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 NEWS & ROUMORS    in addybook issue 10 
sorry for this small chapter called news
you think we must have many news but the
most are 2 month old so we puplished    
only the latest ones that we got in the 
last month!!! move now your joy left!!! 
* static and fozzie re-joined GOTHIC    
  DESIGN after a short visit in WRATH D.
* dr.bit, rack and reason/triumwyrat    
  rebuilt MAJIC 12, speedy/ex-astral and
  d.s. joined them.                     
* the new majic 12 demo is out soon!!   
* shirley renamed into blue angle.      
* luke/ex-sunrise renamed into master   
* COMIC PIRATES cleaned their deck:     
  cyborg, ansgar, ragman, fef and phoe- 
  nix wre trowed over board.            
* comic pirates are now: pj, dj namix,  
  flim flam, vortex, jason, agnus, bit- 
  napper, leech, a-bomp, blue angle...  
* gordon/x-bit joined TRINOMIC as a     
  swapper and gfx'er                    
* bigfoot is trinomics new swapper in   
* the digital underground is dead, all  
  remaining members from tdu made the   
  crew THE CURE.                        
* the big hacker/the cure joined msr.   
* the cure memberstatus: 8-ball, slash, 
  maxell, iceman, dan, truse, patto.    
* jch isn't dead atleast. he still makes
  music for games. he only stoped his   
* stack j/STELLA  joined triumwyrat.    
* filter/STELLA joined fate.            
* sir gbs/lethargy joined fate.         
* XANT is dead. some members joined     
* shock and pinguin/EXTEND joined leth- 
* overload prv. and the whole game FIRST
* paranoid/TRIUMWYRAT changed name to   
  CRYPTODANCER and from now on he's the 
* there is a fake WRATH in australia    
  real wrath has only members in sweden 
  and one in norway.                    
* tmb and hawkeye/ex-extasy joined TOPAZ
* digit/CONIC took over the leadership  
  from william, coz he did go amiga.    
* malcolm/ex-confront joined conic.     
* mr.perfect/acrise is back in scene he 
  renamed into DESIGN and joined IMAGE. 
* bumboo and lopop left aragon to join  
* the english section of DEADLINE joined
  ILLUSION. members are: in europe:     
  sauron, richie, fist, hero, gene, baze
  freestyle, rebel, enemy, icecube,     
  derbyshire ram, cheif.                
  us and canada: pudwerx, ceberus, r.m. 
  prodigy, despier, prime evil, jazzman 
* PRINCES will release a mag called     
* ecstasy/oxyron will maybe left the    
* enduro has started as a co-editor in  
  world-news. he joined intruders.      
* extince came back to the scene and    
  joined MANIAX.                        
* ALIVE will release in june a absolutly
  new mag.                              
* MJ/maniax have been caught for cheat- 
  ing stamps, and the post have stolen  
  some of his sendings, so if ya miss   
  one from him send a disk.             
* HAMMER/graffity go to ibm.            
* vengeance/ex-sunrise is back in scene.
* JUSTICE is not dead.                  
* vengeance is at war with dna/pulsar.  
* streethawk is at war with slice/hype. 
* did you know that leech/cp and ragman 
  of proxyon are neighbours.            
* SWITCH released a simple demo.        
* TSR are working on a nice kickarse    
* tracker is working on a demo. it got a
  couple of world first!!               
* mac joined chromance.                 
* CHAOS FRONT renamed into marines.     
* alien renamed into aeg and joined fan-
  tasia. canabis also joined.           
* KADEM is back from the amiga trip to  
  code for accuracy!                    
* rimtrix/wow got a 2400 modem.         
* MET left f4cg to join mayhem.         
* MAD left tat to join mayhem.          
* chancer, mr.stark and toy wre kicked  
  out of babygang.                      
* rygar joined indigents.               
* code 18 joined the indigents and lower
* silver/baboons joined hitmen.         
* HITMEN worked on a demo called "1 year
* MERCURE is a new crackergroup formed  
  by some rebels members.               
* TAIFUN will release a disc-mag called 
  "pandaemonium" soon.                  
* taifun will release a new demo called 
  'time machine'.                       
* MUSICAL SCANDAL is a new music-group  
  built by BABYFACE/clique! smile/clq   
  joined them as spreader, he is still  
  in clq!                               
* ICE joined clique from israel!        
* CLIQUE have got an italian section.   
* janso'n'jonsku wre kicked out of clq. 
* trice/ex-oxyron joined clique.        
* stormbringer/ex-abyss joined clq too. 
* maybe STARION will hold in the winter 
  a CHRISTMAS-PARTY in denmark.         
* chotaire/poison joined image.         
* RRR joined oxyron as grafician.       
this are the last news that i found here
on the sheets so SEND, SEND, SEND, SEND!
more news & roumors!!!                  
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