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the next interview was done by mr.ammo! 
it's an interview with PACIFIC/TRIAD!   
? - is the question.                    
! - is the answer.                      
well, let's start...                    
? hello, please give our readers some   
  facts and info about yourself and your
! my first name is alex(ander), and at  
  this time i should be 16 years of age 
  (my birthday is the 12th of august,   
  all kind of gifts are welcome). i'm   
  attending the fourth grade of the     
  (dutch) high-school at the moment.    
  i have one brother and two sisters    
  nothing special about them, they      
  aren't interested in computers.       
? when did you enter the cbm 64 scene;  
  which groups have you been in and     
  which are you in now?                 
! well, as i'm known as a group-jumper  
  it's kinda hard to list all groups,   
  well, let's start... i began in akrak 
  and eternal(both almost at the same   
  time). from that moment i was in      
  following groups like... (correct     
  order): acrise, seven eleven, arcon+  
  legacy, sunrise/varsity, sunrise/     
  silicon ltd; f4cg, trc, f4cg, triad   
  and hopefully it will be the only     
  group from now on. by the way i       
  started about one year ago.           
? what's your job in your current group?
! my job in triad is sreading and       
  getting new oris.                     
? what are your future plans on the c64 
  and in real life?                     
! my plans on the c64 is/are to learn   
  cracking, to be a megaswapper again   
  and to be one of the best swappers in 
  the scene! no "real life" plans yet.  
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die, and why?             
! i don't know, i think i would try to  
  join those groups i admire. if that   
  would fail, i'd build my own group!   
? what's/who's your favourite...        
* demo-group        - offence, censor   
                      design, triad.    
* cracker-group     - illusion, talent, 
                      x-factor, triad.  
* coder             - yup, king fisher, 
* musician          - fly/varsity       
                      the syndrom.      
* swapper           - baze/illusion     
* magazine (paper)  - bullet proof (cool
* magazine (disk)   - script, sh0ck.    
* music artist/band - public enemy (yeah
* movie             - what about bob,   
                      lethal weapon 3.  
* girlie            - tatjana simic,    
                    christina applegate 
* food              - french fries,     
- drink             - coke, beer,       
                      "sneeuwwitje" - a 
                      mixture of beer   
                      and seven-up!     
? what do you like/dislike in the c64 - 
! i like wars (only if my group isn't   
  involved), the amount of swapper and  
  groups. i dislike guys with a lame    
  behaviour (thinking that thuy are just
  everything), lamers with a big mouth  
  (klf+emf) and guys who send broken    
? are you in other scenes too?          
! well, i used to be in the graffity    
  scene, but i'm up to no no good at all
? please tell us what you like about    
  that scene.                           
! what's fascinating me in the graffity-
  scene is that you have to be careful  
  (cops) and that you meet lots of other
  guys (i've met a guy called mozer, he 
  did some paper gfx for me. from him i 
  learned to draw graffity on paper).   
? do you like demos?                    
! yes, a biiiig "yes" is the answer. the
  only thing what's keeping me staying  
  in the scene are demos and cracks, but
  i think demos ar much more original   
  than cracks. groups which i admire are
  offence, censor, triad (yes), and     
  horizon, for their brilliant work. the
  best demo of all time is wonderland 6.
  it was the first megademo i got.      
  i simply love those samples from      
  swallow/censor which are in this demo!
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! well, i own a c128 and an old c64, a  
  1541-ii diskdrive, around 1500 disks, 
  an action replay vi cartridge, a mps- 
  1250 black/white printer and one      
  little monitor.                       
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! my best friends are... trash/sunrise, 
  vector/varsity, calypso+nit-1/f4cg,   
  mc-t-fly/trc, mr.ammo/blaze, rustler/ 
  tsr, fanatic+transect/ex-pulsar,      
  airtec/ex-decade, twynn/acrise/shine, 
  merlin/image and falcon/accuracy.     
  of course also all my contacts and    
  of course jesus/silicon ltd.          
? i guesse you don't spend all your     
  spare-time you have in front of your  
  c64, so please tell us what you do    
  besides the c64.                      
! well, most of my spare-time goes to   
  the c64. the rest is spent on watching
  movies/television, playing on the     
  megadrive, listening to funky music   
  tapes and reading marvel comics.      
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! well, i'm listed in the local-police  
  computer,because of vandalism, sitting
  on cars, vandalize garages, and phone-
  boxes, hanging out with the local     
  "scums". no problem on the computer   
  till now!                             
? do you know any perverts?             
! do you mean guys like nit-1/f4cg?     
  (incest? what's that?). just kidding! 
? do you have a girlfriend?             
! i used to have one in my former life! 
? do you have good habits? (3 of them)  
! ahum, that's a tough one. three good  
  1. i'm open handed,                   
  2. i'm an honest guy,                 
  3. i don't keep my mouth shut.        
? okay, now give us some bad habits...  
! that's easier (or not?). three bad    
  1. i don't keep my mouth shut.(i some-
     times say thinges i'm not allowed  
     to say),                           
  2. i never clean up my room,          
  3. in the morning i have a bad temper.
? if you would win one million english  
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i would give a part to green peace and
  wwf, the rest i would keep for a world
  journey, for a big house in l.a.(usa) 
  and for a copy-slave. (hey pacific,   
  i don't think one million english     
  pounds is enough, right?-mr.ammo)     
? are there any guys in the c64 scene   
  who you definetely wouldn't invite to 
  your birtday-party?                   
! yes, airwolf/gp (he would plunder my  
  refridgerator), yank/scs (he knows    
  why) and the proxyon crew.            
? by the way when were you born?        
! well, on a beautiful day at the 12th  
  of august 1976, my beatiful (?) eyes  
  saw the world.                        
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words the please do...          
! if anyone of you got hot originals    
  then you should contact me with it and
  you all mustn't take the scene too    
? i thank you for this interview and    
  leave you some space to do some       
! well, also thanks for wanting me to be
  interviewed and the greetings...      
  mancer/triad, the rest of triad, the  
  addybook staff, dense/hysteric, rcs/  
  legend, baze/illusion, guzzler/brutal,
  crossfire/image and all those who i   
  mentioned as my friends. furthermore  
  earthshaker/scl, bat+slice/hype and   
  wasted battery. that's all folks...   
          phone: +xxxxxxxxxxxx          
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