's happend on 
the screen.                             
after loading the first part i can see  
the intro ofcoz with a very good grafic!
the music is like a very sexy girl!!    
after pressing space i arrived the load-
er part. really cool idea by the guys in
spirit. okey what see you here, here you
see the 'creatures' hero's!! they jump  
about the screen.... you can read here  
some information, try to use in every   
grafic show the stick!!! after loading  
the real picture show i see the first   
pic which was painted by: DECOY DESIGN. 
it's looking real nice. a dycper scroll 
is there too, where you can ofcoz find  
some information's. let's go over to the
next pic. oho here arrived me a really  
brilliant grafic ofcoz done by decoy    
design. keep on this guy!! now let's see
the next one. what should i say, again a
perfect grafic. in this part you can    
play a game like puzzle! a really cool  
idea to took a game into!               
next pic... yo here i see a grafic which
was painted by: CANE/spirit! here i can 
see another style as from decoy design, 
its looking nice too. ohh shit i arrived
the end pic. which is swinging around   
the screen. i hope to see soon again    
a grafic collection by these guys!!     
gfx: 85%                                
 now i review a demo from TABOO called: 
             PLACE IN SPACE             
after loading you arrived the intro with
a lot of scrolling stars. in the intro  
you can read some informations about    
these really unknown guys. some nice gfx
can you see here too. a irq-load routine
load the first demo part. here can you  
see some different vectors like: hidden 
vectors, transforming vectors, zooming  
vectors... and ofcoz all in realtime!!  
hmmm really cool part, in this part my  
eyes melt like a hot chocolate. now i   
see a really nice pic, the irq-loader   
load now the next part. yo in this part 
you can see some hires grafix, some look
nice and some not so nice but who cares 
about this? here can you find a dot     
routie too. now the next part is loading
ofcoz with a interupt loader. now i see 
the next part with a raytracing routine!
with ofcoz some new effects!! in this   
routie you can see 5 colors!! under the 
raytracing you can read a scroller where
the text is stretching. ohhh devil realy
cool these unknown guys in taboo! in the
next part you can see a fucking cool dot
scroller, coz the dotscroller is also in
the siderborder! ohhh man a fucking cool
part, but not a record in dots to find  
here, but very cool dotroutie here.     
after pressing space you can see again  
some nice grafix. yo i arrived the part 
but i must wait a bit coz here need the 
good old c-64 some time to calculate    
the sinus. ohhh my god the guys are     
really good,i saw again a raytracing and
a very nice grafic, puhh cool work. in  
this part you can paint your own objects
really cool idea!!                      
okey all in all is this demo a very good
work from these unknown guys! don't miss
this demo in your discbox!!!            
all in all: 85%                         
here is the end my friends so load one  
of the many other chapters and enjoy    
this issue, coz we had done our best for
these issue!! okey see ya all then!!    
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