A-Head 02 Last Word

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yo! you finally reached the last chapter
of a-head! i dont wanna talk about the  
next issue of our mag or about our next 
deal or about sex with angels or so!!!! 
i wanna think about the time after the  
scene when you remember the nice time on
this machine!!!! when you works hard for
your family or for your career and than 
do you remember the friendship in the   
scene and you remember the nice time    
with some good friends and do you re-   
member the jokes&the nice conferences   
with your groupmates and you tell your  
childrens the storys about your active  
time on this machine about the partys   
all over the world! and you are smiling 
when you see that yor son or daughter   
are swapping with some guys the latest  
stuff on his computer and do you smile  
when you becomes the telephone bill and 
you think hmm he/she is a better caller 
as myself and you smile when you becomes
a visit from the telecom coz you child  
are using the bluebox or use another    
system,without paying for his calls!    
dammed i think the most think that i    
will missed when i leave the scene were 
my friends on this machine the nice crap
talk with them, i think thats the reason
because on the c-64 is the best computer
scene is the best scene in this world   
because there're nearly the most frie-  
ndly guys of all the computer scene i'm 
not on this machine to make a career i'm
on this machine for have a nice time on 
this machine with all my friends in the 
scene so dont forget it's better lame & 
thousands friends as elite & no friends!
so thats all for this issue we see us in
the next issue.........                 
                the a-head staff'93     
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