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this whole chapter is written by........
hello,my friends !! yes,this is my very 
first chapter i have ever written in my 
whole life for any mag,and you surely   
will like it ,especially if you are in- 
terested in what's going on in the music
scene .                                 
i have sum special music-charts for you,
that i compile by myself every week!    
sum contax of mine already now them,but 
now finally the whole world can read and
enjoy it  !                             
the first charts i give are the so      
called AIRPLAYCHARTS. for those who     
don't know: airplay means that a song   
gets played by the radiostations !      
i write down all songs i hear ,when i am
listening to the radio,and that are all 
stations that can be listened to in my  
town bremen !                           
it contains many stations playing       
current british hits ,e.g               
bbc radio 1 fm ,bfbs or atlantic 252!   
sadly we have to say goodbye to the good
old radio luxemburg international ,which
was simply the best !                   
well,and due to all the political change
s,, the american forces network (afn)   
disappeared from the cable net bremen ! 
so not many american songs will appear  
in my airplaycharts !                   
but now let's start with the top 75 this
week !                                  
the numbers in ( ) are last week's po-  
sitions ! a (--) means new-entry; a     
(xx) means re-entry ! the last number at
 the right of a line indicates for how  
long a song has been in that charts !   
01.(01) i will always love you          
        whitney houston          11 w   
02.(05) would i lie to you              
        charles & eddie          15 w   
03.(04) heal the world                  
        m.jackson                11 w   
04.(02) exterminate                     
        snap                      4 w   
05.(09) steam                           
        peter gabriel             4 w   
06.(03) we are family '93               
        sister sledge             2 w   
07.(--) deep                            
        east 17                   1 w   
08.(19) i 'm easy                       
        faith no more             3 w   
09.(07) deeper and deeper               
        madonna                  10 w   
10.(06) baker street                    
        under cover              24 w   
11.(30) the love i lost                 
        westend feat. sybill      3 w   
12.(10) rhythm is a dancer              
        snap                     43 W   
13.(08) sleeping sattelite              
        tasmin archer            21 w   
14.(11) the best things in ...          
        vandross/j.jackson       34 w   
15.(13) just another day                
        jon secada               32 w   
16.(14) end of the road                 
        boys ii men              22 w   
17.(16) sweat                           
        inner circle             24 w   
18.(17) never let her slip away         
        under cover              12 w   
19.(18) my destiny                      
        lionel richie            24 w   
20.(20) it's my life                    
        dr.alban                 37 w   
21.(24) more and more                   
        cptn. hollywood project  17 w   
22.(23) you bring on the sun            
        london beat              37 w   
23.(22) be my baby                      
        vanessa paradis          15 w   
24.(12) mr. wendall                     
        arrested development      4 w   
25.(60) open sesame                     
        leila k.                  3 w   
26.(39) what ya won't do for love       
        go west                   3 w   
27.(26) could it be magic               
        take that                 9 w   
28.(25) walking on broken glass         
        annie lennox             25 w   
29.(15) sweet harmony                   
        beloved                   2 w   
30.(27) die da ?!                       
        die fantastischen 4      20 w   
31.(38) bed of roses                    
        bon jovi                  2 w   
32.(32) who is it                       
        m.jackson                31 w   
33.(34) ain't no doubt                  
        jimmy nail               31 w   
34.(33) keep the faith                  
        bon jovi                 16 w   
35.(21) phorever people                 
        the shamen                6 w   
36.(37) abba esque                      
        erasure                  34 w   
37.(--) sweet thing                     
        mick jagger               1 w   
38.(--) no limits                       
        2 unlimited  ( yeah!)     1 w   
39.(31) temptatiom '92                  
        heaven 17                10 w   
40.(36) tom traubert's blues            
        rod stewart               8 w   
41.(40) please don't go                 
        k.w.s                    40 w   
42.(57) it's gonna be a lovely day      
        soulsystem                3 w   
43.(49) give it up/turn it loose        
        en vogue                  3 w   
44.(--) saft                            
        die fantastischen 4       1 w   
45.(29) open your mind                  
        usura                     2 w   
46.(43) do you believe in us            
        jon secada               14 w   
47.(44) drive                           
        r.e.m                    16 w   
48.(48) how do you do !                 
        roxette                  28 w   
49.(28) hope of deliverance             
        paul mc. cartney          2 w   
50.(45) rock with you                   
        inner circle              8 w   
51.(51) faithful                        
        go west                  16 w   
52.(50) layla                           
        eric clapton             17 w   
53.(52) 7                               
        prince                    9 w   
54.(66) no ordinary world               
        duran duran               2 w   
55.(55) iron lion zion                  
        bob marley               20 w   
56.(47) someday                         
        lisa stansfield           7 w   
57.(41) one in ten                      
        808 state                 7 w   
58.(54) who needs love like that        
        erasure                  12 w   
59.(xx) hello                           
        shakespear's sister      10 w   
60.(xx) run to you                      
        en-rage                  13 w   
61.(62) house of love                   
        east 17                  13 w   
62.(58) it will make me crazy           
        felix                    12 w   
63.(--) sascha                          
        die toten hosen           1 w   
64.(68) independence                    
        lulu                      2 w   
65.(61) don't you want me               
        felix                    22 w   
66.(53) step it up                      
        stereo mc's               8 w   
67.(63) how do you talk to ..           
        the heights              13 w   
68.(56) love can move mountains         
        celline dion              7 w   
69.(--) in the still of the night       
        boyz ii men               1 w   
70.(xx) man on the moon                 
        r.e.m                     6 w   
71.(70) please don't go                 
        double you               35 w   
72.(--) all that she wants              
        ace of base               1 w   
73.(65) people everyday                 
        arrested development     15 w   
74.(59) who's gonna ride ...            
        u2                        8 w   
75.(72) one love                        
        dr.alban                 19 w   
yeah,that were the charts of week 4/93  
now right for sum comments on it..      
whitney is stil on the top...hmm..i must
admit,in my opinion ,I WILL ALWAYS LOVE 
YOU is the WORST song that ever has been
released..it is so...ARGL !             
snap with rhythm is a dancer is now in  
the charts for nearly one year now......
.unbelievable,but great !               
OPEN YOUR MIND by USURA fell ,but i tell
ya something....READ MY LIPS ,that song 
will be one of this year's biggest dance
tunes !! ( now i am not a shit-talker as
GEORGE BUSH ,hahaha) that's gonna be    
a big hit ! it is already in the charts 
of u.k ( of course ) and in the top 15  
of bella ITALIA ! germany and holland   
will follow soon and then the whole     
continent ! believe me ! it's great !   
and finally , the megagreat ACE OF BASE 
entered with ALL THAT SHE WANTS !       
it is at 30 in the real german charts.. 
but will climb soon !                   
it is just great !                      
now sum hot tips: the following artists 
released new singles that all radio     
stations will play sooooooon...         
and some more !!                        
now it's time for YOU to take part on   
this chapter !!                         
please send me a list of the charts of  
your country ! or record a tape with    
a local chart show !!                   
or if you make sum charts by yourself,  
send it to me! i will publish everything
! that's promised !!!                   
of course ya won't do it for free....   
everyone who helps me in getting sum    
charts,will get a personal present that 
i will send you !!!!!                   
further more ya will get a special men- 
tion and if ya want i will publish      
your addy in this chapter !             
so,don't hesitate ! send me every chart 
that you can find ( no bbc top 40 or    
german charts !)                        
ya won't regrett it !!!!!!!             
now i have the pleasure to publish      
the charts of NORWAY and SWEDEN !       
my good old pal NUCKHEAD has to receive 
a megathanx from me of coz !            
great work,my friend !!!                
top 10 of norway week 4/1993            
01.(01) i will always love you          
        ( guess by who....buah!)   7 w  
02.(02) all that she wants              
        ace of base  ( great!)     6 w  
03.(04) would i lie to you              
        charles + eddie            4 w  
04.(--) can i trust you                 
        the september when         1 w  
05.(06) hope of deliverance             
        paul mc. cartney           4 w  
06.(03) wheel of fortune                
        ace of base ( yeah!)      11 w  
                        , ,             
07.(09) dur dur d'etre bebe             
        jordy                      2 w  
08.(05) transit sigmata exit            
        dumdum boys                4 w  
09.(10) house of love                   
        east 17                    2 w  
10.(--) i'm easy                        
        faith no more              1 w  
comments: why the fuck,JORDY is a) not  
--------- in the german charts ,and     
          b) not played on lame MTV ?   
that shit has too much influence in my  
opinion,at least they included          
ALL THAT SHE WANTS to their playlists   
and i am sure,they will also play       
OPEN YOUR MIND by usura soon !          
belive me folks ! it's great ! by the   
the way,that song will be categorized   
as TRANCE not as TECHNO !               
now over to the swedish ( sveriges)     
top 10                                  
01.(01) i will always love you          
        shitney houston                 
02.(02) gold                            
        east 17                         
03.(04) would i lie to you              
        charles and eddie               
04.(05) stone me into the groove        
        atomic swing                    
05.(03) house of love                   
        east 17                         
06.(07) it will make me crazy           
07.(--) all that she wants              
        ace of base ( yuhhuuu!)         
08.(--) connected                       
        stereo mc's ( better late than  
                      never ! )         
09.(--) run to you                      
10.(06) end of the road                 
        boyz ii men                     
and here is the addy of my good friend  
NUCKHEAD :                              
contact him NOW for an extremely hot    
swap and an eternal friendship:         
well,pals !! i really hopw ,ya enjoyed  
that chapter and that ya will help me!  
really EVERYONE who sends me useful     
charts ( singlecharts of any kind )     
will 1. get a nice present by me !      
2. will be mentioned here next issue    
3. his/her(?) addy will be published    
here if ya want !                       
also write to me,when  you are a chart- 
manic!it's unimportant what ya do in the
scene,or who you are!if you like music  
charts,contact me,and we could exchange 
sum more info !                         
send everything ya want ,to :           
bizarre/trance/amnesia ( not on env.)   
xxxxxxxxxxxx   or call:                 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx   +xx/(0) xxx/xxxxxx      
germany                     (xxxx)      
don't hesitate to write a reaction on   
this chapter,so i can make it as you    
want it to be,alright ??                
ok,that's all for the first issue       
A-HEAD! you are allowed to vote !!!     
greets to all ,especially to NUCKHEAD ! 
bizarre on 31-01-1993                   
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