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         !! NEWS AND ROUMORS !!         
 and again you can read the latest news 
          of the last month!!!          
- JESUS/ex-obituary joined SILICON LTD. 
  as a grafician.                       
- SLAM/eternal joined SCL as a coder.   
- EP/ex-obituary joined SCL as musician 
- SILICON LTD. is going to release a    
  magazine called: ART-VERTS. it is a   
  mag which will only contain addies and
  own grafix-adverts. (like on amiga).  
  if you want your GRAFIX-ADVERT (or    
  address) in the mag, send it (amica   
  paint format or koala paint format, NO
  FLI) to: EARTHSHAKER/scl addy stands  
  in the addy chapter!!!!               
- lars erik joined MANIAX as a swapper. 
- THE LORD joined MANIAX!!!             
- STATIC left WRATH DESIGNS and rejoined
- MANIAX need more members so if ya wan-
  na join then contact WOISE or STATIC!!
- ANAKONDA left TRIUMWYRAT and joined   
- all MAJIC 12 members joined TRIUMWYRAT
- PUNISHER left GENESIS P. and joined   
  TRIUMWYRAT as a megaswapper.          
- BRUTAL will maybe hold a copyparty in 
  the summer. the country is DENMARK!   
- DUKE/dominators have been taken by the
  cops b'coz of cheating with some cal- 
  ling cards.                           
- most members of EXTREME joined SUCCESS
  ROUGH were kicked out of success.     
- the new coder in ACRISE came from an  
  old group called DANIAX.              
- the rebulid ARCON are DEAD all german 
  members joined X-RAY!!                
- it seams that CROSSFIRE/acrise equals 
  EXERY/holocaust himself.              
- a cool X-FACTOR demo maybe released at
  the LIGHT-PARTY.                      
- IN ACCESS has a new member:CARE joined
  as a swapper/cover designer.          
- INA works as a subgroup of 711.       
- EXTRACT re-joined TAT.                
- AYATOLLAH joined FAIRLIGHT but is stil
  in TAT.                               
- SKY, BRUSH, LONGHAIR, HAIN were kicked
  out from PARADOS, they built up a new 
  group called: ELISIVRY.               
- DIGITAL joined VAGABONDS as coder,    
  TRASHER KING as cracker, coder and    
  swapper and SLATTERHEAD/compagnions   
  joined vagabond as cracker and swapper
  extreme to rejoin success!            
- DR.J left HOT SHOT (the group) to join
  'the force' as the how mega-swapper!  
- RAWGUYS are dead!                     
- 711 is DEAD!                          
- BAZE brutal joined ILLUSION!          
- FRESH PRINCE was kicked from LIGHT!   
- JUNEBUG (musican ex-powers of pain)   
  joined LEGEND!                        
- SUCCESS is trading with ARMAGEDDON in 
  the STATES                            
- TYREE quit computing for some time!   
- GAMERS GUIDE is back!                 
- SUCCESS has got a EURO HQ,give it a   
  call the number is: +4997414627. it's 
  called: AND OF SUCCES!!               
- SUCCESS has a new hq in the STATES:   
  black reign numer: 5183814678         
- SKARABEE left DEPREDATORS and joined  
- SLAM and EP of eternal joined SCL!    
- did you know that a lot of people     
  thought CALYPSO/eternal was TCH/brutal
  because they look alot like eachother.
- CHANEL-X left ETERNAL and joined F4CG 
  BLACK and WHITE left ndc after zweeks.
- CRAZY is a mew swapper in the scene   
  and he is the BROTHER of BAZE/illusion
- AMPUTATOR + PROTEN joined poison      
- POISON will be 3 years old on 1.5.92  
- BLACK MAIL is dead                    
- the problems between YANK/succes and  
  TRASH/sunrise are over.               
- TRASH/sunrise started together with   
  trax vhs-swap!                        
- in the middle of april (or of the end)
  there will be a new strange powerful  
  TOP-ELITE group arround... called:e???
- 711 is dead, all members joined ARCON 
- ETERNAL is dead!                      
- MANIAX will not die!!                 
- JK left orbs and joined MANIAX!       
- XENEX left flame and joined MANIAX!   
- X-RATED is back in busines.           
- X-RATED was re-build by:wander,x-raffi
  deathbird,infinity and marcus.        
- SANFORIZED (the old x-rated mag) is   
- X-RATED release soon (in the next     
  weeks) an NEW demo and a new mag (the 
  name is a secreat right now).         
- X-RAFI start AMIGA swapping.          
- infinity,ice mc,capone,terminator,    
  scannel (ex-zenith) RE-JOINED x-rated!
- DEATHBIRD (ex-x-rated) returnd to the 
- SP/x-ray joined OXYRON!               
- OXYRON will release their second mag  
- SODAN is kicked out of OXYRON!        
- BLUETH was never an OXYRON member!    
- a new ELITE group is born called      
  'THE MASTER CREW'!                    
- XTC was never in BLAZE!!!             
- THE TORCH joined HEATBEAT but he's    
  still a member of CLIQUE.             
- TANIS joined TRIAS. he's now in the   
  groups: HEARTBEAT and TRIAS!          
- BOZ and LEVIS was kicked out from     
- ROBOCOP joined BLAZE!                 
- ANAKONDA of baboons edit soon a disk  
  mag called - SIDEKICKS -!             
- FREEZE/the force joined FACES as a    
- WARHEAD/ex-stella joined faces as     
  cracker and swapper.                  
- ICE+MC left hot+shot and join the     
  clique as mega swapper and singlee    
please send your NEWS,ADDIES,REACTIONS..
             ADDY-BOOK HQ               
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