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hi guys! yes you arrived after a long   
time of searching the review chapter of 
the mag 'addybook'! yep i machine will  
try to give ya some infos about 3 cool  
demos! i do only 3 reviews coz these    
reviews are mega reviews! if you readers
like more little reviews like in some   
mags then tell me and i will made short 
reviews too! if i made little reviews   
i will then test more then 3 demos! okey
but now let's start with the first demo!
this demo was done by some 'HUNGARIAN'  
guys! okey first after decrunching you  
can see an upscroller.after the upscroll
you arrived the real intro with some    
nice siderborder effects (sideborder    
logo and a sideborder fld scroller) the 
music is possible nice the grafix look  
nice too. after pressing space you load 
the next part... after decrunching you  
can hear a nice music and you see a     
nice logo. of the swinging logo you can 
see a very good dycper! but the best    
effect can you see about the logo. there
is a very cool scroller with very good  
effects in it. now i will press space so
let's see... upps a sideborder charset  
stretcher also not a bitmap stretcher!  
in this part i can hear a nice music and
i can see a nice logo. let's go over to 
the next part... yep and again you can  
see first a sideborderscroller and you  
hear a very nice music. after some time 
a logo flash out. and then came the     
best routie in this part, 2 very nice   
dypper! now let's see the next part...  
after decrunching a very cool music hear
my ears and again you can see a side -  
border scroll but there comes many      
siderborder scrolls i think '12'scroller
your screen is also full with scrolltext
let's kick the next part... shit this   
part fucked up on my disc hmm what now? 
i think i load the next from the disc.  
in this part i see a nice logo and two  
real good looking mega dycp's. the music
is okey. and again i press the long key 
to load another part. upps a realy cool 
part with a very nice circle effect i   
say only to ya, play with yar stick in  
port 2 too see some nice circle sinus.  
behind the circles you can see some     
rastersplits, nice idea to give the part
more design for your hungry eyes! and   
again i load the next part... here you  
can see a bitmap mover with a multi -   
plexer scroll. on the pic you can read  
'flip the disc'! i do it and press the  
long key to leave it. after loading and 
decrunchin i hear a nice music and i saw
a cool logo and then i saw the best     
routie in this part, i saw: a 'fli      
scroller with a tech tech' realy cool   
idea guys! now let's go over to the next
part. yes in this part you can see many 
'mini dycper' it's looking quite nice.  
the music is good too. next part guys...
yes this is the end part here is nothing
special only the music is quite nice.   
all in all i can say don't miss this    
demo in your collection if you collect  
demos!! now i will give ya the points   
for it! the points are from 100%-0%!!   
all in all: 70%                         
        BERNIES LIFESTYLE/T'PAU         
and now i will test here a demo from    
t'pau! this demo is realy a good idea   
coz in this demonstration you can read  
a story about a stonetime guy!! this    
guy must learn many things. the story   
is like a comic or a book. you can see  
many nice grafix with many jokes in it. 
if you read the story you can hear a    
very nice music coz in the demo is a    
interupt-loader include. i can say a    
good idea to do a demo like this here   
you can't c the same as in all the other
 08 / 15 demos (i mean dycp,vector...)  
here you can only see an very nice story
about a stonetime guy! an original idea 
sorry but i can't  give points for this 
demo coz it's another demo concept i    
think! but i can say don't miss it in   
your discbox!                           
idea: GOOD!                             
                                USE JOY!
 and now i will test the story from the 
              guys in wow!              
        THE WOW STORY PART2/WOW         
okey let's test the new wow demo. after 
decrunching you can see a big flashing  
text.after the flashing text you arrived
the real intro. here you can see some   
credits and addies. okey let's press    
space to go on. now i'm in the next     
part here you can see nothing special   
routies only a sideborder scroll. the   
grafix looking nice, the music is good  
too but a bit old. next part.... what   
can you find here? i see some nice bobs 
and some sideborder effects also not    
bad this part. the music is very good   
a kind of silents i think. about the    
bobs you can see a logo. next part....  
uppps a very cool part, then you can    
see a lot of scroller. the text scrolls 
like a 3d scroll, also very nice in my  
eyes. in the right and left sideborder  
you can see some rasterbars. okey now   
we go over to the next part. yo this    
part is a special one i think. here you 
can see a stretching wow logo with some 
real good effects. but you have to wait 
some seconds, before you see the real   
good effects. next part.... yo in this  
part you can see a fli plasma and 3 big 
scroller. you can hear an old but very  
good music, nothing special things more.
also next part...yo in this part you can
see two bouncing scroller up and down   
about a wow logo. also nothing special, 
next part comes soon... yes i arrived   
the end part. i hear a very nice music  
and i see a very nice fli logo. nothing 
special but very nice design. now i will
go over to the points for this nice demo
all in all: 75%                         
                                USE JOY!
yes it's true you arrived the sad end   
of my chapter 'reviews' but wait some   
weeks and a new issue with new reviews  
strikes back in your c64! see ya then!  
              ADDYBOOK HQ               
                germany            !END!
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