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MG'S CORNER:                    ISSUE #1
-------------                   --------
hi pals around the globe! this is mg of 
trance with a special service for you   
that you never saw in any diskmag before
maybe many mags will copy our idea but  
be sure that we are the first diskmag   
ever who got the idea!                  
no longer be bored by the usual charts, 
news and roumors that every mag uses    
to feed you up - this is YOUR corner!   
if you have questions, problems,        
difficulties or anything, then write to 
me, mg, and we'll try to find an answer 
to your problems, or, if we can't, we   
will PUBLISH ANYTHING so that the whole 
scene can help to find a solution!      
your drive is broken? your keyboard     
plays mad? your soundchip seems to be   
dead? DON'T HESISTATE! tell us your     
problems and we'll publish them here    
and try to find an answer!              
are you looking for a certain game or   
tool? did your monitor explode? did     
your girlfriend leave you? don't        
fool around with your problems! write   
to mg of trance:                        
             "SYSTEM ERROR"             
this is my new(!) address! postcard or  
paper-note is enough! we believe you!  -
as there are actually no questions, i'll
ask one myself:                         
"i have a c64-2 in the white ergonomic  
casing, but what i miss are the digi-   
sounds. i just think of games like      
to be on top, turbo-outrun etc. and all 
the dudes who have the old, brown 64'er 
can hear the digisounds, but mine are   
fucking faint, i always have to turn    
up the volume. what's up?"              
well, the problem is that commodore     
installed a new soundchip into the      
newer modells of the c64. you can't     
refer to the COLOUR, even some brown    
c64 have the new, BAD soundchip (and    
some new 64'er have the old, good one)  
if you can't hear the digisounds on     
normal loudness, you have to open your  
c64 and find the soundchip which has    
the number "8580". (or maybe 8580 r5 or 
similar). buy a piece of wire and an    
1-mega-ohm-potentiometer which you can  
get from your local electronic shop.    
you must connect pin 14 (GND) and pin   
26 (EXT IN) to the potentiometer.       
**:***********     here you see which   
*            *     pins i mean!         
 *   8580    *     the pins of an ic    
*            *     are always counted   
*************:     anti-clockwise!      
1   5    1   :                          
         0   14                         
make sure not to over-heat the sid with 
your soldering-iron. a potentiometer has
three pins. you can cut away the left   
or the right pin, coz you won't need it.
you only need the middle-pin and the    
left or right one.                      
probably your soundchip is into a socket
but you needn't pull it out there. just 
solder at the visible pins, but beware  
of shorting the ic! if you are afraid   
of doing the job yourself, refer to     
authorized personnell.                  
if you did everything ok, then you are  
now able to tune the volume of the      
digisounds. if you turn them 100% on,   
the "normal" music will be unhearable   
and you can only listen to the digis.   
you must tune the digi-volume for each  
game individually, so better drill a    
hole into your computer and build the   
potentiometer into the computer.        
GOOD LUCK!                              
i hope that i will get some of YOUR     
questions for the next issue(s), so     
here is the address for all your        
problems (postcard is enough):          
             "SYSTEM ERROR"             
remember that this is the new(!) address
of me, mg of trance, because many       
sendings that came to my old address... 
...were stolen!                         
remember that you can also contact me   
for SWAPPING (games + tools only!!!)    
and for all the cool trance-releases!   
see ya all in the next issue of your    
favourite mag a-head!                   
yours MG of TRANCE                      
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