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hello there welcome to the first inter- 
view done with A-MAN /arcade!!!!        
   the following signs standing for:    
? = scrapper /blaze                     
! = a-man /arcade                       
so move now your joy to read this cool  
interview to get more informations about
? hello a-man, please give our readers  
  some facts and info about yourself and
  your family!                          
! yeah, my real name is steven diemer   
  and i have one brother which is       
  29 years old. my parents are diforced 
  and i live at my mother's home. i wear
  glasses and a beard. i'm 1,86 m tall  
? yo, when did you enter the c64 scene; 
  which groups have you been in and     
  which group are you in now?           
! i got my c128 in december '89. i lamed
  around till january '90, coz then i   
  built up my own cracking-group 'the   
  cracker devils (tcd)'. i had ca. 20   
  contaxts and we were ca. 5 members in 
  tcd. we mostly cracked magig disc shit
  or buyed from gp some hot originals...
  in may/june 1990 i joined the group   
  tropic which exists today again with 2
  old real members... in tropic i com-  
  posed with future composer some nice  
  musix which i had spreaded in a tropic
  music-shower! that was the beginning  
  of being famous... in some mags i en- 
  tered on place 10... after tropic     
  died i got an offer from the group    
  acid. i joined and one month later    
  acid died! at this timepoint i told to
  me that i won't join such a fuckin'   
  lame group again... so i met airwolf  
  from action at the crypt+dark angels  
  pardey in hildesheim. there i spreaded
  my latest musix and airwolf liked'em. 
  so he gave my phonenumber to spitfire 
  and after some calls i had joined     
  action. that was in november 1990.    
  i  stayed over one year in action.    
  i was swapper and musician in this    
  group. but as action died in november 
  1991 i left the scene, coz every other
  group was nothin'... so i had done a  
  half year break!                      
  after the half year tyree called me up
  he ask me to join arcade. an i did!   
  that is my current group!             
? what a big answer to this question!!  
  but now to another question. whats    
  your job in your current group?       
! my job is doing hot musix for arcade  
  and swappin'! soon i'll be on the     
? please tell me what are your future   
  plans on the c64 and in real life?    
! my future plans are:                  
  i try to improve my musix so that i   
  have soon the standart sounds like    
  jeroen tel's rubicon music...         
  and i try to do more musix for games! 
  my future plans in real life are:     
  - next year i begin working in a big  
  - perhabs you had heard that i'm a hip
  hopper! i'm the principal in the hip- 
  hop crew 'literal punishment'! so i   
  creat the musix... we're 3 members    
  (a.b.raise (that's me!), m.c.sane (he 
  is da rapper and texter) + d.j.trail) 
  soon we get 2 dancers for our shows!  
  in autumn we'll release our first     
  album! but before that we have a gig  
  at the hannover's rap-contest! i hope 
  that we'll made it... so my future    
  plans are that we let the band grow up
  - i have a second band! this band do a
  mixture of hip-hop and house music!   
  we try to do some cool oldschool stuff
  that are my plans...                  
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
  i wouldn't join another group! i hate 
  joining other groups! that do only    
  lamer a real scener stay in one or two
  groups... i would build up my own     
? tell me what's/who's your favourite...
! demo-group: babygang and beyond force 
  cracker-group: legend                 
  musician: jeroen tel, o'neill (msk)   
  magazine: shock                       
  music artist/band: my own crews, def  
  jef, beastie boys,cypress hill, young 
  black teenagers and more...           
? what do you like/dislike in the scene?
! i hate that the c64 has too less ori- 
? are you in other scenes too?          
! yeah, i'm in the hip-hop scene of han-
  nover... my name is: A(rtificial)     
  B(reath) raise in my second band i do 
  also rappin'                          
? do you like demos?                    
! yeah but only high quality! such shit 
  like a hype d.y.s.p. is so uninteres- 
  ting! real cool demo coders try cewl  
  new ideas... i like such ones!        
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! a color monitor (sound is on my hi-fi 
  deck!), c128 with action replay c.    
  a 1541 ii, a 2400 baud modem and a mps
  1200 printer.                         
? who are your best friends in the c64  
! tyree and all other arcade members,   
  spitfire was one, jay-ski/tropic,     
  airwolf/gp, bravestar/tropic, brego/  
  arcade, einstein/wow and some game    
? i guess you don't spend all spare-time
  you have in front of your c64, so     
  please tell us what you do besides the
! i do much music for my rap crew 'lit- 
  eral punishment'! when i don't do that
  then i'm in hannover at my posse or   
  i'm at some pardeyz in my near.       
  anoter favour from me is watching     
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! yo, yo! the fuckin' shithead 'graven- 
  reuth' had catched me some time ago...
  so i must paid some money... fuck him!
  (he is a scene buster!)               
? do you know any peverts?              
! yo, there are one in my posse.        
? what do you think about 'the new kids 
  on the block'?                        
! they're the motherfuckin' shitband    
  that i know! only loser hear that     
? do you have a girlfriend?             
! at the moment not!                    
? do you have bad habits?               
! sumtimes i smoke (too much)...        
? if you would win one million english  
  pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i would built my own studio with all  
  music equipment i can get...          
  and i would travel to america for some
? are there any guys in the scene who   
  you definitely wouldn't invite to your
  birthday party?                       
! yeah! loser...                        
? by the way, when were you born?       
! i'm 17 years old (i'm born at 08/05/  
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final wordsthen please do...          
! i want thank everybody who has voted  
  for me in the charts! go on with that.
? i thank you for this interview and    
  leave you some space to do some greets
! i greet everybody which is/was in     
  contact with me! special greets to all
  arcade membs... is there anyone who   
  needs some music for his game? contact
  me at: xxxxxxxxxxxx                   
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