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      INTERVIEW #2 IN ADDYBOOK #11      
hello guys again an interview this time 
we have talked with ELECTRIC/extend.    
this cool tune you now listining was    
done by steel/success.                  
so wang your joystick left to get some  
more informations about electric.       
? = scrapper/blz  :  ! = electric/extend
? hello electric, here now my first     
  question for you. please give our     
  readers some facts and info about     
  yourself and your family!             
! ok. in this dimension people call me  
  tommi musturi, what also have to be   
  said to be my real name. i got blond  
  hair and brown eyes and i'm 1,80 meter
  tall. anyway, i'm soon 17 years old   
  (earth time) i'm going next autumn to 
  the seventh form of secondary school  
  i living with my parents, my little   
  sister and my dog in the middle of    
  finnland (hey! did i mention that in  
  64th dimension, people call me        
? yes, i think the readers know that i  
  talk with electric, but now my second 
  quetion to you. when did you enter the
  c64 scene; which groups have you been 
  in and which group are you in now?    
! i think it was something around 1986. 
  i spend da first 1,5 years playing    
  games. then we built up our own group 
  "ziplers" later came "alpha" then i   
  joined in "genius" with barfly. we    
  left 'em, b'coz of their lazyness and 
  rebuilt "alpha". later tbb/traxion    
  (now tbb/hoaxers) asked if we could   
  built up a new finnish group together 
  with traxion's finnish section that   
  happened on 12.12.1989. the group was 
  named as "extend", and rest you should
  know. anyway, only former members are 
  barfly and i. we 're (and hopefully   
  will stay) fully finnish team. we 're 
  all very good friends novadays        
  (just came from our meeting, by the   
  way...). i list here our status, if   
  somebody wanna cry... extend is:      
  argon, atte, barfly, dr.acid, electric
  knight, mercenary, slade, thor, wide  
  and troublekeeper (11).               
? what's your job in your current group?
! don't ya know? i work as a cook.      
  naah, just a joke. ofcause i do half  
  of our gfx, while atte makes the rest.
  i've also 'round 30 contacs (i won't  
  take more!!). i'm also handling our   
  leading and pr.                       
? yo, tell us what are your future plans
  on the c64 and in real life?          
! in c64: i'll stay here till it's death
  i'll try to get extend famous and may-
  be draw some gfx for games. and of-   
  cause release at least 10 gfx-demos   
  in real life: i'll try to pass my ex- 
  amination with credit. then... i don't
  know... maybe i'll buy a spaceship    
  and fly to next galaxy. naah sounds   
  to original. i think i'll start to    
  study something which has conection to
  computer's and art. but who knows??   
  (not me...)                           
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
! it won't die as long as i'm alive!!   
  if c64 dies, i'll just buy an amiga or
  something even worster and built up   
  if it real would die... hmm. i'll     
  built up a new group. why? b'coz it's 
  much funnier to start from nothing and
  try to get your group to the top of   
  the hill.                             
? and now tell us what's/who's your     
! my favourites are:                    
  demogroup - origo                     
  crackergroup - arcade                 
  coder - bx                            
  musician - guy shavitt                
  swapper - (suck my dick)              
  gfx'er - ogami/flt, paladin/cli       
  mag's - (disk) script, (paper) pirates
  music band - paradize lost, danzig,   
               bad religion, lubricant, 
               asphyx, deicide          
  movie - bad taste                     
  girly - jo bench from bolltthrower,   
          a cow                         
  food - kebab                          
  drink - lapin kulta iii, coke, milk,  
? what do you like/dislike in the scene?
! i like: long letters, reading cool    
  mags (yo rmx!),parties,extend meetings
  boozing, new friends, well designed   
  demos and seeing someone of extend in 
  i ha-ate:CRACKS, lame cracks, reading 
  bad mags, getting a sending without   
  letter, which post have crunched 'n   
  levelsqueezed, wars coz of little 'n  
  stupit reason, guyz who quit the scene
? are you in other scenes too?          
! yes, in musicscene. underground death 
  scene. i and my friend are also making
  a finnish death'n'sick-zine called    
  simply: "sickness". what can i say    
  about it? eeh, it's much bigger than  
  c64 scene, but c64 is cooler, so...   
? do you like demos?                    
! i loo-ove demos. mostly i prefer cool 
  design and new 'n nice ideas. a demo  
  can be cool without cool code, but    
  a demo can't be cool without good de- 
? what think you is the best demo ever  
  done on c64?                          
! best demo? noope, i can't just mention
  a single one, nowadays almost every   
  demo is cool. in early days (85-89)   
  people didnt care so much 'bout design
  so you can't compare old'n new demos. 
  if i have to mention some, i'd say    
  "dutch breeze" from blackmail,        
  "elysion" from origo, "legacy ii" from
  flash inc. and from the past i remem- 
  ber some super swap sweden (sss) and  
  finish gold -demos.                   
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! i got: an old c64 (it's a bit weird,  
  coz when it has been switched on for  
  a hour, colours start to flash like   
  hell, so drawing isnt so eazy with it)
  oc-118n- diskdrive, 1541-diskdrive,   
  action replay 6, mitsubishi-tv, com-  
  petition pro-stick, navigator-stick   
  and over 700 disk's.                  
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! best friends? ooh. ofcause all my con-
  tacts are my friends, but i'll mention
  those kewl topaz-beerliners, collision
  remix'n'smile/clique, brego/arcade,   
  scorpie/f4cg, and everyone...         
? i guess you don't spend all your      
  spare-time you have in front of your  
  c64, so please tell us what you do    
  besides the c64.                      
! oh boy, that's not so short story...  
  i like listining to music and most of 
  my money i use buying some records.   
  and as i said i'm also making that    
  zine and it takes also helluva time.  
  i also like playing football, badmin- 
  ton and tennis. i also got my skate-  
  board and i usually spend at least one
  day on our ramp/week. i'm also a role-
  player, but we can't play so often. as
  some of our group adventures a year,  
  but i think that scrapper wouldn't    
  like it. what else? of courz i like of
  drawing on paper, a lot! (wait 4 some 
  new covers in future) that's all.     
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! no.                                   
? short answer, but the question torture
  won't end here. so now my next quest- 
  ion to you. do you know any perverts? 
! yes, many. but as there isn't any     
  elephants in my closet, i won't tell  
  you 'bout 'em.                        
? what do you think about the new kids  
  on the block?                         
! oh, you mean "old shits in the clock".
  ouh. i love this boys, they are just  
  so lovely. when i hear that "step by  
  step", "ooh baby...", my heart start  
  flapping like in heaven. noope just a 
  joke, my opinion: just a bunch of     
  gubba-gabba-gays jumping on da stage" 
? do you have a girl-friend?            
! no i don't have.                      
? do you have good habits?              
! i don't think so, but... hey i think i
  got one: when i start doing something,
  i usually do it properly to the end.  
  if someone ask me to do a logo for his
  her group, i'll do it as well, as it's
  be for my own group, no matter if the 
  group is lame or elite, they'll get   
  the same quality.                     
? like good habits you also must have   
  some bad habits. please give us three 
  of them.                              
! three bad habits, i bet you meant     
  threehundred. anyway...               
  1. i'm very lazy besides the scene    
  (that's my parent's opinion)          
  2. i always go to sleep 01.00 and then
  wake up 12.00 (when it's school-time i
  wake up at 6.30, so that means i sleep
  the 1st three lessons).               
? if you would win one million english  
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i'd give 'em for unicef, hahahaahaa!  
  what a silly idea. i'd buy a new c64  
  with jewel-keyboard and then 100000   
  liters of beer and booze. with da rest
  of the money i'd entice some nice     
  girls. and if there still is something
  left, i'd wipe my ass with 'em (hope- 
  fully no coins.)                      
? are there any guyz in the scene you   
  definitely wouldn't invite to your    
! no. i'd invite everyone, except those 
  blaze-loosers. (joke!) i don't have   
  any wars with anyone, so everyone is  
? by the way, when were you born?       
! 7th of august in 1975                 
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then please do...         
! to you all: thank you all for voting  
  me and extend, you keep me doing this.
  just keep on doing demos, and leave   
  the games alone.                      
? i thank you electric for this absolut-
  ly funny interview and leave you some 
  space to do some greets...            
! no greets, just big thanx for you     
  scrapper and all the other blazer's.  
  i hope i'll get this mag when it's out
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