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 ou are right..ya reached now the 2nd   
part of bizarre's music chat......      
now sum danish charts..supplied by      
trance members..so no special thank     
needed,eh ,hasse ?                      
they look quite strange but here we go  
01.(01) informer/snow                   
02.(08) sing hallelujah/dr.alban        
03.(03) what is love/haddaway           
04.(02) no limit/2 unlimited            
05.(06) oh carolina/shaggy              
06.(11) baker street/under cover (hae?) 
07.(05) give it up/cut'n'move           
08.(14) don't walk away/jade            
09.(04) only with you/c.hollywood       
10.(10) regret/new order                
11.(--) that's what love can do/b.krazy 
12.(16) let me take you over/yasmin     
13.(07) more and more/c.hollywood       
14.(09) waiting for magic/ace of base   
15.(17) bad girl/madonna                
16.(12) the love i lost/westend         
17.(15) i feel you/dep.mode             
18.(13) ordinary world/duran duran      
19.(18) are you gonna go../lenny k.     
20.(19) i'll always love you/w.hous..   
hmm..i really have no clue why the      
fuck there is "baker street" it 6.      
and i got sum new info about the        
danish charts: tribal dance is at 4 now 
informer still at 1                     
can anyone tell me .what the fuck       
yasmin is about ? thanx..               
yep..ace of base have a single out      
in scandinavia ..ya can find it on their
album "happy nation" which by the way   
is at 1 in the german album charts..    
some more new songs:                    
a-ha is back after about 2 years or so  
of doing nothing....the song is boring! 
jordy is back ..it has been top 5 in    
france for 9 weeks or so...the song is  
called "alison"..it's ridiculous !      
monie love has a new one out called     
the power                               
east side beat are back with "you are   
my everything"..ya should remember them 
from 1991 's "ride like the wind"       
yeah..now sum shirt french charts.......
..supplied by myself:                   
01.(01) no limit/2 unlimited            
02.(04) in the deathcar/iggy pop        
03.(03) would i lie to you  /c+e        
04.(02) alison/jordy                    
05.(05) are you gonna go../l.k          
nothing to say about that...            
something else now...maybe sum of ya    
remembered that i predicted 2 songs to  
become massive hits last time..         
it was                                  
open your mind by ususra and            
all that she wants by ace of base       
yep..and it become true..open your mind 
reached number 8 in germany..and was    
a real hit in europe..and i am          
really impressed about the success that 
ace of base have now...as i wrote       
this chapter for issue 1 ,th song       
was only number 30 in germany..but it   
reached number one..now it is at 1 in   
england..and in the charts of simply eve
ry european country  cool!              
now ,i wanna predict again a bit about  
2 cool songs...                         
the first one should be a hit in germany
around july/august...it is by a guy     
called "dj bobo"..the song is           
somebody dance with me !is is such      
a great dance record..i don't know why  
no german radiostation plays it !!!!    
it has been in the suiss top 5 for      
13 weeks now...and is still there..     
it's also top 10 in israel and it       
is on a "wanted-list " of s swedish     
radio-station...but..no mtv airplay     
and so on..i'll tell ya..that is gonna  
the summerhit of 1993 !                 
if ya want,ya can get it on tape...send 
one to me..addy later..                 
the 2nd one i will introduce next is    
"give it up" by cut'n'move..well ther it
's a bit different to dj bobo!          
coz it is already a hit all over        
scandinavia ans also in holland...and   
it gets played on german radio..and ya  
even can see it on a lame show called   
mtv-prime....so it must be a hit,al-    
though i think,,the song is a bit silly!
so..that's my predictions for the future
..of coz until next a-head ,these songs 
sill not reach top 10 in germany,just   
because ,we won't delay this mag any-   
but ,keep these songs in mind...        
next the norwegian charts ,supllied by  
my good old friend nuckhead             
they are 4 weeks old noe..but there     
we go...                                
1(1) informer/snow ( not again!!)       
2(10)what is love/haddaway              
3(3) give it up /cut'n'move             
4(2) no limit/2 unlimited               
5(4) i'm easy/faith no  more            
6(5) livin' on the edge/aerosmith       
7(-) oh carolina/shaggy                 
8(6) cat's in the cradle/ugly kid joe   
9(-) heaven and hell/josefin nilsson    
10(7)ordinary worold/duran duran        
can anybody give me info about          
josefin nilsson ?? thanx alot...        
i now wanna inform all th guys that     
haven't seen this chapter in a-head     
#1 ,how they can help me...             
i want you,to send me your national     
singles-charts...send them on paper,    
or send me the newspaper,where ya       
found em..or ya even can record a chart-
show on tape to me..i'll return the     
tape of coz..                           
ya can also send other charts..or       
whatever..i like everything,and will    
publish everything,if it isn't too old !
i also wanna say,i don't care about     
who you are..that means..if someone     
who isn't one of my contax..wants to    
help me,please do it.....!              
what do ya get for this ? well,first    
ya gain the great feeling of having     
helped someone..hehe..then you will     
get extra-credits..and all guys also    
will get sum small presents.!           
further more,if ya contact me with      
sum charts,that can be the beginning of 
a looong friendship....                 
to all of my contax:please also try 2   
help me in any way..                    
send everything to me..bizarre..        
but that isn't the end of da chapter... 
we continue with the dutch charts:      
giga thanx to nmi/arcoss ,coz he sent   
them as lastminute for this issue...    
charts of week 20,22-5-1993             
01.(01) what is love/haddaway           
02.(05) tribal dance/2 unlimted         
03.(02) informer/snow                   
04.(04) all that she wants/ace of base  
05.(03) mr.blue/rene klijn              
06.(06) somebody to love/g.m+queen      
07.(09) power of amerc../dance 2 trance 
08.(11) in these arms/bon jovi          
09.(08) give it up/the goodmen          
10.(07) she goes nana/the radios        
11.(10) send me an angel/cb milton      
12.(18) that's the way../janet jackson  
13.(16) i wanna get your love/jenny bee 
14.(21) ome jan/willeke alberti         
15.(19) cat's in the cradle/ugly kid joe
16.(20) i won't let you down/2 boys     
17.(14) bed of roses/bon jovi           
18.(12) no limit/2 unlimited            
19.(13) oh carolina/shaggy              
20.(22) young at heart/bluebells        
21.(24) show me love/robin s.           
22.(31) cose della vita/eros ram.       
23.(25) i have nothing/whitney houston  
24.(33) ca plane pour moi/leila k.      
25.(26) ajax is ok/de ajax selektie     
26.(27) megamix '93 /luv'               
27.(--) civil war/guns'n'roses          
28.(--) encores/dire straits            
29.(--) i can't help falling.. /ub 40   
30.(17) sing hallelujah/dr.alban        
31.(--) don't walk away/jade (ed.cool!) 
32.(36) give it up/cut'n'move           
33.(35) u got to know/cappella (ed.yeah)
34.(37) vrede/ruth jacott               
35.(15) open sesame/leila k.            
36.(29) body and soul/thelonious mons.  
37.(--) 2 princes/spin doctors          
38.(--) rowwen heze/rowwen heze (ed.hae)
39.(23) don't tear me up/mick jagger    
40.(28) my number one/bzn               
cool charts  ,eh ? for your information 
"vrede" by ruth jacott is the dutch song
for the "grand prix eurovision de la    
chanson 1993"..bah! what a flop !       
by the way..in the tip-parade of holland
boy krazy appeard with "that's what love
can do" so maybe it will become a hit   
finally after 16 weeks of doing nothing 
....     !and who is no.1 tip for theo  
top ? snap of coz with "do ya see the   
light" bah! it isn't good,that song ,   
believe me !                            
and now the list of all guys who        
helped me for this sissye.....          
giga thanx go to                        
nuckhead         shockwave/system       
the mighty nmi/arcoss   dr.fate         
merlin/epic       bitnapper/cp          
dr.dos/no name    bacillus/death        
arcon/triad      moonstruck/lithium     
wingo/triad      surfer/active          
dj/varsity       antifan/equinoxe       
satan/tat+mayhem jazzcat/bodycount      
red rock/excess                         
hope i haven't forgot anyone...         
ya all will get something special with  
my next sending or so...                
what about charts from australia ?      
01.(02) are you gonna go my way         
02.(01) cat's in the cradle             
03.(03) gove in to me                   
04.(09) i'm easy                        
05.(05) house of love/east 17 (haha)    
06.(07) sleeping satellite              
07.(04) gimme little sign/peter andre   
08.(11) no limit                        
09.(06) if i ever fall in love/shai     
10.(10) mr.wendal                       
very strange to see house of love  there
...hahahaha..ridiculous !!!             
another top 10 now..this time of israel!
1. come undone/duran duran              
2. informer/snow                        
3. slow it dwon/east 17                 
4. israelism/army of lovers             
5. wheel of fortune/ace of base         
6. calming room/one more time           
7. it's ok,allright,def dames dope      
8. 2 princes/spindoctors                
9. somebody dance with me/dj bobo       
10.i have nothing /whitney              
yeah..the israeli charts arre great!    
so manu songs from so many differrent   
parts of the world..hmm.where is        
2 unlimited ????                        
yep..these were the last charts for     
this issue ..i hope ya enjoyed it!      
by the way...ya can also reach me by    
phone of coz.:                          
+49/(0) xxx/xxxxxxx ask 4 jose !         
call me for anything about this discmag 
or just for a nice chat....             
some last new singles ( but not least..)
def dames dope have a new one outcalled 
"ain't nothing to it"                   
also marxman has something new/..after  
"all about eve" it's now "ship ahoi"    
what about david bowie - yep..he also   
has a new single out,but i forgot the   
captain hollywood project releases a    
3rd song ...called "all we want".       
(i think,that's the title...)           
the last new one i will introduce this  
time is "dreamhome" by tensharp !       
last time i gave ya the possibility     
to get yer addy published in the music  
corner..none but one wanted that...so   
please contact me good friend           
nmi/arcoss        -4 mendip             
                  -4 frienship          
xxxxxxxxxxxxx     -not in holland       
you also can get your addy here in that 
musicchapter ! just tell me !           
that offer is valid only for pals who   
help me getting charts from everywhere !
hope ya had fun reading the music chap- 
ters..and maybe ya now know what ya     
going to buy next..hehe!  bizarre!      
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