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yo dickheads!today we bring you an inter
view with CREAT/PADUA ok lets start the 
 ?:introduce yourself age,sex,jobs,pussy
 s and so on!!!                         
 C:na lahns?                            
   my real name is BERT (of the sesame- 
   street(not!)) and my shoe size is 48!
   i am 193 cm tall and my weight counts
   88kg. the size of my dick is just    
   average but i can compensate that by 
   performing my expert way of blasting 
   a girl.                              
   why are you watching like this,it's  
   just a matter of fact!               
   let me come to another topic:        
   i am 18 years old and still visiting 
   grammar school (12th grade)that is   
   only few meters away from doc holles 
 ?:what are your jobs in FLADUA?        
 C:nice joke; i really love such jokes  
   (ed.:thanks) well,my jobs in padua   
   are painting graphics ,swapping (yeh!
   with approximately 5 contacts i      
   definately am a megaswapper!) and    
   some other internal things i do not  
   dare to speak of.                    
 ?:what do you think about hobbes/PADUA?
 C:i knew that holle would ask me that  
   there is just one thing to say:      
   no comment!                          
   that's enough.                       
 ?: why? maybe you think that hobbes is 
    a lamer?                            
 C: nix da!                             
 ?:ok i dont wanna be so cruel another  
   question: tell me your favourites in 
   music,gfx'er,hobbies,girls, and so   
 C:fav. cracker: fletch/legend          
   fav. demo   : yeggman/tli            
   fav. swapper: beat/topaz             
   fav. composa: jeroen tel,geir tjelta 
   fav. painter: ogami                  
   fav. hobbies: going out on weekends  
     and the rest of the week,listening 
     to music,not driving my car,       
     painting pictures with spraypaint, 
     not painting graphics on this      
     sucking machine,hanging around with
     my friends,sleeping in my own bed, 
     kiffeldidedldideldikiffen and all  
     that other crap.                   
   fav. music: rap (das efx,house of    
     pain,hijack,stereo mc's,n.w.a etc. 
     and techno  (machste korrekte tech-
     no bass??) and sometimes jason don-
     dickovan and geily mioque..        
     yeh! that's my personal style,you  
     gotta know !                       
   fav. food: burritos,nachos,3izza with
     sauerkraut,chinese food etc.       
   fav.drinks: dope flavoured tea,coke, 
     nicht geruehrt!),etc.              
   fav. girls: cindy crawford,annie(!), 
     nicole b.,christina u.,natascha e.,
     elena s.,and some others.          
   fav. graf writers: loomit,hex,mitch 2
     bomber,sik,mode 2,dare,ces,some/sos
   fav. game:f-zero                     
?:what do you think about the scene?    
C:there is not going on as much as it   
  used to be three years ago.           
  it is slowing down day by day.        
  only stupid puzzle-like games are re- 
  also my motivation for painting some- 
  thing on my computer is decreasing.   
  even if i would get money for it i    
  think i wouldn't do anything.         
  you have to know that (ed.:..that i   
  like sado sex).  right. that was what 
  i wanted to say.                      
?:and what do you think about cracking( 
  and hobbes)                           
C:cracking subway windows is great!     
?:ohh what a long answer,and what do you
  think about demos?                    
C:demonstrations against nazis are great
?:another long answer,hmm pleawe give us
  a definition of a lamer(no names!like 
C:the general definition of a lamer is: 
  lamer (spoken:leima) -a person suffer-
  ing from lameness.                    
?: ok,this answer was a bit longer but  
   who cares!well what is your fav. sex-
C: 69 is very cute but i always need a  
   pretty tall girl for that position   
   because else both  ,me and my pussy, 
   aren't able to reach the other's     
   genitials at the same time.          
?:do you think hobbes is a human?       
C:mann,jetzt lass mich doch mit dem     
  duennen hoppser in ruhe!              
?:tell us some datas about your first   
  fuck(only humans)?                    
C:my dick was hard like an iron bar-    
  she was wet like vaseline-            
  i really blasted her.                 
  that's all i can remember-i was,too   
  drunk- you know,if girls are drunk   3
  they become horny. and to make her    
  drunk i had to drink with her.        
  glass by glass . that was a torture , 
  man! i just wanted the girl to be     
  drunken, not myself!!!                
?:do you hate someone in the scene?     
C:i don't have any real enemies in the  
  scene at the moment and i hope it     
  will stay like it is in the future.   
?:give us a little memberstatus of your 
C:ok. there are roman,ano,leonardo,arena
  loop,the syndrom,pixel,salem,polonus, 
  the chief,mad,jadawin,midnight mover, 
  hobbes and finally ME!                
?:what are your future plans on this ma-
  chine and in your real life?          
C:buaah! definately a complex question. 
  but,anyway,i want to give it a try.   
  i just want to keep on painting some  
  logos time by time and i want to      
  stay in padua if there is still is    
  going on something.                   
  first i want to graduate at grammar   
  school and then i want to start as    
  a girl smuggler .                     
  in addition to that i want to get     
  better and better in doing graffiti,  
  perhaps i am going to immigrate to    
  canada or something like this if      
  my girl smuggling activities force    
  me to leave europe.                   
?:if padua dies which group would you   
C:don't know. it will be a spontaneous  
  decision which group i am going to    
  join or to completely leaving the     
?:do you like sado-sex(without hobbes)? 
C:shackling is a pretty nice technique  
  but to my mind harder things like     
  stitching needles through the pussy-  
  lips of a girl seems to be perverted. 
?:ok i give you now some words and than 
  you say what do think in this moment? 
  LEGEND = STILL A LEGEND               
  NEVER  = NEVER DIE! (written on a     
            steeltrain next to a piece  
            done by sik!)               
           QUESTADORS MADE LOTS OF      
           SOUTH + MIDDLE AMERICA.      
           I DON'T KNOW THE SOLUTION!   
           (cute spontaneous rhyme,eh?) 
?:hmm,do you want to greet someone ?    
  i want to greet you ,me, stash/epic,  
  beat/topaz,enduro/flt,mr mister/trance
  arrogance,zoomo,b-wyze,rap,fear and   
  airwolf and steel/success,the whole   
  padua clan,cybex/paradize,napalm/bf,  
  creeper,spy,morpheus/flash inc.,      
  and you and me and remember:          
        NEVER DIE-STAY HARDCORE!        
 ?:last words?                          
 C:i am sleepy and doc holliday wants   
   to leave me (uaaah.                  
   schade  ,dass du endlich gehst!)     
   and to do babysitting.               
          machtsch gouht !!             
 ?:thanks berthold and bye!             
now press fire to get back into the menu
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